Top 11 Programming Languages

  • Wednesday, 04 May, 2022
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Top 11 Programming Languages

Before talking about any programming language let’s discuss, what is programming language. So, programming language is a medium through which we can give instructions to a machine or computer to do a certain task. Programs are written with the help of programming languages and these programs are responsible for making the computer do what was intended by the person who wrote the program.

Now the questions that come in one’s mind are, who are these people who write these programs and how do they do it. So to answer that we must know that two decades ago there were only a very few who could do this and there were not as many programming languages as there are today. But with the evolution of technology the demand for programmers increased and educational institutes launched various courses to learn programming. Hence, shaping today’s advanced world. 

So if we talk about today, there are nearly 700 programming languages and the job of a programmer or a software engineer is among the most demanded jobs. Among these 700 programming languages there are a few which are in high demand. Let’s discuss the 10 best programming languages which are being used by software engineers today.

1. Python

Widely considered as the best programming language in today’s world, Python is not only extremely useful but also very easy to learn. There are many libraries in Python language which ease things out for programmers and hence takes less time when writing a certain program when compared to any other programming language. Not only this Python is also used by major software giants like Intel, Spotify, Netflix and even Facebook as well.

Uses of Python

  • 2D imaging and 3D animation packages such as Autodesk, Blender, Inkscape etc are developed using Python.
  • Popular games like Civilization IV, Vega Strike, and Toontown were all created using Python.
  • Python is also used by major software giants like Intel, Spotify, Netflix, Youtube, Quora, Pinterest and even Facebook & Instagram as well.

2. Java

While Python may be the most famous language Java also stands toe-to-toe with Python in terms of popularity. Considered as one of the most powerful programming languages in the world right now, Java, without a doubt has had a major impact on the world of technology. We say this because Java is used on nearly 3 billion devices which include Desktops and Mobiles. It is an independent platform and follows the concept of OOP, Object Oriented Programming. It is also considered one of the most secure languages. 

Uses of Java

  • It is used in Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Applications, Windows Applications, Mobile Applications, Desktop Applications etc.
  • Companies like Amazon, Adobe, Flipkart etc use Java.
  • Allows you to access and modify graphics, sound or even file system of any sort of program running on any sort of operating system.

3. JavaScript

The name web-development and JavaScript go parallel with each other and it is because more than 97% of the websites use JavaScript to operate its front-end which is the client side or the user side of the website.

Uses of JavaScript

  • JavaScript is used in the development of frontend of websites.
  • Earlier it was used for the development of web browsers.

4. Kotlin

One of the most famous cross-platform programming languages, Kotlin is used to develop applications. It is very famous among android developers and approximately 60% of developers use Kotlin to develop android applications. Kotlin also has good security and there is less need for writing code in this language when compared to languages like Java.

Uses of Kotlin

  • Kotlin is fully supported by Android Studio which is the official IDE for developing Android Applications.
  • There are new features introduced in Kotlin that help in development of server-side web applications. Hence, Backend development is also done through Kotlin.

5. R

R programming language is used for programming of computer graphics and also statistical programming. R is an open-source language which is a modified version of the S language

Uses of R

  • Statisticians, Data Miners and Data Analysts use R in their domains.
  • It is used for cross-platform development.
  • Flipkart, Amazon, Google, LinkedIn use the R language.

6. PHP

Founded in 1990, PHP language is still very significant in the development of websites even today. More than 80% of websites are built using PHP. Websites like Facebook and Yahoo were built using this language and that signifies the power of PHP.

Uses of PHP

  • PHP is a server-side language which is embedded with HTML and hene, adds functionalities to websites.
  • Prevents threats and attacks on the website with its security.
  • Giants like Facebook, Yahoo, and Wikipedia run on PHP.

7. Go

Developed by Google back in 2007 to manage the ever-growing infrastructure of Google, Go language quickly became one of the most reliable and efficient programming languages to ever exist.

Uses of Go

  • It was used for developing and managing APIs and Web Applications.
  • It is used in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Various major companies like Google, BBC, Uber, Medium use Go for development.

8. C

With a huge range of inbuilt functions, libraries and operators along with the extendable features, C language is a very popular language among beginners. C is a general purpose programming language developed in 1972 and is still in function.

Uses of C

  • C is used as a teaching language by many schools and colleges as understanding the basics of programming is very easy on C.
  • This language is used for development of Games, Graphics and Applications of various sorts.
  • MasterCard, Telegram, Github are some famous companies that use C.

9. Swift

Developed by Apple Inc in 2014, Swift was a replacement for the Objective C language which was used by Apple Inc before Swift. Swift is categorized among the robust prograamming languages.

Uses of Swift

  • Swift has dynamic libraries which come in handy.
  • This language is used to speed up the development process.
  • Slack, Uber, Instagram and Apple are the few major companies which use Swift.

10. SQL

SQL Stands for Structured Query Language. It is a computer language that gives orders or instructions to database. SQL is an ANSI / ISO Standardized.  

Uses of SQL

  • SQL is used to access and manipulate database.
  • SQL can create new tables in a database.
  • It is a mediator between front-end & back-end of software development.

11. C#

C# runs on the .Net framework developed by Microsoft. It is an Object Oriented Programming Language and is pretty similar to languages like C++ and Java.

Uses of C#

  • C# is used in making games these days. 
  • Along with the Unity Game Engine, developers have made many top hypercasual games while using C# language.
  • Companies which use C# are Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Accenture, Alibaba Travels and more.

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