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Best Places to Visit in Chandigarh.

  • Wednesday, 18 Jan, 2023
  • 3367
Best Places to Visit in Chandigarh

Rock Garden

Originally started as a side project by Nek Chand Saini as a pastime in 1957, the Rock Garden of Chandigarh is today one of the city's most popular tourist destinations. More than 5,000 illustrated sculptures dot the 40+ acres of perfectly landscaped and adorned terrain that make up Rock Garden. This site is even more incredible when you learn that everything in it is constructed from recycled materials culled from factories and cities.

There are three unique sections of the garden, each with its own group of sculptures. The site is really mysterious to see and explore, what with its light spouts, terra cotta plants, and artistic exhibition of broken household equipment. One of the best ways to spend a weekend in Chandigarh is in the Rock Garden, and this is just one of the reasons why.

Location: Rock Garden of Chandigarh, Sector 1, Chandigarh, 160001

Entry Fee: INR 30/Adult, INR10/Child

Timing: 9;00 AM to 7:00 PM all days of the week. 

Best Time to Visit: October To March

Sukhna Lake 

In 1958, the Sukhna Chole was dammed to create the picturesque Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. The 3 km long lake is home to several species such as the Siberian duck and the crane.

The lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chandigarh, and visitors enjoy a variety of water-based pursuits and relaxation activities there, including boat rides, fishing, water skiing, and watching the sun set over the water. Many early-morning runners and walkers frequent the area because of its notoriety. A walk along the lake's shore is a treat that every nature lover should have at least once.

Location: Sukhna Lake, Sector 1, Chandigarh 160001, India

Entry Fee: Free Entry 

Timing: 9:00 AM To 5:00 PM All days 

Best Time to Visit: January to April

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden

Located in the heart of Chandigarh, the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden spans over 30 acres and is home to one of the world's most impressive collections of roses. The previous president of India, Zakir Hussain, is the inspiration for the garden's name and design. More than 16,000 different varieties of 50,000 rose plantations have made their way here from all across the nation.

Trees of many kinds, such as bel, camphor, bakers, harar, and others, call this area home. Travelers come from all over the globe to see it, and each time they do, they are awed again by its splendour. As a fascinating destination, the Zakir Hussain Rose Garden ranks high on the list of top Chandigarh tourist spots.

Location: Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, Jan Marg, 16B, Sector 16, Chandigarh, 160016

Entry Fee: INR 50

Timing: 9:00 AM To 10:00 PM

Best Time to Visit: February and March

Terraced Garden

Terraced Garden, located in Chandigarh's sector 33, is a well-known attraction that's admired for the plethora of colourful flowers and tall trees it contains. It was established in 1979, and its expansive 10+ acres make it one of the largest public gardens in the United States. Since its establishment, the area has constantly been updated with new and different tropic, plant, and flower species, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chandigarh.

Tourists and nature lovers flock here for the chance to stretch their legs and take in the stunning foliage. The Chrysanthemum Flowers are only one of many events celebrated throughout the year at Terraced Garden. Visitors adore these events because they are fascinating and entertaining.

Location: Terraced Garden, Sector 33B, Sector 33, Chandigarh, 160020

Entry Fee: INR 50

Timing: 5:30 AM To 9:00 PM

Best Time to Visit: December

Iskcon Temple

The Iskon Temple is a must-see for any spiritual traveller or Lord Krishan follower while in Chandigarh for its tranquilly and religious significance. Everything about the temple reeks of holiness and devotion to the gods, from the daily poojas to the annual rituals.

You may find a wide variety of stores selling souvenirs, food, and more in the area around the temple. Greenery and grass cover most of the area's surrounding territory. For the most fun, a family should come here on a beautiful day to participate in activities like having a picnic.

Location: ISKCON Temple Chandigarh, Hare Krishna Dham, Sector 36-B, Dakshin Marg, Chandigarh 160036 India

Entry Fee: Free Entry

Timing: Sunday To Thursday: 4:30 Am - 5:00 Am, 07:15 Am - 12:45pm, 4:15 Pm - 8:00 Pm. Closed on Friday and Saturday

Best Time to Visit: October To April.

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