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Swetang Sinha, Sun Multinational Group CEO: A Transformative Leader.

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  • Thursday, 13 Oct, 2022
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Swetang Sinha

Sun Multinational DMCC

Multinational Business groups represent an alternative to the monolithic single-entity model. It was found that they can manage a portfolio of inventiveness better than multidivisional companies because of how they are structured. Taking part in many different businesses can help a conglomerate company diversify the risks modelled by being in a single market. Doing so may also help the parent company lower total operating costs and require fewer resources. 

Today Business Touch Magazine has one such conglomerate with multiple business interests across the globe, Sun Multinational DMCC. It has its headquarters based in Dubai, UAE. Swetang Sinha, the Group CEO of Sun Multinational, has a very remarkable thought- “Building the brand has been achieved by making a human impact. We are remembered for how we make people feel. This is true of ourselves as it is of our business. I go back to my response about our strategies. The vehicle to grow a brand is making a difference through products and services. For instance, our duty-free shops are not just about reaching the bottom line of products for people in transit. We deliberate effort to provide those products which make a difference in our customer base.”   

We live in an increasingly selfish world. In this complex world, brands search for the politically correct as opposed to that which is right. If we can build a business willing to put the needs of its people and its communities as paramount, we will have set ourselves apart. This goes very true when we talk about Sun Multinational.

About Sun Multinational DMCC

The group presently operates in 12 countries across four continents with a mission. "To harness the strength of each brand and allied industry within the markets, we operate with passionate talents and resources to drive superior shareholder returns over the long term."

Established in 2010, Sun Multinational DMCC is a Private Limited Company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirati-based enterprises own the organisation. Sun’s Multinational business footprint spans the globe, with around 5,380 employees working with them in more than 12 countries. The countries include South Africa, India, the United States of America, UAE, Great Britain, Zambia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Hongkong, Mozambique, and Malaysia.

Sun Multinational Businesses

1. Hotels And Hospitality

Sun Africa Hotels dates back to 1927, being one of the first establishments in Africa. Sun Africa Hotels offers a flawless combination of bush and Scenic Safari Holidays with wide-ranging choice, and the presence of hotels make it simple for savvy travellers to choose. The main objective is to offer the highest standards of hospitality and service at all hotels and lodges.

2. Duty-Free Outlets

Duty-free shopping is big business for airports and retailers, but many travellers might wonder if the trick is past its prime in the era of easy-compare internet shopping. Sun runs a network of duty-free shops under various brands across Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Their position in international airports and duty-free shops offer travellers significant savings on many items and, in many cases, provides other things that aren’t obtainable anywhere else.

3. Automotive Sales and Services

From its humble beginnings in 1947, SUN EAST AFRICA AUTOMOTIVES LIMITED has grown into its present distinguished position as a significant force in the local motor vehicle industry. The Group holds the franchise for the biggest name in the automotive sector, KIA Motors. The headquarters are situated in Marshall House along Koinange Street, Nairobi, Kenya. The Group has several countrywide sales and service outlets in Kenya in the Nairobi Industrial Area, Mombasa, Nakuru and Eldoret. 

4. Mining Industry

The company has successfully transitioned from explorer to gold producer. They hold a portfolio of projects, ranging from early exploration to production, located in the heart of several of the world’s most sought-after mining districts. The Purpose, Strategy, and Values with which they aim to build a business are critical to the organisation’s success and the well-being of our employees, their families, and our local communities.

5. Real Estate Management

The corporate investment business has over 20 years of investing in the midmarket housing, retail & commercial markets across the MENA & subcontinent region. The existing portfolio includes more than 150 investments across various sectors, including retail and consumer products, technology, business services, and industrials.

6. Jewellery & Precious Stones Trading

Operating in Dubai, UAE, under the brand name of Memories Golden Jewellery, the retail outlet is based in the heart of the city, Bur Dubai, and their expert associates ensure the clients make an educated and informed decision before completing the Jewellery purchase. At Ruhmeer Diamonds DMCC in Dubai, the company offers a wide range of diamonds and precious stones across all qualities, grades, carats, and sizes. They also cater to wholesalers offering a range of rough stones. 

7. Balloon Adventures

Perhaps, the number one reason why hot air balloon rides are such a thrilling experience is that they have an element of impulsiveness. When you step into that basket, although you know you will be perfectly safe with your experienced pilot, you still do not know where the wind will take you. Balloon Adventures offers balloon flights in Masai Mara National Reserve. The Mara is the northmost part of the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, home to great Migration and scores of wildlife. 

8. Quick Service Restaurants

Hardee’s Kenya is a franchisee of Hardee’s Food Systems Inc., an American-based fast-food restaurant chain operated by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc., with locations primarily in the Southern and Midwestern United States. Hardee’s Kenya operates out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport & at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.

9. Bullion Trading

Under the brand Golden Luxury Jewellery & Fiza Gold & Diamond Jewellery, the company deals in Bullion trading in UAE. They stand committed to expansion plans, market leadership positions, and business excellence goals. They aim to achieve significant business strides by continuously unparalleled customer service and the highest quality standards throughout all aspects of their operations.

10. Travel And Tourism

Sun Star Travel and Tourism LLC, Dubai, UAE, specialises in corporate and leisure travel, unique tours, and event management. The group is known for its distinct event management and service. The thing that makes them apart from other competitors is their attention and commitment. 

11. Petroleum Products

Sun Multinational Petroleum division trades in physical oil products and provides other services such as shipping, blending, terminal operations, storage, and hedging. We work closely with refineries, producers, and trading houses. Our business has a regional focus in the UK, Mediterranean, and Baltic regions.

12. Alubond

Alubond U.S.A is the world’s largest brand of Aluminium Composite Panels & with Kenya booming in the construction industry, Sun Multinational currently sells the full range of Alubond branded Exterior Façade within the industry.

About Swetang Sinha, Group CEO of Sun Multinational 

Before joining Sun Multinational Corporation, Swetang Sinha worked in diverse roles that collectively prepared him for the task ahead. Immediately before joining Sun Multinational Corporation, he was the business development executive at Pearson Education. Pearson is an international media company with interests in education and reputable imprints that feature Longman, and Merril Education, among others. He also had the privilege of serving as Global Brand Manager for a United States Multinational, Beckett Media. 

A firm believer that different phases in life culminate in the whole being of a person, I am more than confident that my early roles significantly prepared me for my current position as a Group CEO for the esteemed Sun Multinational Corporation - Swetang Sinha.

He is a beneficiary of the generosity and kindness of the group Chairman, KP Damji, and the Group Managing director Mr Rahul Sood. These impeccable businessmen discovered and mentored him from the early stages of his career, first as the Global brand and marketing manager in 2012, then as the General Manager in 2018, ultimately leading up to his current position.

Swetang Sinha’s father, Dr Sujit Sinha, is his principal source of human wisdom. He imparted many gems of wisdom to him, yet one piece of advice that stands out was the source of wealth and every desire ever pursued. Swetang’s father has always believed that wealth lies in people. Though seemingly simplistic, this precious counsel resonates in almost every facet of life. Everyone in business is actually in the business of people. We sell to people, convince people to patronise services and claim our payments from people. Using this gem, Swetang has remembered never to neglect people.

A Different Approach Picked by Swetang Sinha.

A statement that has almost become a cliche is that opportunities are hidden in problems. Yet, the information is undoubtedly a truism. The mineral sectors of so many emerging economies lose significant value through a lack of beneficiation, and value addition is a problem identified as an opportunity. This is why a substantial aspect of Swetang Sinha’s business philosophy lies in creating value for local communities and host nations of businesses. This value creation is the opposite of the norm, which often includes plundering host states by multinational corporations. 

"Our approach is different. Our approach draws from the philosophy propounded by Sir Richard Branson in his seminal book, “Screw Business as usual.” There is immense opportunity to do business differently to empower communities"– Swetang Sinha.

In some cases, businesses are domiciled in nations perceived to house so much economic turmoil. The starting point for Sun Multinational was inevitable to instil confidence in stakeholders that cannot succumb to environments. Secondly, the idea was to be deliberate about value addition. According to Swetang, innovation is what separates good businesses from great businesses. It is the catalyst of disruption and lies at the center of what he believes in. Sun Multinational ensures they stay on top of industry developments by striking a synergy between various business units. Sun Multinational has efficient executors, as an idea is worthless if not executed. Therefore, Sun Multinational excels at unprecedented, unrelenting execution.

Most Outstanding Achievement of Swetang Sinha

“I view the concept of achievement as being separate from the concept of matter. Unlike matter, the achievement is best measured by impact. In this vein, my best achievement so far has been to lead and raise a healthy family despite a seemingly impossible schedule wherein you have to cater to so many different time zones. Family is what remains when we no longer have the strength to rummage around the world. Secondly, and more aligned with my role as Group Chief Executive Officer, my greatest achievement has been to foster a culture of loyalty, freedom, and selflessness in our places of work.”

Leadership Style and Company Culture

Swetang Sinha finds himself as a “transformative leader.” He believes in setting an example and improving the people working with him. He has learned the value of this leadership style first-hand from the eminent Professor Dr Kumra at IIM Lucknow. Swetang was impressed with this selfless leadership style and demonstrated how it unlocks the best in people. 

Culture is an essential aspect of any organisation. Swetang believes people spend most of their adult lives at work. It would be a tragedy if all of this time were spent in a depressing and stressful atmosphere. The workplace must therefore be conducive to shared work, free from abuse, and foster an atmosphere that engenders productivity. This is the role of culture. Swetang strives to foster a culture of freedom and open communication through transformative leadership.

Social Services Served by Sun Multinational

Sun Multinational has ensured that the living standards of the local communities are improved through apprenticeship programs. The graduates from our apprentice programs are usually given priority for employment opportunities. The company also runs a scholarship and bursary program which caters for the education of indigent and underprivileged children from primary to tertiary education. On graduation, the students are assimilated into the apprentice program as well. 

The company also endeavours always to provide local communities with employment in its operations. Visits to Masai cultural villages are offered to tourists by Masai driver guides from the communities and towns around in partnership with SAH. SAH has also successfully embraced a tree-planting program to replace the few lost trees around the lodge. These trees act as windbreakers and as a habitat for various bird species. To sum up, the ecosystem around has been protected.

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