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VSN Raju, CEO, COEMPT – Taking Indian Education To New Heights.

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  • Wednesday, 11 Jan, 2023
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There is no contradiction that without technology, this energetic and vibrant world as we see it today would have never been possible. And we see this histrionic effect of technology in every sector, starting from basic immediate necessities like housing, farming, electricity, and medicine to more long-term affecting sectors like Governance, Defence, and Education, the list goes practically endless. Today we will inspect the effect of technology on the most long-term impactful sector for any nation - “Education”.

With technology-based teaching, learning and examinations, there is no dependence on a physical institution or an instructor or need to follow traditional means of conducting exams and evaluation of answer books. Students can learn and self-assess at any point in time and evaluators can proctor or assess answer books from the comfort of their homes. Technology now helps students get easy access to all the information related to their field of study similarly technology is also helping educational institutions in transparent exam conduction and evaluation. Also, because of this minimum dependency, students and evaluators from any geography are empowered in their teaching, learning and evaluation endeavours. Today at Business Touch magazine we have “VSN Raju, CEO, Comept Edu Teck” who has rich and dynamic experience working with Indian educational institutions for 20+ years in designing, developing and delivering turnkey projects related to teaching, learning and examination that were path defining in ensuring good governance. 

Information about COEMPT EduTeck Pvt Ltd

In the commemoration of the Late M.P. Chary, Founder, who was an expert with vast knowledge and experience in establishing companies in the present time is dealing with a variety of businesses like Biotechnology, High-end diagnostics, Software Development, and Technology-enabled Teaching, Learning and diamond jewellery Examination Solutions. Coempt Edu Teck Pvt. Ltd., has over 20+ years of experience in offering excellent cutting-edge technology solutions in the education sector. They are the most preferred company by educational institutions to provide teaching-learning and end-to-end examination solutions.

Fortunately, India is a tech-savvy nation in the world where the data charges are the lowest and India is also the second largest after the USA in the field of e-learning. To evolve and mandate new policies pertaining to using ICT interventions in teaching-learning-evaluation examinations, policymakers need to recognize the use of e-learning, online assessments/examinations, and onscreen evaluations in the regular course of academics. This will also ensure the availability of state-of-the-art ICT infrastructure for students and teachers that will ensure their growth without being stressed.

Services offered by Coempt EduTeck Pvt Ltd.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, Coempt EduTeck Pvt. Ltd., (COEMPT) (estd.  2000) has been providing technology-based solutions to the education sector over the past 20+ years. The company is especially active in the e-learning and end-to-end examination solutions space.

On mark – Onscreen Marking Solution

Examination management projects necessitate a customer-centric approach i.e., a thorough consideration of the exceptional requirements of the university and educational institution. One needs to observe the flexibility in designing a customized solution, and the abilities to manage a large scanning and onscreen evaluation while ensuring top-level data security. 

Having handled various examination projects, COEMPT can ensure the successful delivery of onscreen evaluation projects. COEMPT’s unique OnMark – Onscreen Marking Solution is distributed using a feature-rich and user-friendly software application. Post implementation of the Onmark Solution there is precise training provided to all the stakeholders that ensure education institutions practice good governance and also helps them optimize examination-related cost.

OneX – End-to-End Examination Solution

COEMPT’s online end-to-end examination administration can be fully tailored according to the dynamic needs of educational institutions. OneX Solution has a bouquet of critical modules like Pre-Exam, Question Paper Development & Management, Secured Question Paper Delivery, Onscreen Marking, and Post-Exam the education institutions to select from based on their need. OneX has been implemented in some of the top-notch educational institutions and has demonstrated its excellent quality. 

TekEdge - Comprehensive Engineering Teaching & Learning Solution

The shortage of excellent faculty is being felt intensely by many colleges, and many colleges are forced to opt for less experienced and qualified faculty. TekEdge comes in handy for engineering colleges as by using the TekEdge solution they can ensure that faculty can effectively deliver their classroom sessions. By using TekEdge faculty can ensure that the core-engineering concepts are imbibed in students which is important for them to progress in their course.


Digital India Mission is transmuting India into a digitally sanctioned society and a knowledge economy. This has also led to affordable internet connectivity in remote regions of the country which is good news for the education sector, as it has now made it possible for colleges to use ICT effectively in their teaching-learning endeavours. EduLib is designed to empower engineering colleges to overcome the above-cited challenges, as it aids the careful implementation of learning methods that help them in their academic chase.

Why choose Coempt Edu Teck?

COEMPT EDU TECK specializes in the above areas and has over two decades of progressive experience in delivering large turnkey projects that have empowered many educational institutions. They have virtually been witnessing the Pre-Coronavirus, During-Coronavirus and Post-Coronavirus environments. During the pandemic, they have supported over 100 thousand teachers/students through EduLib which is a portal-based teaching-learning solution free of cost. They have also empowered universities to conduct ‘AI Based Online Exams’ for their regular course assessments/exams. 

COEMPT EDU TECK is glad to have seen the whole education sectors evolve from floppy/CD based to portal-based deliveries to the current new-age mobile-based deliveries that are used to enable effective teaching, learning and examination. Hence, they have upgraded software solutions regularly to suit to dynamic needs of the educational institution. COEMPT EDU TECK has been instrumental in empowering over 50 universities in their teaching, learning and examination endeavours. Over, 2 million students and many teachers have benefited through solutions. COEMPT EDU TECK also offers CBT in hybrid mode for maximum impact, and for conducting recruitment exams and tests. 

COEMPT EDU TECK has evolved unique and dynamic delivery systems to suit Indian conditions. The delivery ranges from LAN based to SAAS based from which consumers can opt based on their needs and budgets. All solutions can be customized to suit dynamic client needs. The USP of COEMPT EDU TECK teaching, learning and examination solutions is that they have been calibrated in the Indian context after taking inputs from industry, tech gurus and leading academicians. The solutions are designed to work efficiently and accurately with minimal human interference across varied geographies. 

Information about VSN Raju, CEO of Coempt EduTeck Pvt Ltd.

VSN Raju is an excellent engineer and has done electronics and communication engineering at the University of Madras. He also holds a massive experience of about 20+ years in the field of sales, marketing, and operations. At present, he is the Director & CEO of COEMPT EDU TECK PVT. LTD., is one of the top teaching, learning, and examination solution providers in India. 

Mr. Raju used to be a successful business partner of the National Institute of Sales (NIS) and then he joined COEMPT EDU TECK PVT. LTD. During this journey, he was allied with many promising ingenuities which involved both students and corporate enterprises. He also operated with Andhra Electronics Limited, leading different marketing initiatives specifically in the government and the export space.

COEMPT EDU TECK PVT. LTD., under Raju's supervision, had also worked with NASSCOM to assess entry-level talent for IT-BPM companies. For the various progressive initiatives undertaken under his leadership in the education enablement space, Raju has bestowed the title of 'Emerging Leader' at the 'The World's Greatest Brands & Leaders Asia & GCC' summit.


Moreover, the global education sector has finally come to age and evolved quickly in a pandemic where all stakeholders are committed and focused on constantly adapting new-age technologies in all walks of education deliveries and being better prepared to handle future contingencies. Most of the academic fraternity has realized that technology is not an alternative but a means to achieve tangible academic outcomes. Hence, according to Mr. Raju technology complements the traditional system if it is looked at with an open mind.


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