The Story of Juno Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Making It Big.

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Juno Consultants

"Successful companies develop routines for tasks that others either don't like to do or can't find the time for."

Talking about a successful Consulting & Advisory business, Juno Consultants Private Limited,which started in 1996, is a big name. Registered with the Registrar of Companies in Delhi as a private limited company, Juno Consultants is involved in various domains of law, accounting and bookkeeping, as well as tax consulting, market research, public opinion polls, and business and management advisory services.

Nitin Mittal, the CEO of Juno Consultants Private Limited, is a qualified expert with a kind spirit who wants to make a difference in the world. Nitin Mittal holds degrees in FCA, MBA, LLB, and B Com (H) and is also a mentor to the Shanti Devi Mittal Foundation, a charity that focuses on education and training.

Professionally active for over two decades, Nitin Mittal is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. A tech-savvy chartered accountant who has worked in various fields, including accounting, budgeting, management information systems, secretarial work, payroll and customs, and taxation.

Client services he provides include business and strategy planning, M&A, due diligence, internal controls, and enhancing operational efficiency. He has handled various tax-related tasks, including representation before tax authorities at different levels, coordinating the delivery of worldwide tax services, and overseeing corporate-wide reorganizations, including tax implications. He is now in charge of the company's Income Tax, Management Consulting, and Startup departments.

The Journey of Juno Consultants Private Limited

After launching in 1996, Juno consultants never looked back. The organization has become well-known for its comprehensive offering of services. It is a global household name with headquarters in New Delhi and a clientele that includes multinational conglomerates. 

"Juno Consultants is well-known for several things, one of which is an in-depth familiarity with customer requirements. As a result of the breadth and depth of the services we provide, we have carved out a special place in the market." Adds Nitin.

This unique value propositionmakes Juno Consultants Private Limited experts in every facet of the consultant industry, from hiring and company growth to investment advice.

Juno Consultants Private Limited consistently aims to provide excellent human resource and advising services. The firm is exceptionally committed to meeting the unique requirements of each of its customers, regardless of the magnitude or complexity of the projects undertaken. Furthermore, "Our services are geared at the needs of the industry's many intermediaries, including manufacturers, distributors, merchants, and retailers. Our nearly 40 years combined experience in these fields gives us unparalleled expertise." Adds Nitin.

Juno Consultants Private Limited specializesin three areas:

•    Accounts

"Books and records must be kept, but that's just half the picture. We take a methodical approach to accounting, which means we can handle anything from invoice and bank reconciliation to tax preparation and annual reports. You just need to examine and approve our integration with your chosen systems, which we will do easily."

•    Finance

"Complete financial support for your business is what you need. It's a way to share information about a company's finances with relevant parties so that they may make educated decisions."

•    Human Resources

"You should demand more from your human resources and payroll providers.

Not only will we ensure that your company remains in compliance with ever-evolving labour rules, but we will also supply you with the most appropriate resource to meet your company's demands, from paying workers to filing payroll taxes automatically." Adds Nitin while explaining the complete solutions and advisory the firm providesin all the domains.

Story Behind Starting a Consultancy Firm

"Our business ancestry and close ties to the financial world inspired us to start this firm." Says Nitin when asked about the inspiration for the Juno Consultants. Even though the company makes every effort to adapt to shifting conditions and stay in accordance with new regulations, this remains the single biggest challenge to overcome. Further, Nitin adds, "Because of the progress we observe in our team and our clientele, we take pride in every aspect of our job."

Juno Consultants Private Limited's talented team, the most advanced tools, and the most pleasant office space make the company unique and provide an enriching work environment.The company culture supports openness, where everyone is inspired to advance and learn.

Business Objectives 

Juno Consultants Private Limited's goal is to improve organizational performance by providing superior financial management, assurance, and other specialized knowledge to increase the quality of decision-making. 

According to Nitin, "The group prioritizes honesty, fairness, and objectivity above all else, and we strive for both professional excellence and the common good in everything we do."

The company's mission is to be the go-to expert in financial management, assurance, and other niche services, with a strong vision: "WORK TO INSPIRE OURSELVES & OTHERS."

Customers and Success

Talking about why customers trust the firm, Nitin says, "Our customers rely on us because we are the go-to provider for their financial, accounting, and HR needs. We also give unrivalled service and competitive pricing. In all we do, we instil trust and enable transformation. Each day, we push ourselves to improve in order to provide the finest service possible to our customers, the general public, and one another."

In order to measure its performance, Juno Consultants Private Limited ensures that both the staff and the clients are satisfied.Because of the firm's dedication and precision,current customers often recommend the firmto their friends, co-workers, and family members.

"In order to take advantage of the time and money savings offered by expanding into other markets, we want to expand internationally." Adds Nitin while pointing towards the future plans of the firm.

Tough Times Made Us Stronger

"Even though everyone was locked up during the covid era, labour had to continue in order to save lives. We spent a lot on technology so that everyone could work remotely and have access to the data and resources they needed to get their jobs done."As a CEO, Nitin played a crucial role in sustaining the business through the high tides of the pandemic. 

"Sailing the firm through the covid era, our NGO ( was also quite helpful."Adds Nitin.

Students in the NGO's sewing classes made 100,000+ fabric masks. There were clinics set up where people could be vaccinated, supplied oxygen concentrators, and distributed food.

CEO Nitin states, "It is important to us to give back to the community. Everyone must help the disadvantaged become self-sufficient by providing them with training and education."

Nitin's firm teaches various subjects, including sewing, makeup, mehendi, accounting, computer, self-defense, and academic support for the country's better future.

Advice FromThe Wise

While advising the younger generation of business entrepreneurs, Nitin says, "With the wisdom, experience, and esteem earned through the years, we can always start afresh, and as a company, we would like to state thatone must Try to fail but don't fail to try."

Everyone's life is full of ups and downs. However. The CEO's secret mantra that one can follow isIf you have faith in yourself, you can do anything. 

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