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The Surprising Health Benefits of Apples Eating One a Day

The Surprising Health Benefits…

In terms of our health, the simplest foods are often the best.

There's no need to be a nutritionist to know that apples are healthy. The… Read more

The Future Of Good Data and Data Science, But what really does that mean for you and me?, What exactly contributes to this kind of data growth?,

The Future Of Good Data and Data…

“Leveraging exponential technology to tackle big goals and using rapid iteration and fast feedback to accelerate progress toward those goals… Read more

9 Top Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Health Regimen Secrets

9 Top Entrepreneurs Reveal Their…

If you follow these tips, you can erase years off your appearance, improve your health, and dominate your field.

The top business people understand… Read more

What We Need to Know About the Surging Incidence of Lumpy Skin Disease

What We Need to Know About the…

About 3,000 cattle in Rajasthan and Gujarat perished from the viral infection lumpy skin disease in August.

Cattle are particularly susceptible… Read more


LECKA: For Your Love For Food…


To fuel an active lifestyle that doesn't sacrifice health or sustainability, Markus… Read more

Health Benefits of Low Carb and Ketogenic Diets

Health Benefits of Low Carb and…

For many years, low-carbohydrate diets have been a source of heated debate.

Some claim that the excessive fat content of these diets is to blame… Read more

5 Fruits to get you Glowing Skin

5 Fruits to get you Glowing Skin

It is no surprise that fruits are included in almost every healthy eating plan you have come across. When it comes to nutrition, antioxidants, and… Read more


Healthcare In Children Is Important…

Childhood is an important opportunity to develop healthy patterns for life and prevent weight problems. Professional advice from a doctor or dietitian… Read more