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SEEBURGER With Extensive Experience Presents Exceptional Industry-Specific Transformation Solutions.

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  • Thursday, 01 Sep, 2022
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SEEBURGER Specific Transformation Solutions

The information revolution is witnessed across economies. No entity can insulate itself from its impact. Dramatic reductions in the cost of obtaining, processing, and transmitting information are changing business engagement approaches. Business leaders are aware that the revolution is underway. Very few dispute its importance. As the increasing quantum of their time and investment is absorbed in information technology and its impact, executives have a growing awareness that technology can no longer be the exclusive domain of Electronic Data Processing (EDP)/Information Services (IS) departments. Business leaders see their competitor’s data & information for business & competitive advantage and recognize the need to engage directly in the management of new technology.

The information revolution is impacting competition in manifold ways. The salient being:

•    Changing industry structure and altering the rules of competition.

•    Creating competitive advantage by giving organizations new approaches to outperform rivals. 

•    Spawning whole new businesses often within a company’s existing operations.

97% of leaders in the industry say digital transformation will impact the future of industries. And it has already begun. Industries are undergoing digital transformation—the use of technology to improve business results—driven by smart technology and connected devices. Digital development has the potential to disrupt every part of the enterprise with opportunity to enhance efficiency, productivity, and accuracy.

Introducing SEEBURGER Singapore Pte Ltd

In this issue of the Business Touch Magazine, we will focus on SEEBURGER, a transformation technology leader enabling organizations to connect, integrate and accelerate which is commonly recognized as a business imperative. The digital economy requires enterprises to be innovative triggering the need to modernize and embrace an agile and secure business infrastructure. Organizations, across industry verticals, need a collaborative service offering while ensuring transparency to internal operations, clients and partners, regulators and other stakeholders. Agile risk management and reliable /scalable core business integration infrastructure built today for tomorrow is a necessity.

SEEBURGER simplifies complex connections between clouds, applications and people to ensure focus on what matters while enabling sharing of business-critical data. enabling the ability to make split-second decisions while operating at scale. SEEBURGER Integration accelerates business at the speed of now. Over 10,000 customers worldwide across industry verticals, which includes Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Utilities, Telecommunications, Fashion, and Retail to name a few, continue to enjoy the benefits of implementing SEEBURGER’s Business Integration Suite in their landscape.

About Gurudutt, Managing Director, SEEBURGER Singapore Pte Ltd

Gurudutt, Master in Management Studies from BITS, Pilani- India, has extensive experience in the ICT industry in Asia Pacific. His travels and residence in numerous countries, in Asia Pacific, continue to provide valued opportunities to learn and discover more about the world. His passion for building and transforming businesses enabled his leadership role at SEEBURGER Singapore Pte Ltd- a fully owned subsidiary of SEEBURGER AG with headquarters in Germany.

Gurudutt observed that design thinking is increasingly employed by organizations across industries and is influencing business strategy & transformation. The unique advantage of the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) is its ability to provide a single integration platform for transformation that enables organizations to address consolidation and modernization needs while simultaneously eliminating legacy technology-related challenges.

SEEBURGER BIS is based on internally developed technologies enabling a homogeneous integration stack capable of delivering better performance and simplifying management and maintenance as observed by a leading industry analyst. Organizations recognize the urgency to include a single integration platform that best addresses the need for reliability, scalability, availability, and security -foundational to business transformation.

Gurudutt identified building SEEBURGER Singapore Pte Ltd as one of the major achievements of the team he leads. The Singapore entity of SEEBURGER AG was bestowed with the “Catalyst Award” by the “Global CIO Forum with Rosettanet Singapore” at the first edition of the “Future IT Summit” in 2021. The Catalyst Award is presented to select organizations honouring them for showcasing cutting–edge initiatives, platforms and market penetration and truly acting as “CATALYSTS’ in the ever-changing market landscape.

Building a brand involves effort in multiple ways. Demand generation activities and customer success stories support brand-building activity. He says - Customers share their experience. Customer satisfaction has a key role in influencing branding. Ensuring satisfied customers and customers perceiving and experiencing fair conduct has a major positive impact on branding. Customers include both internal and external customers.

SEEBURGER Singapore has a go-to-market approach centred on customer satisfaction. Their executives work closely with customers and partners in jointly formulating approaches that transparently provide value respecting fair conduct principles. SEEBURGER executives are in regular contact with customers and partners through remote and in-person meetings.

When questioned about the leadership style, Gurudutt gave a very honest answer: As an empiricist, I respect and value experience. I believe that one individualcannot be a master in any subject/domain. I believe in lifelong learning, fair conduct & recognize that imperfection is the essence of life. Trust and relationship are very important elements in my value system. Teamwork is a prescription for success. Success is always an outcome of team effort and cannot be attributed to a single individual. I guess this provides a perspective of my leadership style.

About SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) that supports all digitalization requirements

The digitalization and rearrangement of IT to support business processes is essential to turn information into valuable insights for innovative advantage. But how do you get from a digitalization strategy goal to business-driven innovation? The first step is integrating all areas of your network that use data, perform services and carry out transactions with digital business processes. In the cloud, on-premises, or as a hybrid solution, the SEEBURGER Business Integration Suite (BIS) solutions empower businesses to connect data, applications, clouds, and partners with one central integration platform.

SEEBURGER’s BIS platform enables organizations to digitalize business processes with one integration platform with six modular solutions:

•    BIS API Solution – Connect applications and cloud services in real-time

•    BIS B2B/EDI Solution– Ensure the exchange of business documents by industry standards

•    BIS IIoT Solution - Embed Industry 4.0 machines, sensors and smart services into business processes

•    BIS MFT Solution – Secure the transmission of sensitive data between systems and people

•    BIS ERP Integration –Connect any ERP system, including SAP S/4HANA, with an adapter

•    BIS E-Invoicing Solution – Digitalize inbound and outbound invoices

SEEBURGER BIS in the Cloud is an ideal operating model for every requirement.

The operation of an integration platform can be demanding and time-consuming, especially if the requirements for security, availability and flexibility are high. It is important to carefully weigh different requirements of the line of business on one hand and the IT departments centrally responsible for all integration and security issues on the other to find the most suitable operating model for the specific use case.

An integration platform must be available 24/7. The operation of such a platform requires a team of specialists who can solve all kinds of process-related challenges. There are several advantages of the SEEBURGER Cloud option. The salient advantages are included hereafter.

•    Cost Effective
Instead of investments, only operating costs are incurred. SEEBURGER provides qualified personnel for the 24/7 operation of the integration platform.

•    Security against increasing cybercrime 
SEEBURGER offers a highly secure operation according to strict guidelines and audits.

•    Flexibility as desired
Companies with an efficient IT department retain as much flexibility, responsiveness, and independence as they want thanks to freely configurable partnerships and operating models.

With SEEBURGER BIS you have deployment options like On-Premises, Public Cloud, iPaaS, and Full Service. It is available in several different operating models.

What makes SEEBURGER Unique

SEEBURGER is unique in terms of being the only provider of a single integration platform for transformation. A single integration platform that lowers the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), reduces implementation time and increases operational efficiencies. This native integration platform (developed in-house by SEEBURGER without any third-party patchwork solutions) simplifies platform management/maintenance while delivering better performance. With a holistic approach including business consulting and technical implementation, SEEBURGER customers can rapidly digitalize their business processes and fully integrate business partners of any size leveraging key attributes as under:

1.    Reliability - 10,000 customers from all industries rely on SEEBURGER solutions.

2.    The driver of the digital shift within business processes.

3.    Comprehensive Product, project, people – everything from a unified platform.

4.    The worldwide presence of 12 subsidiaries and multiple partners in over 50 countries. North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and Asia-Pacific to name a few. 

5.    30 years of experience – profitable and independent ever since its inception in the year 1986. 

6.    Focus on industry-specific digitalization solutions. 

7.    Analyst Evaluations - SEEBURGER solutions are continually assessed by leading IT analysts such as Gartner and Forrester to name a few. Concerning its technology, SEEBURGER receives high ratings and is classified as a visionary in the industry.

8.    SEEBURGER provides maximum benefits to their customers. 

9.    By eliminating manual processes and increasing their data accuracy SEEBURGER customers have fast-tracked business processes significantly enjoying complete transparency and traceability while recording savings of up to 60%. 

10.    Everything from a unified platform – no third-party patchwork solutions. 

11.    With over 1000 dedicated employees worldwide, SEEBURGER is a market leader in Business Integration. 

12.    Certifications (partial list)

•   September 2020: SEEBURGER expand sits leading position with TISAX certification, SEEBURGER Cloud Services have been TISAX® certified with assessment level 2 and overall maturity level of 2.9 for the Bretten location.

•    August 2020:SEEBURGER is ISO27001 re-certified SEEBURGER provides proof that its information security management system fully meets the requirements of ISO/IEC27001with a certification validity of 3 years.
July 2020: ISAE3402–Renewed certification confirms the sustainability of SEEBURGER as a cloud provider of the ‘International Standard on Assurance Engagements (ISAE) 3402SOC1.

•    2018:SEEBURGER 2018 once again awarded the ‘Software Hosted in Germany’ seal of approval


SEEBURGER Academy enables building knowledge required for utilizing SEEBURGER’s BIS in the areas of API/EAI, B2B/EDI, MFT, IoT & Industry 4.0, E-Invoicing, ERP & SAP S/4HANA integration. SEEBURGER utilizes the same training structure for Academy training, be that at your location, at one of their worldwide training centres or for online delivery. This applies to all basic or advanced training courses, workshops with individual content or strategic topics relating to hybrid integration. In the academy, one can also find e-learning content on the SEEBURGER integration topics for self-paced knowledge building.

Benefits of SEEBURGER Academy

1. Independent by own knowledge 

You’re able to solve day-to-day topics and deliver all sorts of changes on your own. Operate yourself on-premises or in a public cloud or with the SEEBURGER iPaaS model, depending on what meets your requirements best.

2. Use acquired knowledge for a hybrid integration platform with the in-depth knowledge of BIS 6, you can design and implement the next steps of your digital transformation. You can leverage synergies between API, B2B/ EDI, MFT, E-Invoicing, and IoT/Industry 4.0.

3. Faster implementation

You can implement digital transformation yourself quickly and easily.

4. Lower expenses and reduce cost

You can build up your expert knowledge for huge projects and new topics in one sweep. You get the best mix working with SEEBURGER and external partners. You don´t need to build up your knowledge rather slowly during a first project, through single incidents and change requests.

Company Culture at SEEBURGER
Culture is a key aspect of any company. SEEBURGER leadership invests attention and involvement in the same. SEEBURGER has a system that enables its associates to imbibe company culture. In the 21st century, establishments face increasingly complex and rapidly changing environments in the face of which competitiveness must be enable. To survive in the age of rapid change, a high degree of agility is essential. It is, therefore, all the more important that the foundation of corporate culture is firmly anchored in the purpose and values of that company.

For global business activity, corporate culture is a stable basis for SEEBURGER cooperation. What unites employees at SEEBURGER is the enthusiasm with which they give their best every day to accelerate their customers’ digital business. Innovation, Appreciation, Trust, Sustainability, and Teamwork are the values lived by – every day.

•    Innovation
SEEBURGER is open to new ideas, creates room for change, and strives for continuous improvement. Employees work together to create a space that supports innovation, accepts mistakes and setbacks learns from them and carries carry on with good ideas, even if things get complicated at times.

•    Appreciation
Employees meet other people with respect, openness, attention, and friendliness. They give each other recognition, communicate and celebrate success and good results and provide honest, constructive feedback.

•    Trust
Employees count on the reliability, competency, and good intentions of all. They make room for people to work independently, empower employees by delegating tasks, responsibilities, and decisions, and take ownership of actions and decisions.

•    Sustainability
SEEBURGER aligns personal and ecological needs with actions for its long-term success. By thinking, acting and collaborating in the interest of the company and the environment, maintaining relationships and aiming for durable engagements with clients, and encouraging & supporting passion and joy for work.

•    Teamwork
SEEBURGER pulls together and collaborates to achieve greatness. Teams support each other to thrive and learn, including people independent of their culture & personal backgrounds and collaborate to master tasks.

SEEBURGER Singapore Pte Ltd- Moving Forward
The world is witnessing an unprecedented global situation on various fronts including a plethora of challenges. SEEBURGER’s entity in Singapore will be selective in addressing business opportunities from industry vertical and/or geographic market perspectives. The ability to provide genuine value to customers and partners, assess risk and other factors and be guided by customer/partner satisfaction continues to be core to SEEBURGER Singapore’s business strategy.

SEEBURGER recognizes that digital embracement will continue to be a business necessity and that organizations will themselves try to accelerate the digital shift. SEEBURGER is well equipped with field-proven, industrial strength solutions backed by extensive experience to address such requirements and demands. SEEBURGER will continue to address domain and country-specific markets in line with its world-class business strategy.

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