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Real Haunted Houses In India That Will Give You A Cold Sweat.

  • Sunday, 04 Dec, 2022
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Real Haunted Houses In India That Will Give You A Cold Sweat

They said that they heard screams from the house. There were spirits in the house, they said. The house was haunted. The personal accounts of spooky sightings given by the locals made people believe in the hauntedness of these Bhoot Bangalas.

If you are captivated by supernatural activities and have an interest in ghostly activities then you must surely visit some of the amazing and haunted places within India. All you daring travellers out there be ready and explore some of the finest spooky places. Given below are the top 10 real haunted houses in India and their stories. Have a look!

1. Charleville Mansion In Shimla

The century-old deserted Charleville Mansion was built in the British Era and rented in 1913 by the British officer Victor Bayley & his wife. However, there was another resident – a poltergeist – that they were unaware of. On hearing the tales of the poltergeist from a local, the British officer tried to test the authenticity of these tales. He locked the room where most of these paranormal activities were reported. When he opened the room, he found it shattered. Thereafter, Bayleys and the subsequent residents have reported many similar stories and the house became popular as one of the haunted places in Shimla.

2. Kundanbagh Witches’ Lair In Hyderabad

As per a popular folklore, a thief broke into this 2-storey house in Kundanbagh and discovered dead bodies of the 3 owners. Scared from the very sight, the thief went to report the case to the police. While the forensic reports declared the date of death to be roughly 3 months prior to the break-in, the neighbors claimed to have seen the mother & her 2 daughters even until a day prior to the discovery of their dead bodies. They even claimed to have seen the lighting of candles in the house at midnight. Ever since, the house is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Hyderabad.

3. Putulbari House On Strand Road In North Kolkata

Putulbari, also known as the House of Dolls, is a century-old residence in Istanbul, Turkey, so-called for the way its arches resemble stuffed toys. The wealthy landowners of Bengal previously lived in this mansion, where they tormented and exploited the women who lived there. The locals swear they have heard women weeping and making noises.

4. Vas Villa On St Mark’s Road In Bangalore

The daughters of a well-known lawyer formerly called the Vas Villa on St. Mark's Road home. Their names were Doice and Vera Vas. A day came when Doice was killed at the mansion. When Vera realised she would be buried there, she made the difficult decision to leave. The villa is reported to be haunted by the soul of a woman named Doice, making it one of India's supposedly haunted properties. Reports from paranormal investigation teams mentioning a bad vibe present in the villa lend credence to these assertions.

5. House Number W-13 At GK-II In Delhi

An old couple was allegedly killed in this Delhi mansion a number of years ago, and their ghosts still linger around the property today. Since the catastrophe, nobody has bothered to return to the home. There have been sightings of what seem to be the pair, either on the porch or in a window, according to the neighbours. Reports of the couple's pleading and sobbing have also surfaced.

6. The Mansion On The Residency Club Road In Pune

The infamous mansion next to Pune's Residency Club is the next really haunted home on our list. Supposedly, the house is haunted by the ghost of an old woman who was killed there. People in the neighbourhood have seen what seems to be an elderly woman peering out the mansion's window and calling for assistance.

7. ‘Aashirwad’ On Carter Road In Mumbai

The former mansion of the late Indian star Rajesh Khanna is a favourite choice among Indian ghost tours. Even after the celebrity bought it from a Parsi businessman, the 'Aashirwad' continued to be known as a 'Bhoot Bangla. The singer tried to spruce up the whole mansion, but the residence still had a bad reputation. After the actor's death, the house was sold at a much reduced price due to its reputation as one of Mumbai's haunted locations. Among Mumbai's many haunted attractions, this is a top pick.

8. D’Mello House At Santemol And Rodrigues’ Home At Verna In Goa

It is said that the D'Mello House in Santemol is one of the most haunted locations in all of Goa. In the past, two brothers lived here. A property dispute led to one of the murders. Since then, several have claimed to have heard the brother's cries for help in the middle of the night. It's also been believed that the mansion is cursed, such that its current or future occupants won't be able to split the estate fairly. According to a recent study, this location is among India's most haunted.

The Rodrigues' Home in Verna (Goa) is another well-known Indian haunted house. It is said to be inhabited by the departed members of the Rodrigues family. There have been reports of lights turning on and off by themselves, silverware being moved about in the kitchen, and bedsheets appearing and vanishing in the middle of the night.

9. F2 Building At Valmiki Nagar In Chennai

Only 15 kilometres from Chennai's airport, this home is reportedly one of the city's most haunted locations. A member of the family of the home's owner took her own life there. There have been tales told about a daughter's ghost who just wants to help. According to the legends, the daughter's spirit still haunts the home. Even if you show up at her door late at night, she'll be more than accommodating. It is said that early morning witnesses saw her shut the door.

10. Bonacaud Bungalow In Thiruvananthapuram

One of India's most haunted properties is the Bonacaud Bungalow (GB 25), located in the state of Kerala. A family is depicted in the narrative as having lived in the home. The pair returned to London after the tragic loss of the owner's young kid. The noises of shattering glass and a child's screams have been reported ever since, and the soul of the little girl is said to walk the house.

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