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The story of Concured: Creating a Content Marketing Business.

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  • Friday, 02 Dec, 2022
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The story of Concured

In today’s digital era, content is the fuel that leads to success. Businesses worldwide use content creators to market themselves and build a solid marketplace. Benefits such as pinpoint targeting, low operational costs, easy measurement and modification, a high return on investment (ROI), brand extension, a focus on doing business, and segmentation are driving an upward trend in the content production market’s adoption rates.

During the projected period, the market for content production is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.2 percent (2022 - 2032). The market is projected to be worth US$ 13.4 billion by 2022 and is projected to be worth US$ 47.2 billion by 2032.

The leads who show interest in the brand’s offerings due to marketing are considered Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), as they are more likely to convert into paying customers. Typically, a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) is a prospect who has taken positive action toward your company, such as requesting more information, signing up for a programme, adding products to an online shopping cart, downloading content, or returning to your website. This group of potential customers is interested in what you offer and is curious about you, but they have not yet engaged in a formal sales conversation with you. Nonetheless, they are more open to a sales proposal than a standard lead. Considering your purchasing behaviour, you probably won’t give away your genuine email address unless you are interested in initiating a dialogue. 

But how do you know who your MQL is and how to convert them into customers? To cater to your needs for getting a higher conversion rate of MQL to paid customers and also help you with content to grow your business, Business Touch Magazine brings you Concured, one-stop solutions for your content marketing requirements. Continue reading to know more about the initial days of Concured and the story of its founder and CEO, Tom Salvat, a fan of food and racing, a supporter of Manchester United, an avid explorer, and an advocate of “whatever works” lifestyle, driving the vision and plan for the organization. 


Concured was established in 2015 to assist content marketers in identifying and catering to their target demographic’s specific information needs and interests. The company’s programme examines specific demographics’ content to determine which topics and styles are most interesting to them. To achieve their goals, Concured offers companies a wealth of content through a customized content suggestion engine that can increase their MQLs and revenues by a factor of up to twenty. Key highlights of Concured are as follows:

  • Increase content effectiveness

By serving content that is more personalized to potential customers’ needs, Concured is more likely to convert them.

  • 24% Conversion rate

Average conversion rate from Concured’s recommendations (industry average is 0.8%).

  • 3x more page views

The average number of pages viewed with Concured’s recommendations (industry average is 1).

  • Increase content efficiency

By allowing that content to be more easily used and automatically served to customers, Concured helps increase its visibility and longevity.

Concured is the only content personalization solution that can be installed with no configuration required. Its artificial intelligence handles all of the labelling, scoring, recommending, presenting, and optimizing of content on its own. The customer’s participation in any of these processes is not necessary at any stage.

Most companies require a significant amount of customer information, time, resources, integrations, and money, all of which can be sources of stress before going live. Concured is an effective solution for content marketing needs with no adverse side effects.

The Founder: Tom Salvat

In 2015 Tom Salvat started Concured with his past working experience in content roles and an aim to do big in the industry. Tom closely analyzed the key challenges businesses faced with content and wanted to create something to solve those challenges. His will, experience, and hard work got him a strong team which together made Concured the only content personalization solution that can be installed with no configuration required, a big success.  

“2015 was the year that I started the business. At its core, I believed that excessive content was not being utilized and that AI held the keys to resolving this issue. The development of reliable artificial intelligence has finally been accomplished,” said Tom about starting the Concured.

Tom’s primary areas of experience are in marketing and media production, which could best be summarised by the growth of content companies in the United States and the United Kingdom during the past decade, where he has held various positions of responsibility. 

“My experience working with companies such as Vodafone, AXA, and the Press Association provided me with valuable insight into the content challenges that corporations face and how improvements in technology have given answers to these challenges,” added Tom.

As a leader, Tom aims to provide his people with the latitude and independence required to do the best work possible. He is not a controlling boss but a manager who takes a more laid-back approach. He firmly believes that when people are allowed to succeed or fail based only on their own efforts, they come up with the most creative solutions that amaze everyone.

Sailing through the Market Uncertainties

“The business had a significant course correction in 2022. We used to operate more like an agency, exchanging data on the effectiveness of our customers’ content, but this is not a scalable option for our SaaS offering. When COVID was on the scene, it seemed ideal to transition to a pure SaaS firm where personalization was available. The choice to implement these alterations was a very astute one.

Most people underestimate how difficult it is to launch a successful new company from scratch. To emerge as a successful business, we had to endure not one but two economic downturns, a worldwide epidemic, a war in Europe, and a shift in our product focus. The perseverance and self-assurance I’ve developed throughout my life have been the two most essential factors in my success,” said Tom while talking about the challenges Concured faced during its course.

Overcoming the Obstacles

“One of the most challenging obstacles we had to overcome as a company was the realization that we would lose customers when we transitioned from our legacy product to our new SaaS service. Because of the importance of cash flow to a small firm, the loss of paying customers might feel like a direct assault on the business. However, because our IT crew was already operating at maximum capacity, we needed to concentrate our focus. Although it was a challenging decision to make, we concluded that implementing this change would benefit the firm, the team, and the stakeholders.”

Concured’s inclusive culture kept the company together despite all the challenges. Individuals are encouraged to take the initiative within the company’s culture, yet at the same time, they band together to support coworkers when they are in need. Everyone has the same vision of what Concured is trying to do; consequently, the group has been able to get things done and support one another while the pandemic has been going on.

“COVID brought about significant changes to how we conduct business, just as it did for most other organizations. One of the reasons behind this is that most of our clients are marketing departments. As the economy collapsed worldwide, marketing departments were the first to see their budgets cut. Because we were in such a remote location, we were forced to cope with this challenge. In the end, we changed the direction of the product and kept our workforce to a minimum, both of which have benefited us in this very competitive sector,” said the CEO on coping with the Covid-19 pandemic times. 

Key learnings from Concured 

“Concured has a penchant for coming up with fresh ideas, which allows the firm to stay one step ahead of its rivals and maintain its advantage. Because of our cutting-edge “one-click” installation process, our customers are up and running in days rather than months at a significantly reduced cost to themselves. Concured anticipates that progress will be made within the next year to two years. The achievement of PMF, which stands for ‘product market fit,’ made it possible for us to redirect our efforts into growing the company by increasing the capabilities of our team, cultivating new ideas, and bringing in more revenue.”

Tom Salvat, Concured’s CEO, emphasizes that the daily challenges are one of a kind, and they often present an opportunity to draw on one’s creative abilities while searching for solutions. His ability to lead his team through extreme circumstances and believe in his vision is a lesson to the business community that freedom and variety are necessary to create masterpieces. 

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