Entrepreneur Richa Jaiswal’s Relentless Journey Towards Exploring the Overseas Market and Impacting Lives Through Her Mentorship

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  • Monday, 21 Feb, 2022
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Journey of Richa Jaiswal

Entrepreneurship is not a destination; it’s a journey, a continuous long journey with lots of hurdles along with an exciting phase. On this journey, successful entrepreneurs don’t expect to “arrive” at some finish line. If you do have that expectation, you won’t continue to push yourself to step outside of your comfort and grow. You won’t seek out the things that truly help your business experience explosive results because all those things require you to stretch yourself.

On any journey, you have times of joy and more than a few setbacks. During times of joy, you feel like you can accomplish anything. It gives you the strength and motivation to continue to put in the work that helps your business. During the hard times, negative feelings and emotions can easily take over. Building a business is hard. However, every entrepreneur must start somewhere. There is no magic shortcut to building a good business. However, there is no bias in business either. It doesn’t matter when you start or where you start your journey. These Women Entrepreneurs in India prove just that. If you are good, you will succeed. Though it can sometimes take years before you reach somewhere you are proud of.

Starting a venture is exciting and daunting at the same time. The excitement of embarking on a new journey, charting a new course, being independent and in control, the possibility of amassing substantial personal wealth, making a difference in the world are all reasons to look ahead with great excitement and anticipation. But at the same time, wading into the unknown, stepping outside your comfort zone, lack of a steady and predictable income and skepticism by those around about entrepreneurship as a career choice can create stress and anxiety.

Journey of Richa Jaiswal

For Richa Jaiswal, the journey was made a bit easy as she started her entrepreneurial journey with her husband, Kapil Jaiswal. She is originally from Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Completed the MBA in international business and marketing from Mumbai. After getting married along with her husband Richa started the business of Renown Appliances. Renown International is a home and kitchen appliances company.  Along with that, she is a well-known Digital Marketing Business Coach and, she is also involved in a business which is Mangal Jaggery manufacturing and supplying unit. And very soon have the plan to take this business to international level by exporting the jaggery to overseas markets.

Entrepreneurship requires understanding and accommodation from those around you. In the case of Richa Jaiswal, she had full support from her husband Kapil and the entire Apart from the financial implication, being an entrepreneur takes up a lot of time. It is not a 9 AM to 5 PM job that you leave behind when you return home. You are thinking of and working on your venture all the time, which means you may have less time and mindshare for other activities.

Of course, you should manage your schedule and carve out time away from the venture to reenergize yourself. However, you also need to sensitize your family and friends about the demands of an entrepreneurial career and explicitly enlist their support. Also, entrepreneurship can be an emotionally draining experience as you traverse the ups and downs of building a venture. Having a strong support system will help you navigate the journey better.

About ventures of Richa Jaiswal

1.Renown International Appliances:

 Renown International is selling on all popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Meesho and Udaan B2B as well. They are wholesalers and also do retail marketing for kitchen and home appliances. Thus, the e-commerce purchases of home appliances like Mixers, Blenders, Gas Tandoor, Electric Ovens, Idly Cooker and Dhokla Cooker, Momos Cooker, etc and many more have helped the industry offset the decline in sales at brick-and-mortar stores. Considering that none of the big companies thought consumers would buy a kitchen and home appliances without the touch-and-feel experience of the product in the store, this has come as a pleasant surprise. E-commerce is now being viewed by players as one of the important channels to operate in the market.

The most trusted name like Renown International in the market of household appliances offers the hand-picked selection of gadgets for every small and big household chore be it ironing your garments, warming up the water, cooling the rooms, or mixing and blending veggies and spices for making restaurant-like foods. The designs and features offered online are sure to leave every customer spoilt for choice.

The growth in the online sales of these appliances is expected to increase further in the future, due to the rising competition among the store-based retail outlets and the increased amount of time spent by the general population on the internet. Also, the easy financing options and the numerous discounts offer given online by the eCommerce giants, such as Flipkart and Amazon, are further propelling consumers to prefer this channel over the traditional in-store purchases. This way Renown International Appliances has become an important retail channel for all consumer purchases.

2.Mangal Jaggery manufacturing company

The production of jaggery is done in the jaggeryindustry, one of India’s most well-developed industries. The cultivation of sugarcane plays a vital role in the production of jaggery using the automatic jaggery plant. The automatic jaggery plant is used to produce jaggery by crushing sugarcane to extract its juice, clarifying it, and processing it into liquid jaggery. This liquid jaggery may further be processed and crystalized to a solid one. The industry of jaggery for Mangal Jaggery manufacturing plans is widespread as the demand for jaggery is very high. The global market of automatic jaggery plants always has a high demand for jaggery production.

3.Digital Marketing Business Coach

Richa as a digital marketing business coach empowers companies, from small to large, by providing digital marketing coaching and strategic insight to help their in-house teams generate leads and grow revenue. In today’s current market, many businesses are working with minimal resources and struggling to find their feet in uncharted territory. Customer behavior has changed. How the world does business has changed. Has your company adjusted to the new normal?

Richa as an expert provides 1-on-1 or group coaching based on your organization’s goals and existing knowledge. She is also involved in live training and personal mentorship. Advising the exporters and merchants to enhance their business through business marketing is part of her job, and she is very good at this. She believes in affirmation, “myself”, and manifestation and remains focused on work to achieve even that is very difficult and seems not achievable. She prefers to keep company with people who believe in growth and planning for achieving their goals and thinking big.

Richa has a robust attraction marketing strategy

Attraction marketing is all about making your personal brand more attractive to your Lead personas as well as attracting them to you through inbound marketing. The two work hand-in-hand and should be a pillar of your marketing efforts, and it all begins with your attraction marketing strategy or strategies as the case may be — there is no one “right” way to market your brand but there are many tried and true ways to do it.

“Your Personal brand story sets up the foundation for who you are and what you do and, if done right, will be the thing that your Lead admire as they meander through your sales funnel.”

Of course, all of that magnificent story branding will be for nothing without quality profile optimization and some SEO which is exactly why you need to shore up your profile.

The gateway to your brand story and your attraction marketing as a whole goes through your social media profile which may very well be your most valuable sales asset. Getting traffic to your profile or page is nice, but there’s not much of a point if those visitors don’t convert.

Here are her latest learnings, reflections, and recognitions:

  • Commit yourself to become the best of who you are in every aspect of life and business such as health, family, purpose, friendships spirituality, finance, education, adventure.
  • The key to having a creative, productive, and successful mindset is to consistently generate and increase your energy while being consistent.
  • View and meet challenges or overcome adversities as triumphant and exciting opportunities.
  • If you are unhappy with your current situation, you have the control to change it. Educate yourself, reach out for help, take action.
  • Schedule time on your calendar to reflect, learn and execute your dreams.
  • Each day starts with your chance to create something new and your future.

Today’s women entrepreneurs do not come only from the established business families or the higher-income sections of the population, they come from all walks of life and all parts of the country. From running sports media firms to travel agencies and construction companies to running security and detective agencies – women are dabbling into fields that have traditionally been the bastions of male domination. We have one such woman Richa Jaiswal who is continuously, relentlessly moving towards building a better future for herself and others.

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