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Terms and Conditions.


Kindly go through the key postulates mentioned below carefully to get a complete view of the information that we derive from you-

  • We use your personal information for business purposes such as account creation and login functions, user account management, request feedback, post testimonials, enforcing our terms, conditions, and policies, order fulfillment, in response to legal requests, harm prevention, support users or entertain their queries, sending targeted advertising, sharing administrative information, for other business purposes. It is only done with your consent and with our compliance with the legal obligations.
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  • We consider many public platforms to seek relevant information about you and your businesses to offer you relatable services. Public databases, affiliate partners, data providers, social media platforms, etc, are the common source of information to us.
  • Our impeccable technical and organizational systems have been designed to ensure the comprehensive security of any personal information that we process. But in case, hackers, cybercriminals, or unauthorized third parties happen to penetrate our security system and perform theft of access, money, and information, we cannot ensure a 100% guarantee of this commitment. However, we strive to offer you best-in-class security for your confidential information.
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  • Whenever you wish to review or change the information in your account or even do not wish to proceed with the account, you either contact us or log in to your account settings and update the user account accordingly.
  • If you give credence to your consent with us to process your information, you can act on your will to withdraw the consent anytime.
  • In case, you ever feel that we have violated our privacy policy, reach out as soon as possible. Also, to keep your confidential information safe, always access our website within a secure ecosystem.
  • All the terms, conditions, and policies included in this notice are subject to change or updating regularly. This is done to keep abreast of the relevant laws. All the updated content will be shown as 'revised' data which will be easy to access. Whenever this happens, we will be notifying you by sending a notification, but we urge you to keep an eye on this policy notice regularly for a better understanding of our terms.

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