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Revolutionizing Hotel Industry: Brevistay Is the Fastest-Growing Hourly Hotel Brand In India

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  • Thursday, 24 Mar, 2022
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Revolutionizing Hotel Industry: Brevistay Is the Fastest-Growing Hourly Hotel Brand In India

At present, the hospitality industry in India is considered a ‘sunrise industry’ which means it has a huge scope in the near future. It is considered as one of the most profitable industries which also accounts for over 8.78 percent of the total workforce, creating almost 15 million jobs in the past five years. The sector attracts a major chunk of foreign direct investment inflow along with the most important means of foreign exchange for the country.

Put simply, the hotel industry refers to a variety of businesses and services linked to leisure and customer satisfaction. A defining aspect of the hospitality industry is also the fact that it focuses on ideas of luxury, pleasure, enjoyment, and experiences, as opposed to catering for necessities and essentials.

Brevistay is the fastest-growing hourly hotel brand in India. Starting off with just five cities, we have grown by leaps and bounds to be presently operating with over 10,000+ rooms in 2000++ hotels across 40++ cities in India. Finding hotel rooms for a few hours is no longer a problem! Brevistay helps you to get hourly rooms for 3 hours, 6 hours, and 12 hours and pay accordingly.

Brevistay Is An Answer Not To Overpay For A Short Stay

Revolutionizing the concept of a “Brief” (Micro) stay in India, Brevistay is an answer to a cost-effective way of adding comfort and addresses the issue of overpaying for a short stay effectively by offering hotel services for a few hours. The concept was incepted by Prateek Singh. 

Whether it’s your coffee or your hotel stay, nowadays everything can be customized or tailor-made as per your preference and requirement. So, why shouldn’t the hospitality sector offer its customers the same thing, more or less even if they need any hotel room for 4 hours, they have to pay for 24 hours? Well, why we cannot customize our rooms stay. One thing that every hotel guest including Prateek has ever wanted to do was to customize their hotel bills according to their stay hours. This specific dream of every frequent hotel guest was realized when a few short-stay start-ups Brevistay started. This was a whole new concept and also was difficult to pull through in the beginning. BreviStay claims to be a one-stop solution for one’s way to hotels in a totally customized way, as guests can book quality hotels stay for a short period like 3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours, or a day-long and then pay accordingly to the number of hours they have booked the room for. The added bonus, no fixed check-in/check-out time.

Prateek said in his interview with Business Touch Magazine, “…for a couple of years, we were, not able to find a product-market fit. In, 2016, we had launched until 2018 we were struggling. So, we were still figuring out product-market fit and how we can do it then.”

About Brevistay

Brevistay, is a free-of-cost, compatible, customizable, and independent online solution that supports many features that are a must for running a profitable e-hotel booking store.

With Brevistay customers can book the hotel rooms on an hourly basis and can choose the time of their check-in and checkout according to convenience. Just by downloading the android app, choosing hotels will be possible with a click. It offers a free online solution without a catch and without additional attached strings. No membership is required and we’re easy like that!

Vision & Mission of Brevistay

Brevistay is visualized to become a giant “commerce solution for the hotel industry” in the next five years. Our mission is to bring down the infrastructural cost for any commercial hotel venture that plans to be online.

Guests And Hoteliers Both Are Benefited From The Concept

An ideal solution for the couple who just need 4 hours rest before catching the next flight, or a traveler you need to spend a few hours with his family to freshen up before connecting train, or simply a traveler who is looking for a short stay. These guests are charged for the entire day and they end up paying a hefty amount even if they use the room for say, 4 hours! Doesn’t seem logical and at the same time, it does burn a deep hole in your pocket! 

These are the times we wished we had an option to pay on an hourly basis. Well, with this room-by-hour concept, this has just come true. It not only benefits customers but is also highly beneficial to the hotel chains. They can now strategically plan on renting out rooms by hours in those hours of the day when most of the rooms are generally not occupied and they are losing business. Even big hotel chains like Lemon Tree, Ramada, Ginger have now extended their arm and are ready to accept this idea of occupancy of room for a short time, and are connecting with Brevistay. 

Imagine the relief the person feels whose flight got delayed for 4 hours or a small family who missed their train or a friend’s group who are looking place to freshen up for 2 hours max. So it is not only an alluring concept for the consumers and travelers but also for the people who own hotels. As hotels get to serve more customers and also get more popular in the market for being available for a short stay. It not only works for budgetary hotels but even the big hotels and chains of hotels are readily available for doing business with the consumer for hours. 

Brevistay Offers A New Way To Book Hotels

Favoring flexibility is a necessity of today’s fast-paced society, where every minute can matter. Check-in/check-out flexibility could be the next limit for hotels and is a unique way to personalize the guest’s stay, establish integrity, and gain incremental acquisitions. Brevistay believes that this concept of micro-stay is here to stay, and it not only benefits travelers but also provides hotels with a new business line. 

Hotels have a 60% vacancy in the daytime and can make an additional income by reselling multiple times a day. Not only do the hotels have an option to decide their inventory open and close by date, but also by time. By tapping into a new customer segment, Brevistay is also helping the hotels to improve their profits by 150% and make it a win-win proposition for both travelers and hotels.

According to Co-founder, and CxO’s of Brevistay – Prateek Singh, Shubham Agarwal, Avnish Kumar, Aditya Naithani, Nikhil Kumar Pathak: “In an age where flexibility is a key and people are traveling for business, the world of micro stay seems like a fresh and innovative approach. Even though the stigma associated with booking rooms by hours is extensive, Brevistay believes they are here to break the wall of this age-old tradition.”

Short & Sweet Stay!

With the coming of the room-by-hour concept, there are a few other things associated with it. For example, the issue of renting rooms to unmarried couples. In India, there are thousands of young couples who may wish to spend quality time together but don’t have many options. The internet is raging with queries about hotels that allow unmarried couples. It is the common notion that people use rooms by hour mostly for unlawful activities, but most start-ups offering rooms by the hour, do allow couples to share a room on submission of their valid ID proofs. 

All our rooms are equipped with basic amenities like AC, clean mattress, RO drinking water so that every guest can have a relaxed and consistent travel experience. Most of our hotel properties are located close to business hubs, airports, railway stations, or popular tourist sites and are easily accessible by public transport, so you don’t have to waste time or money in traveling to your place of business.

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