Top 10 Most Informative Business Magazines of India.

  • Friday, 05 Aug, 2022
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Top 10 Most Informative Business Magazines of India

When it comes to business information, the internet is a veritable goldmine, but how can you decide which articles are worth your time? For your convenience, we have compiled a selection of the best business magazines in India, which every entrepreneur and business enthusiast should use regularly. The material these Indian business publications provide to their readers is thoroughly scrutinized before it is released. These are the best and most popular business periodicals in India and are also the most trustworthy.

1.    Business Touch Magazine

The Business Touch Magazine is one of the leading business magazines from India that caters for a wide variety of business enthusiasts with their daily dose of business happenings and news across the globe. Every month, an edition by the business touch provides its readers with compelling entrepreneurial stories that inspire them to dream big, hustle for their dreams, keep learning, and keep growing. The magazine also covers Lifestyle, entertainment,  fashion and fitness interests So that its readers do not miss out on anything important. 

2.    Capital Market Magazine

Since its inception in 1985, India's Capital Market Magazine has served as the country's premier source of financial information. Since its inception, Capital Market has grown into a comprehensive financial publication focusing on stock market concerns since its inception. Topical problems, policy choices by the government, SEBI rules, or market movements are examined in detail in the cover article.

3.    The Economist Magazine Print

The Economist Magazine Print is more than simply a news magazine; it covers the week's most important business and industry developments. Are you interested in current events, money, commerce, business, social, and political issues, as well as opinion columns, special reports, political cartoons, reader letters, cover stories, art criticism, book reviews, and technological features? If that's the case, turn to The Economist Magazine.

4.    Business Today Magazine

One of India's leading business publications, Business Today Magazine is also the country's most widely read business publication. As a result of a Business Today magazine subscription, readers are able to stay up to date on the latest developments in the world of business, economics, and society. Among all Indian business publications, Business Today India has the most circulation and readership. 

5.    Forbes India Magazine

It is Forbes India Magazine that attracts the world's most powerful business executives. Insights and information from this publication help the world's most powerful people succeed. Business, technology, and investing are all topics covered in depth in Forbes India.

6.    Business India Magazine

Are you trying to track down an Indian-published business publication? Here is Business India Publication, India's leading and main weekly business magazine. The journal is widely regarded as the first of its kind in India. Markets, news, business, industry, wealth, politics, technology, and money are all covered in this newspaper. In addition to English, Business India Magazine is published in a number of Indian languages.

7.    Business Manager Magazine

There is a Business Manager Magazine that is focused on HR (Human Resources) and IR (Information Resources) (Industrial Relations). This publication informs HR professionals, academics, thought leaders, corporate CEOs, management professionals, and labour/legal professionals about solutions to workplace problems, government notifications on labour laws, case studies and analyses, employer-employee relations, and reviews of management books.

8.    BusinessWorld Magazine

This is the country's best-selling and most widely read business publication. BW BusinessWorld is a magazine published every two weeks. Big, in-depth articles and interviews concentrate on the main business trends and topics that control your future, or help you manage the present better. This magazine has them.

9.    Outlook Money Magazine

A wide range of business and financial topics are covered in Outlook Money Magazine. The goal of this business journal is to provide readers with a thorough grasp of financial dynamics. Finance, investing, wise savings, travel, healthcare, and real estate are just a few of the many topics covered in this comprehensive resource. The magazine also provides advice on saving, investing, and growing your money.

10.    Entrepreneur Magazine

It is an Indian version of Entrepreneur, which is based in the US. Young Indian entrepreneurs and professionals with lofty ambitions will find plenty of motivation in this lively business publication. Every small firm in India should have access to Entrepreneur publications. An enterprise's development may be achieved by the use of this magazine's business information, insights, and expertise.

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