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The Future Of Good Data and Data Science, But what really does that mean for you and me?, What exactly contributes to this kind of data growth?,

The Future Of Good Data and Data…

“Leveraging exponential technology to tackle big goals and using rapid iteration and fast feedback to accelerate progress toward those goals… Read more

Role of 5G in the Digital Economy and How It Is Impacting the Industry

Role of 5G in the Digital Economy…

With increased speeds and broader connection, 5G networks are being heralded as the next-generation wireless phenomena, making them ideal for cutting-edge… Read more

What Does the Growth of the Digital Economy Mean for Your Business

What Does the Growth of the Digital…

What Does the Growth of the Digital Economy Mean for Your Business

Now more than ever, it's crucial to assess how the booming digital economy… Read more

Deepmind Released AlphaTensor

Deepmind Released AlphaTensor,…

It is the first AI system capable of finding new algorithms for elementary tasks like matrix multiplication that are both efficient and provably right.

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generative AI

Generative AI: A Creative New…

Humans excel at dissecting and evaluating information. Robots are superior. Data analysis by machines has many applications, such as spotting fraud… Read more

Top New Technology Trends for 2022

Top New Technology Trends for…

The increasing pace of change and progress may be directly attributed to the exponential growth of contemporary technology. But this year has witnessed… Read more

The Metaverse Is Replacing The Workplace

Metaverse Is Replacing Workplaces,…

For decades, gaming has been a significant aspect of our culture, creativity, and connection. Some of today’s most forward-looking executives… Read more

Electric Vehicles In India

Electric Vehicles In India

Emerging economies have already signalled that they want to encourage the use of alternative fuel cars. As for India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi… Read more