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Fitness After 40 A Simple Plan for Life Long Health

Fitness After 40: A Simple Plan…

Former medical advice patients to ease down after age 40. Just chill out. They thought that "fitness beyond 40" was a waste of time since the… Read more

Lose weight while eating whatever you want with these effective tips

Lose Weight While Eating Whatever…

Having a hankering for sweets when on a diet is not a problem at all.

Diet, eating habits, genetics, metabolism, the intensity of exercise,… Read more

Staying Fit Without A Gym Has Never Been This Easy Before

Staying Fit Without A Gym Has…

Let's take a look at the benefits of exercising outside of a gym before we get into the specifics of how you might do so.

•  … Read more

Elements Of A Well Rounded Fitness Routine

Elements Of A Well Rounded Fitness…

A well-rounded fitness training regimen is necessary, regardless of whether you're a beginner or a fitness aficionado who wants to maximize your… Read more

Benefits Of Regular Swimming

Benefits Of Regular Swimming.

For optimal health and well-being, doctors recommend 75 minutes of intense exercise each week. When performed regularly for an hour, swimming is one… Read more

Staying Fit with Perfect Dancing Workout

Staying Fit is not hard and boring…

Gone are the days when exercise centred on push-ups, sit-ups, mountain climbers and stretching. Today, there are tonnes of various forms of exercises,… Read more

On this International Day of Yoga take time to Commune with your Inner Self

On this International Day of Yoga…

A variety of events are held globally to celebrate World Yoga Day, also known as International Yoga Day or World-Yoga Day, which includes a variety… Read more

Why Boxing is a Complete Workout and why you must Try it

Why Boxing is a Complete Workout…

For a full-body exercise that develops muscle and promotes cardiovascular health, look no further than Boxing. Not only can Boxing keep you active,… Read more