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Ino-Group of Companies: Aims “Excellence Through Innovation” in an Eco-friendly Way

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  • Friday, 22 Apr, 2022
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Ino-Group of Companies

Based on safety and carbon emissions, fossil fuels are the dirtiest and most dangerous, while modern renewable energy sources are vastly safer and cleaner!

Two centuries ago, we discovered how to use energy from fossil fuels to make our work more productive. It was the innovation that started the Industrial Revolution. Since then, the increasing availability of cheap energy has been integral to the progress we’ve seen over the last few centuries. It has allowed work to become more productive, and people in industrialized countries are much richer than their ancestors, work much less, and enjoy much better living conditions than ever before. Energy access is therefore one of the fundamental driving forces of development. 

The United Nations rightly says that “energy is central to nearly every major challenge and opportunity the world faces today.”

But while energy from fossil fuels brought many benefits it unfortunately also has major negative consequences

A Few Negative Consequences of Fossil Fuels Are:

  • The first is air pollution: at least five million people die prematurely every year as a result of air pollution. Fossil fuels and the burning of biomass – wood, dung, and charcoal – are responsible for most of those deaths. Eliminating fossil fuels could cut premature deaths from air pollution by around two-thirds. That’s three to four million deaths per year.
  • The second is accidents: This includes accidents that happen in the mining and extraction of the fuels (coal, uranium, rare metals, oil and gas) and it includes accidents that occur in the transport of raw materials and infrastructure, the construction of the power plant, or their deployment. 
  • The third is greenhouse gas emissions: fossil fuels are the main source of greenhouse gases, the primary driver of climate change. In 2018, 87% of global CO2 emissions came from fossil fuels and industry.

Today we have the opportunity to introduce you to Unmesh Jagtap CEO of Ino-Group of Companies - Ino-Solar Energy Pvt Ltd, Sonnenschein Engineering & Infra LLP, and NEO UNPA Engineering Pvt Ltd, which focus on Solar energy. Solar energy creates clean, renewable power from the sun and benefits the environment. Alternatives to fossil fuels reduce carbon footprint at home and abroad, reducing greenhouse gases around the globe. Solar is known to have a favourable impact on the environment.

Short Intro of Ino-Group of Companies

Ino-Group of Companies is a group with a mission to enlighten the lives of every Indian by providing clean and safe energy at affordable cost and MAKE IN INDIA green and environment-friendly technology and products. The Group of Companies is engaged in diversified activities mainly in Engineering Design and Manufacturing, Solar Power, Energy Saving Projects and Products and Solar Reflective Paint & Coatings for Passive Cooling Solutions.

The Group is promoted by technocrats who have a vast experience working in the Engineering and Energy sector in India and worldwide with Technology Support from USA, India and South Africa based companies who have conducted numerous research programs in the Energy and Engineering sectors and have successfully commissioned projects which have illuminated the homes of many low-income houses in all parts of the world as well as helped the environment through energy-saving and reducing hazardous waste. 

The Company have Mr Bipin Shah on Board who is an Advisor to the US Department of Energy and a renowned Expert in Building Energy Efficiency with vast Project experience all over the world through the US DOE and United Nations Organization.

The Inception of The Ino-Group of Companies

The Engineering Business is Family Business that was started by Unmesh’s Father. Later on, Unmesh got the opportunity to take it to higher levels. Unmesh completed his Masters in Solar Energy at the University of Florida way back in 1995. Also, he did research in the USA’s first Solar Energy Research Centre established by Dr Yogi Goswami, who has more than 25 Patents and is a well-known Scientist in the field of Solar Energy and Energy Storage.

Dr Goswami introduced Unmesh to Bipin Shah who then became the Founder Director of Ino-Solar Energy Pvt Ltd. Bipin is also in the USA and works extensively for the US Department of Energy and has worked all over the world on various projects along with USE DOE, World Bank and UN. 

Together with all the needed background, Unmesh along with Bipin decided to start a business in the fields of Sustainable Energy Solutions, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation.

Ino-Solar Energy Pvt Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2015 while Sonnenschein Engineering & Infra LLP was formed in 2020 for the development of patented Reflective Paints in India with the partnership of a US partner. The old Engineering business was transformed to updated technologies and with 3D Design integration in 2020.

Pune being the hometown of Unmesh and also a place of the family business, the natural choice for setting up new businesses was Pune. Also, considering Pune is the main hub for the automobile industry, software industry and all major corporates, the scope for Energy-related Business was abundant. Apart from India, the company works on a Global Basis and already established exports and successful projects in countries like the USA, Colombia, South Africa, Ivory Coast Island, Bangladesh, Mexico and Nigeria.

Objective & Mission of Ino-Group of Companies

Ino-Group of Companies philosophy is, “Excellence through Innovation.”

And the mission is to enlighten the lives of every Indian by providing clean and safe energy at an affordable cost and MAKE IN INDIA green and environment-friendly technology and products.

The objective of the group of companies is to carry on in India and abroad the business of Engineering Design & Manufacturing, Solar-based Products & Services such as Solar Home Kits and appliances, Solar Lights, Solar Power Projects along with Electronics Products such as Smart Power Optimizers & Energy Monitoring Dashboards, Prefabricated Energy Efficient Houses. 

The company aims to provide a holistic 360 degrees Solution to all customers by measuring, analysing and understanding the exact requirement of energy usage. The solutions should be technologically advanced and affordable to all sectors based on financial capacity and to give clients optimum ROI on investments done with us.

As a Business owner, Unmesh feels that its prime responsibility is to safeguard the interests of all stakeholders, which includes employees, clients and society. He says,

“Along with Business, it’s a social responsibility of any entrepreneur to educate society, clients and the common man about the technology, challenges in Energy Conservation and also future developments in the Technical and Business world which are going to ultimately affect the lives of the common man.”

Challenges faced during the inception of Ino-Group of Companies

With a Business Family background and being actively involved in the family business, Unmesh initial hurdles were an office, works area and manpower. However, there was the possibility to get all the resources from the earlier business. The main hurdles were to mark the presence and build successful projects, and pilots which can demonstrate the products, technology and philosophy of the Company. 

The company was entering a new area of Energy Conservation with a clear Goal to be able to provide a total 360-degree solution to our clients in all their Energy-related issues. The challenge was to convince clients about the same and get a chance to implement projects.

During the implementation stage, the company faced issues like getting proper clients who understand the need and importance of Energy Conservation. Initially, the company had to do a lot of small pilot projects free of cost to let people know what are our technologies and the results that could be so beneficial for them. So, a lot of investments got locked in such pilot and demo projects those were held free. 

Many clients (that included some of the big organizations) asked to install products free of charge for 3 -4 months and assured business after the proposed savings were achieved. Sometimes even after successful implementation and proof of savings, clients didn’t stand on their commitments and there was a loss of all resources, both financially as well as effort-wise. But all these things slowly helped the company in building a strong base of practical implementation of technologies and projects.

Some of the Services and products offered by Ino-Group Of Companies

Ino-Group of Companies is an umbrella for below:

  • Ino-Solar Energy Pvt Ltd
  • Sonnenschein Engineering & Infra LLP
  • NEO UNPA Engineering Pvt Ltd

Solar Project Development, EPC and Infrastructure Projects on CAPX and OPEX model for mainly industrial and Corporate Clients. 
Developing and manufacturing Solar Module Mounting Structures with LUXRA Solar, Germany.

Manufacturing of Reflective Cool Paints in JV with Millennium Solutions, USA. The product is certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC), USA and is now being exported to Africa, Mexico, Colombia and Bangladesh from India. 

Paint has been approved and used by almost all participants in Million Cool Roofs Challenge going over the Globe which is a joint Project by Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program (K-CEP) in collaboration with the Global Cool Cities Alliance, Sustainable Energy for All and Nesta’s Challenge Prize Centre also supported by the World Resources Institute.

SEIL has been selected by World Bank’s IFC (International Finance Corporation) Tech Emerge Program as an “Innovator” for our passive cooling solutions like Cool Paints. SEIL will be collaborating with various Adopters from South America and Nigeria to conduct Pilot Projects and implementation of our solutions in countries like Mexico, Colombia and Nigeria.

INO Group of Company is engaged in manufacturing various Precision Machined  Parts and Assemblies. It has a full Fledge CNC Machine shop.

Turnkey Projects for complete Product Development of Special Purpose Testing Machines for Food and Engineering Industries like NDT type Testing Machines.
Engineering Services like Concept Design, 3D Modelling, Prototype Products and Special Purpose Machines as per Client requirements.

What’s is success for the CEO of Ino-Group of Companies

When Unmesh was asked to define success he says,
“Success is a relative term and for me, it’s the fulfilment of your long-term strategic plans and goals. Financial success is important but ultimately if you succeed in adhering to your strategic plans & Goals, financial success will follow in due course of time.”

Being successfully running the business Unmesh finds the business very satisfactory and enjoyable. He says,

“Being from a highly technical and research background, I am enjoying the fact that the current Business Lines are allowing me to engage in all areas like technology, research, development, manufacturing and management. 

Also, I can make use of the education which I received at the University of Florida way back in 1996 in the field of Renewable Energy for the country by developing more and more solutions in Solar Energy and Energy Conservation.

Lastly, it gives me personal pride that I developed new businesses in totally different sectors than our family business and was able to take it to a certain stage within 3-4 years.”

Working Culture in Ino-Group of Companies

Honesty is an optimal example of integrity in the workplace. Honesty encourages open communication between employers, employees and co-workers. It leads to effective relationships in an organization. To succeed, businesses must create an atmosphere of honest and ethical behaviour within the workplace. The level of honesty associated with a corporation impacts the very livelihood of the business and can affect relationships beyond the internal infrastructure of the company. 

Vendors, customers and the surrounding community all expect and deserve to deal with a company striving to build honest and ethical relationships. Achieving this remains the responsibility of every employee, from management on down.
According to Unmesh,

“More than formal capabilities and capacities, we look for the integrity, devotion and sincerity towards work. As most of our work is on Site at Client’s premises, proper work culture and maintaining the image of Company is of utmost importance from our point of view.”

Forthcoming Proposal of Ino-Group of Companies

Currently, the company is involved in some solar projects and research on providing Smart Power Optimization solutions for Residential applications in the USA and other parts of the World. There are future projects in the pipeline to provide Solar Grid Connected Systems with Smart Power Conditioning Units for big residential projects in the USA. They are also planning a few MW scale Solar projects in India.

Other Major R&D is going on Energy Simulation for Building and Smart Fenestrations with capabilities to adjust the solar radiation in building for proper lighting and at the same time keep the heat transmitted to a minimum level. 
In speciality paints, the company has developed Fire Resistant Paints and future planning is to export the same along with our Reflective Paints to the global client base.

“We are working on Carbon Neutral Resilient Farming Project which aims at Zero Carbon Farming solutions for small farmers which include various technologies like Bio-Digestors, Bio Gas and Solar Powered Pre-fabricated small Cold Storage Plants, Solar pumping solutions and passively cooled storage areas” - says Unmesh.

To Conclude - Advice to New Business Entrepreneurs 

“Focus on Technology, Innovation and continuous improvements in your products and services. Strive to provide technologies to the neediest sector of the community which are in low-income areas or Rural areas at affordable pricing. You should be Flexible to adopt as per Customer Needs and capacities – both Technically and Financially. Never compromise on Quality of Products & Services even though the Market competition is forcing price cuts”- advises Unmesh.

Honest guidance to clients regardless of actual business case conversion also helps. Though converting business with the client can be challenging many times, if the approach is sincere, there will be referrals to new clients due to satisfaction experienced during interactions. One should always aim to educate clients and overall society about Energy Conservation, which is going to finally help in bringing more and more awareness and ultimately will result in more and more Business Opportunities.




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