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Tips To Look Attractive This Winter.

  • Monday, 19 Dec, 2022
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Tips To Look Attractive This Winter

Everybody has those days when they wake up just feeling...meh. Luckily, there are a few quick fixes you may use to rapidly improve your self-assurance and the way others see you. It's never been simpler to appear your best, whether by emphasising one side of your face or adopting a new gait. Here's how to successfully undergo a metamorphosis.

1. Wear Red

Who knew the right hue could do so much for your appearance? The Journal of Experimental Psychology reported in 2010 that women preferred males in red, and that the reverse was true for men in blue. Similarly, a Rochester University research found that males were more desirable to women when they wore red. Another research revealed that red lipstick had the same impact, so it's not only the clothing.

2. Show Off Your Hips

Stop trying to cover up your hips and start flaunting them. Put on some figure-flattering trousers and shimmy a bit as you walk: When women strutted with a hip sway, their attractiveness increased by as much as 50 percent, according to research conducted at Texas A&M University. Hips don't lie, as Shakira likes to remark.

3. Make Yourself Look Taller

Although studies suggest that women would rather be with a taller man than a small one, there are ways to provide the illusion of height without really increasing your stature. Style experts agree that wearing clothes of all one hue (a monochromatic palette) will give the impression of greater height. In addition, an all-black ensemble exudes an air of refined sophistication.

4. Highlight the Left Side of Your Face

While it's possible you don't give much thought to which side of your face is more appealing, a research published in Experimental Brain Research discovered that individuals generally find the left side more beautiful. Whether you're snapping photographs or conversing with someone, shift your head slightly to the right to emphasise your left and you'll suddenly appear a bit better.

5. Travel in Groups

The cheerleading effect is very real, as anybody who has seen How I Met Your Mother will attest. Congratulations, Barney! According to a research conducted in 2014, the average person seems substantially more appealing when they are with others. Get a group together and go out to your favourite hangouts.

6. Fill in Your Eyebrows

Once considered the pinnacle of beauty, thin eyebrows have officially left the 1990s behind. The study, which looked at 763 images of women and concluded that those with thicker brows were more likely to be seen as youthful and beautiful, was conducted in 2017. Get the knowledge you need to fill in your brows for a fuller (but yet natural) appearance.

7. Put On Some Sunglasses

Perhaps there's a good reason why so many famous people are often seen with their sunglasses on. One specialist claims there is a scientific basis for this. Dark sunglasses help your face seem more symmetrical, offer a touch of mystery (aka sensuality), and have a history of being cool, all of which contribute to you being cooler, according to research by Vanessa Brown.

8. Walk With a Swagger

Okay, fellas: a research discovered that women found males more appealing when they walked with a swagger in their shoulders, just as men considered women more attractive when they swayed their hips. I'm just trying to get a grasp on what it means. The basic idea behind this walking style is a constant up-and-down motion of the shoulders. Not too much, but enough to pass as unforced.

9. Show Some (Arm) Skin

You can seem lovely without baring your legs. According to research, men are more drawn to women with long arms, so feel free to start wearing sleeveless clothes anytime you feel the urge.

10. Get a Dog

Okay, I know this one may seem a bit out there... but the evidence is overwhelming, OK? Studies have shown that males are seen as more handsome when they are accompanied by a dog, whether the dog is being held or not. Also, you'll have a new best friend who will always find you adorable.

11. Stop Trying to Look Model-Thin

Just ignore the advertisements in magazines! One research found that males aren't as attracted to very slender women as you would imagine; they prefer ladies of average weight. Instead of trying to lose weight, embrace your body and show it off.

12. Stop Crossing Your Arms

It's easy to develop the habit of standing with your arms crossed, but if you relax them even little, you'll immediately seem more appealing. At first glance, all sexes benefit from an open stance, according to a research conducted in 2016.

13. Show Off Your Jawline

Evolution has made men with prominent jawlines more beautiful. According to one in-depth examination of the matter published in 2011, women find it more attractive since it is a very masculine trait indicative of innate power. Your beard is awesome, however you might need a little trimming to bring out your features.

14. Rock Your Dad Bod

Your dad body is nothing to be ashamed of. Don't worry about your inflated size too much and embrace it instead. According to study conducted at Yale by Richard Bribiescas, a little bit of pudginess is incredibly attractive to women.

15. Throw on Some Heels

Putting on a pair of heels may instantly make you feel more seductive, and research shows that they also boost your physical attractiveness. Is there a specific reason? Based on the results of one research, it's because it helps women project an image of femininity, especially in their gait.

16. Ditch That Slouch

The health and wellness expert Dr. Liza Egbogah, who specialises in the body and posture, claims that having excellent posture may "increase our appeal to possible partners" and "induce romantic interest in potential mates." Another benefit of maintaining an upright posture is a 20 percent boost in testosterone, the "confidence hormone," according to a research conducted in 2012.

17. Go For The Hourglass

Allena Rissa, editor of, claims that studies have shown that women find most beautiful those with an hourglass form, therefore it seems sense that dressing to emphasise this body type would be beneficial. You may take Allena's advice and wear "high-waisted skinny jeans with a gorgeous crop top or lace bralette, and [tie] it together with a matching belt," as an example. To paraphrase, "this will aid in drawing attention to your waist and also cinching it in with the belt, giving you a curved form."

18. Stand Tall

Standing up straight, regardless of your gender, is the first step in sending the message that you are interested and fascinating, according to Dr. Egbogah. A slumped over or slouched back fails to portray openness and attentiveness, hence maintaining an upright posture is an indication of "youth" and other positive qualities.

19. Look Up Or Ahead

"Both men and women find it ugly when the other sex is gazing down," adds Dr. Egbogah, whether they're checking their phones or their feet. If you want a mate, she advises, "look up and appreciate the world."

20. Wear Stubble

A 2016 survey indicated that women "find facial hair more appealing than a clean shaved face," according to Dave Bowden, a men's style expert and the creator of Stubble was also found to be the "most beautiful overall" across the different facial hair lengths. Bowden advises, "skip the razor" that leaves your face smooth, and instead use "an electric beard trimmer that will leave a degree of stubble" to amp up your beauty.

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