Kush Mehrotra, A Leading Business Professional and An Inspiring Technocrat.

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Kush Mehrotra

Technology has changed the entire world, albeit for good. There are so many things people can do nowadays which may have been impossible a decade ago. For example, medicines and other pharmaceutical products are sourced from international countries due to RFID sensors and GPS trackers. Similarly, people can book cabs from their mobiles without calling the company. In this technological era, overcoming the competition and shining with flying colours is difficult.

However, Kush Mehrotra has achieved multiple milestones in his professional life due to his keen desire for technology and networking. Born and brought up in a well-educated and well-off family, Kushalways had such big dreams from the inception of his professional career. Like an inspiring technocrat and diligent management professional, from his inception, he wanted to be one of the renowned business leaders in the technology industry. The same he realized from the very beginning that intelligent professionals work for diligent professionals, so he being equally intelligent and hard-working, along with his keen passion for domains and verticals like Secure Logistics, Tracking, Tracing, AIDC, IoT, RFID, GPS, VTS, LBS, ITS/ITMS, AIS 140, led him to deliver 2,000 plus technology project'sof 4,000 plus cores, in last 2 decades PAN India basis, equally covering the MENA region, as well as the global market. Perhaps due to these reasons, he is now at the zenith of success in his professional life and further looking forward to venturing into unexplored lands.

Academic Life and the Journey of a Student

Kush Mehrotra is a bright student who has always considered education the best place for challenges and learning, unlearning and relearning. During his early years, he got the needed exposure to modern forms of education, due to which his career goals were set.

By Academic Qualification, recently pursued transport management from GIMI, Israel, and in the past, an Alumni of IIT Delhi [Did Specialized Certification Courses in Entrepreneurship Management (CEM) and Intellectual Patent Rights & Property Services (IPRs)], a triple postgraduate,also have simultaneously pursued various additional diplomas from various universities on diversified knowledge domains. One of Kush's early age milestones was completing diplomas in various domains from different universities ([M.Phil. (CS), MCA, M.Sc. (IT), GNIIT, IPRs (IIT Delhi), CEM (IIT Delhi), BEC (University of Cambridge), Transport Management (GIMI, Israel)] with excellent grades.

Owing to the vastness of his knowledge and the desire to learn more, his career was so successful and inspiring for others.

Beginning of his Career with NIIT limited

Kush completed his graduation and got his 1st opportunity to work at NIIT Limited. Later, he worked for several other renowned MNCs like Oracle Financial Services Limited (iflex Solutions), Pantel Technologies Private Limited, and ACQUESTA Group of Companies (Daphne Systems, Glozon Technologies, Prudence Consulting) heading all 3 Entrepreneurial Ventures as a (Head- Marketing and Business Consulting).

Kush devoted his valuable 7.8 years at Rosmerta Technologies Limited (RTL) as an Associate Vice President (AVP) - Technology & Business Development (BD). In FY 2021 - 2022, had worked with a prestigious organization brand named NKC Projects Private Limited & Watsoo Express Private Limited in the position of Vice President - Technology and Business Development for delivery and execution of various projects in IoT vertical.

Due to so much versatility in his career, Kush Mehrotra could learn, unlearn & relearn, as well as gather knowledge about the latest technologies in different domains, verticals, and segments in the last 2 decades.

Being a well-read and well-traveled professional, he learned several things from other people within his network. From leadership to management solutions, he could imbibe knowledge from different areas and utilize the same to improve his output and productivity. Currently, he is explicitly devoting his valuable knowledge, technology experience, leadership qualities, time, and energy as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) toinclusively build, make and grow IMZ Corporate Private Limited.

Rising through Ranks in the Corporate World

Despite being a part of this hyper-competitive technology market, Kush Mehrotra has always believed in teamwork, technology, transparency, transformation, and time limit are the five key factors on which the performance, diligence, and intelligence of an individual, and an organization are laid down. These aforementioned 05 Ts drive him as an intrapreneur and as a technocrat. As emotionally and professionally connected in the industry, he keeps projects cum clients on the highest priority, followed by my team members, entrepreneurs, and family & friends.

On the professional upfront of Kush's journey, getting raised on the ladder from a managerial position to a CEO position was challenging, and have been able to succeed through competition, diligence, and intelligence. Whereas, the industry and office politics, has been a part of the genuine journey which every professional faces in life. This has been overcome by his 2 pillar principles – networking and technology, further, his learning, unlearning, and relearning have equally played a vital role in his acting as a prolonged learner, to ensure to respond back to the competitors and rivalries with more actions, and patience. He never succumbed to the pressure and stress of being a professional with many roles &responsibilities. He worked religiously and ensured to live up to everyone's expectations. It motivated him to combat any challenge thrown his way and continue with the work just like he was meant to do. 

A brief to IMZ Corporate Private Limited

IMZ Corporate Private Limited is the next-gen IoT best technological company based in India which has expertise in secure logistics, tracking, and tracing, IoT, AIDC, IT & Infra, as well as ITS/ITMS. It deals with asset management, fleet management, and enterprise management. With the implementation of top-level technology and a strong team of skilled and experienced professionals, the company reached a new height in just a few years. Now, it aims to take the business globally and offer outstanding services to businesses across various industries.

Some of the significant areas where IMZ Corporate Private Limited offers its expertise and solutions are:

•    Asset Security
•    Enterprise data
•    IoT solutions
•    Artificial intelligence rendering
•    Big data
•    Business intelligence
•    Safe Transit
•    Human resource management
•    Service domains and features

Fleet Management

It involves the administration, tracking, and supervision of fleet movement across multiple areas based on pre-decided parameters.

•    Accurate time tracking of goods in transit
•    Handling alerts from tampering with the goods or theft
•    Extracting and analyzing fleet data
•    Making reports on drivers' behaviour management system (DBMS) and the business impact
•    Monitoring fuel consumption analysis and report generation
•    High-speed alerts
•    Push notifications to customers
•    Optimization of roots for more accessible transit and on-time delivery

Enterprise Mobility Management

IMZ is concerned with managing enterprise assets and human resources in real-time scenarios with the help of technologies like business intelligence, artificial intelligence, IoT, etc. We also look after delivering optimal performance through remote monitoring and studying employees' behaviour to draw multiple analytics concerning the business.

•    Sending SMS alerts
•    Allowing freedom to the employees under supervision
•    Speed dialling with SOS instructions
•    Handling real-time alerts and surveillance

Secure Asset Management

IMZ Corporate is involved with securing assets during transit through digital lock systems based on IoT and artificial intelligence. We are also concerned with tracking all shipments on a real-time basis through GPS and environmental sensors like Thermal sensors and RFID tags. We aim to develop the most innovative solutions and safeguard all the assets. Our team is responsible for orchestrating management plans for securing assets of all types during transit.

•    Monitoring asset movement and management through a central control system
•    Tracking goods on a real-time basis that are in transit
•    Ensuring optimal cargo security and management at multiple warehouses and logistic locations
•    Handling alerts and notifications from theft and tampering with goods
•    Fuel management and consumption analysis
•    Implementation and installation of IP 67 hardware systems
•    Offering 24/7 support to the clients and drivers

Segmentation at IMZ Corporate

The entire organization is segmented into 11 major divisions responsible for handling all technology projects and business operations.

1.    Pre-sales and Tendering
2.    Business Development -Sales and Marketing
3.    Technology
4.    IT and Infra
5.    Accounts - Finance & Billing
6.    Human Resource (HR) & Administration
7.    Research and Development (R&D)
8.    Document Management System (DMS)
9.    System Engineering Process Group (SEPG)
10.    Operations &Project Management (PMO) 
11.    City Command Control Centre (CCCC)

All these 11 segments are headed by leads and managers having vast years of in-depth industry knowledge. The company has implemented techniques like employee onboarding, feedback loop, on-site course plans, resource materials, and so on to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

IMZ Corporate is considered a leading solution provider of electronic locks and technology across pan India basis. The company deals with multiple market types like B2G, B2B, and B2C. So far, it has handled renowned projects like Bihar State Food Corporation (BSFC), Odisha Space Application Centre (ORSAC), Panchayati Raj, UP Excise, West Bengal Excise, Confidential projects of Elections and Examinations, other various 100 plus projects in B2B and B2C domain, to name a few.

Motivation and Inspiration of Kush Mehrotra

One will be surprised to listen to the motivational journey of Kush Mehrotra because he is one such individual who conquered the challenges and demons single-handedly and rose to such a successful corporate position. Like any other professional, he also faced many challenges in managing his professional and personal life.

There was a point of time when he failed to divide his attention between his career and personal life. But since he was and has always been a dedicated professional, he never sacrificed his work for his personal life. According to him, it is fair to miss a few parties for a couple of months if that means giving 100% to the projects, company,and position for which a professional is working. 

Due to these cumulative reasons, Kush Mehrotra always valued his work and career more than anything else in his life. Perhaps that is why he is now working as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for a leadingcompany in secure logistics (e – locks) in Indiai.e. IMZ Corporate Private Limited, that will very soon set foot in the international market too.

Tips and tricks Kush Mehrotra applied to overcome the challenges

Throughout his life, Kush Mehrotra encountered many challenges and ups and downs. However, he never loses his calm or patience. According to him, if a person is patient and dedicated to work, there is no way a hurdle can stop him from achieving his dreams and goals. He applied the same mantra to his professional life and rose from a mere fresher to a CEO. 

He used the knowledge from his travel journey, network, and other people with whom he formed contact over the years. One of his most brilliant things was connecting with people out of his industry. As a result, he gained more exposure and bandwidth, which further helped him apply for jobs with higher designation and salary packages.

Kush Mehrotra believed in willpower and knowledge. According to him, if there is dedication and passion, there is no stopping, regardless of how tough and impossible the situation becomes. Perhaps that is why he could secure such an excellent position in a leading company in India. He has inspired many aspiring candidates who want to venture further into the technological world and explore multiple opportunities.

Had it been a couple of years since he started his journey, he would not believe that following one's passion and eagerness to learn something can help achieve so much in the professional field. He always believed in the mantra of learning, unlearning, and re-learning.

Kush Mehrotra learned new things, and when the time came, he let go of the knowledge to learn the same thing in a new way as a prolonged learner. Although he was a master of the field of technology from the inception of his career, he further went with the flow of life and decided to explore different domains and verticals. Thanks to 20 years of work knowledge and experience, Kush Mehrotra is a person who has the potential to influence and inspire the new generation. It is genuinely unique how he conquered and went fearlessly over the 2 decades and got victory upon everyday challenges he faced during the early years of his life.

What are the Future Goals of Kush Mehrotra?

Kush Mehrotra has achieved a lot in these 2 decades. However, his thirst for earning more and learning further is not quenched yet. Therefore, he plans to grab any opportunity thrown the way that can help him expand his knowledge and learn new skills. From this point of view, his goal is to develop the most innovative solutions that can enable the market and shall take IMZ Corporate to another level.

He also looks forward to learning new technologies like blockchain, ethical hacking, and mobile application & updated coding of the same. According to him, if someone is technically advanced, they can achieve anything because technology has made things possible that were considered to be untraded.

Final Words

Being a practitioner in the field of AIDC and IoT vertical for the last 2 decades, he is been paving the path of the IMZ Corporate in E – Lock Solutions, GPS-based VTS, LBS, AIS – 140 VLTD which are compliant with BIS 16833 standards, Non – AIS 140 Devices i.e. 4 Wire, 6 Wire, 9 Wire, 12 Wire, Wireless Asset Trackers, OBD – I, OBD – II, Analog Fuel Rods, Digital Fuel Rods/Sensors based FMS, IoT Sensors, RFID Integrated Solutions, IT & Infra Solutions i.e. establishment of IDC, DRC, and CCCC, along with provisioning of space solutions as FAS, PAS, RFID/Non RFID based ACS, CCTV Camera & Surveillance Solutions, to name a few. 

In the path of attaining success, pride, honors, degrees, and certifications, along with the same, being a candid well read, and well-traveled professional in the global era, Kush sincerely feels thathe faced challenges of time management between his personal and professional life, always looking forward to being present in the industry 24 by 7 basis,  which has made him miss out some of the precious and priceless moments of his personal life. On a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis, almost 1,500 business travels, more than 3,000 flights in the last 2 decades, and reading almost crossing 1,000 novels, have surely made him a better and wise professional, but equally challenging to keep his emotional quotient and family well attached and served much better, in terms of being in person present, to cherish those priceless moments with them.

His 04 success mantras have been as follows - Networking which is more than his Net worth, Technology, Well-Travelled and Well Read.

Kush Mehrotra believes in 'human being biggest wealth is knowledge because it cannot be robbed and always increases by sharing', henceforth he is working on his upcoming book on the topic of 'AIDC and IoT', so as he can share his rich and valuable journey on varied verticals, domains in diversified projects at different Geographical Indications (GI). He truly is an inspiring figure who can offer motivation to the new generation with his milestones and the twenty years of his professional life. He rose through the ranks based on his sheer excellence, dedication to work, and passion for technology and education.

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