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moneyIN a Global Moroccan Fintech Start Up Launches with Laleli Milanello.

  • Tuesday, 06 Sep, 2022
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moneyIN a Global Moroccan Fintech Start Up Launches with Laleli Milanello

moneyIN, a globally scalable fintech solution to advance underserved bank customers everywhere, have signed a stock equity partnership with Laleli Milanello Investments South Africa. The co-founders of moneyIn, Vineet Pawaria and Arif Esa, two burgeoning entrepreneurs from India, are glad to announce their venture's first foray into Africa. moneyIN has developed a revolutionary all-in-one digital payment banking community platform and is becoming one of the fastest Fintech start-ups in Africa.

moneyIN Fintech's mission is to provide underserved SMEs all over the world with an all-in-one business, educational, banking platform and networks to help its users make better business decisions and improve their financial health. moneyIN platform allows anyone to send, receive and make payments without the need for a bank account. Using the latest technology that involves block chain, Artificial Intelligence technology and USSD technology to make sure everyone person has access to their money with the use of their mobile phone. No bank account or card is required. Your mobile phone number ultimately becomes your own personal private bank account and debit card.  

moneyIN solution, a digital community platform for banks and fintechs, connects SMEs and business communities and uses AI technology as an educational tool to help SMEs scale their business and help the daily consumer to spend, save responsibly, allowing them to reach goals and stay out of debt. 
MoneyIN new investment partner Laleli Milanello Investments will market the platform to help improve and change the digital payment industry in South Africa, along with providing free educational support to the local community by setting up free education centres as part of the next phase. Education centres will teach the communicate how to grow their business with the platform, earn money within the platform, and all the supporting features to make life more convenient for all. This ever-expanding ecosystem of partners across the core pillars of business tools, business education and business networks will also help small business owners start and scale their businesses in the digital economy.

Arif Esa, CEO and Co-Founder of moneyIN, commented on the partnership: "moneyIN Global is proud to have a strong partner Laleli Milanello Investments in South Africa. We are revolutionary solution provider that has built a platform that will help the unbanked rural community and the SME business owner's experience – both as a provider and as a customer. It's exciting to know that a visionary group like Laleli Milanello, and the assistance of the His Excellency Ambassador Ebrahim Edries, who has been building and supporting the relationship between South Africa and Morocco, along with our partners, share our vision to take a more comprehensive look at the amazing people at the heart of Africa. This is a momentous step in our journey to create a community-oriented solution for every size and type of SME around the world, and a model we aim to replicate across the entire Pan-Africa region, and further expansion into the European Union, connecting Africa digitally to the world.

As we continue to raise additional seed funding to meet the continued growth, we are continually on the lookout for innovative, digitally-led partners that want to offer their customers something entirely new, with added value to both sides. It's an exciting time, and we look forward to more partners joining our expansion!"

moneyIN platform is more than just a digital wallet; it's an educational tool that not only makes your lives easier but is your digital money management, personal coach that can help you reach targets, teach you how to make money and helps business be more efficient and more productive. moneyIN initiative aims to gather insights from the platform to help support and empower the African community and connect Morocco, South Africa and the entire African continent to the rest of the world. While helping to make Morocco and South Africa the leading Fintech Digital Hub in the world.

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