International World Olympics Day 2022

International World Olympics Day…

 On the 23rd of June, people all across the globe will commemorate World Olympics Day. World Olympic Day was first proposed in 1947 by Dr. Gruss,… Read more

The Psychology of Winning that Separates Super Performers From Others

The Psychology of Winning that…

In life, there are only two options: to accept the current situation or to assume the responsibility for making it better. 

Some work long… Read more

Several government departments

Several Government Departments…

Only 13,976 of the 10,84,705 Group C workers in the 34 departments of the federal government are veterans. Only 8,642 of the 3,25,265 Group D workers… Read more

Best Eating Places to try on your Mumbai Tour

Best Eating Places to try on your…

A traditional Gujarati thali, a Butter Idli, or any number of other delightful dishes, Mumbai's diverse food is a testament to Mumbai's multiculturalism.… Read more

World Blood Donor Day-min

World Blood Donor Day is here…

Donating Blood is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference in someone's life, and it is something everyone should take advantage of.… Read more

Hazards of Child Labour in India-min

Hazards of Child Labour in India

Just hearing the term "child" evokes a picture of someone who enjoys spending time with his or her family or peers and who may easily find enjoyment… Read more

The Power of Manifestations-min

The Power of Manifestations

There is a profound change in thinking that has been fascinating to see over the last several years. The spiritual chorus is expanding as sceptics… Read more

Satisfy your tastebuds in the country capital-min

Satisfy your tastebuds in the…

As every foodie in the city knows, excellent street food in Delhi is like a constant companion throughout the hard seasons that Delhi residents face.… Read more