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The Paradigm Shift Coronavirus and Acceptance of Technology Solutions in the Education Spectra.

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  • Monday, 16 Jan, 2023
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Guest post VSN Raju

Coempt EduTeck Pvt. Ltd.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been devastating for the world causing deaths, panic, and chaos the world over that had brought all activities including education to a grinding halt. Coronavirus caused severe disruption, especially to educational activities the world over and in India it affected over 360 million students. But when the coronavirus finally ends, we are not going back to the pre-coronavirus world that we lived in before 2019. 

The post-coronavirus world is going to be different in that the way of doing things is bound to change in almost all spectra. The education spectra are going to see some major change and to understand how things are going to change, we need to look at the education segments through 3 lenses i.e., Pre-Coronavirus, During-Coronavirus and Post Coronavirus where each represents a different view of the education sector and the acceptance of technology solutions. This will give us a perspective to understand how the education sector is going to behave and also offer much-needed insight to certificate awarding bodies on how they can effect change management to ensure better sustenance.
Pre-Coronavirus, the education world was focused on delivering standard course curriculum and were busy churning out skilled manpower for the growing markets, this they were doing with low to moderate support from technology solutions. Prior to 2019, the debate was about whether technology solutions can replace traditional processes followed by educational institutions.

During-Coronavirus, the educational world was forced to use dynamic technology solutions like e-learning, chatting, video conferencing, online examination, online evaluation, etc., and teachers and students had to adjust to a new mode of teaching, learning and examinations. Looking at the merits and scale technology solutions brought to the table, it has become the next go to positively engage teachers, students and parents. 

Post-Coronavirus, the education world is aggressively looking to adapt to innovative technology solutions and is also seeking to customize them to their needs. Education institutions feel that it’s important to adjust to the new mode of teaching, learning and examinations, and technology solutions need to be an important aspect to be well prepared for future contingencies. In a post-corona world, countries/governments will focus on expanding e-governance services in the education sector using varied technology solutions that can ensure better teaching-learning outcomes, transparency and accountability across the spectra.
Currently, there is a paradigm shift of mindset amongst teachers, students and parents who now seem to be favouring the use of technology solutions in academics. To benefit from this positive ecosystem many educational institutions are trying to quickly develop or adapt to available technology solutions that suit their teaching, learning and examination needs. 

The post-coronavirus need for technology solutions by educational institutions can be categorized as follows:

E-Learning Courseware (Domain Specific & Generic Skilling)
Examination Management System (Pre-Exam, Question Paper Management and Secured Delivery, Online Exam, Answer-Book Scanning & Onscreen Evaluation, Post-Exam, etc.,
Computer Based Tests (CBT) for periodical assessments 

“Coempt Edu Teck” specializes in the above areas and has over 23 years of progressive experience delivering large turnkey projects that have empowered many educational institutions. We have practically been witnessing the Pre-Coronavirus, During-Coronavirus and Post-Coronavirus environments. During the pandemic, we have supported over 100 thousand teachers/students through EduLib which is the portal-based teaching-learning solution that we offered free of cost. We have also empowered universities to conduct ‘AI Based Online Exam’ for their regular course assessments/exams. 

We are glad to have seen the whole education sectors evolve from floppy/CD based to portal-based deliveries to the current new-age mobile-based deliveries that is used to enable effective teaching, learning and examination. We have upgraded our software solutions regularly to suit to dynamic needs of the educational institution.

We are glad that we have been instrumental in empowering over 50 universities in their teaching, learning and examination endeavours. Over, 2 million students and many teachers have benefited from our solutions. We also offer CBT in hybrid mode for maximum impact, we are currently providing our solutions for conducting recruitment exams and tests. 

“Coempt Edu Teck” has evolved unique and dynamic delivery systems to suit Indian conditions. Our delivery ranges from LAN based to SAAS based from which our customers can choose based on their needs and budgets. All our solutions are homegrown hence, can be customized to suit dynamic client needs.

The USP of our teaching, learning and examination solutions is that they have been calibrated in the Indian context after taking inputs from industry, tech-gurus and leading academicians. Our solutions are designed to work efficiently and accurately with minimal human interference across varied geographies. The various processes and systems adopted internally enable us to churn out quality products and support customers during critical assignments. 

Some of our popular solutions are…
OneX – End-to-End Examinations, 
Onmark – Scanning and Onscreen Evaluation, 
EduLib – Engineering Digital Library, 
TekEdge – Engineering Teaching – Learning Solution


Coronavirus has incited a new struggle for survival in post-modern evolution. The fact that we are settling into the new normal by evolving as a society implies that we have got the strength as individuals and as nations to survive any future challenges. Going forward we as a global community need to take our weak and vulnerable along with us to survive, succeed and thrive. 

Moreover, the global education sector has finally come to age and evolved quickly in the 2 years of the pandemic where all stakeholders are committed and focused on constantly adapting new-age technologies in all walks of education deliveries and to be better prepared to handle future contingencies. Most of the academic fraternity has realized that technology is not an alternative but a means to achieve tangible academic outcomes. Hence, I conclude by saying that technology complements the traditional system if it is looked at with an open mind.

VSN Raju

Director & CEO - Coempt EduTeck Pvt. Ltd.

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