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Rose (Melinda Rose) Day 2022 History and Significance.

  • Thursday, 22 Sep, 2022
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Rose (Melinda Rose) day 2022 History and Significance

In honour of cancer sufferers everywhere, on September 22 we celebrate World Rose Day. The day aims to make the life of cancer sufferers a little brighter and more hopeful, and to serve as a reminder that they can win their fight against the disease if they keep a positive attitude and fight hard enough.

In addition to being fatal, cancer has far-reaching effects on the patient's quality of life. The procedure is unpleasant for the patients and taxing on the caregivers.

In honour of those who have lost their lives to this illness and their loved ones, World Rose Day is commemorated annually to spread joy and hope. Our goal on this day is to let the patients know that they have support and that they are not fighting this battle alone.

Why is World Rose Day celebrated?

In honour of Canadian Melinda Rose, the 22nd of September is recognized as World Rose Day. She was 12 years old when she was diagnosed with Askin's tumour, a rare kind of blood cancer. Her physicians said she wouldn't survive the treatment for more than a week. But because of her strength and determination, she managed to survive for over six months. Melinda Rose never gave up hope that she would be cured of cancer. Melinda visited cancer patients at this period, and she sent them encouraging messages, poems, and emails.

Roses are offered to cancer patients

In light of the fact that almost all cancer treatments include a considerable degree of physical agony, it is essential to keep cancer patients cheerful, and thus a day has been set aside to foster optimism and excitement among them. The primary motivation for this holiday is to bring joy to the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones while also raising public awareness about the disease. On World Rose Day, a rose is given to a cancer patient to give them hope while they fight an illness as devastating as cancer.
The message of roses is that life is not over. The purpose of celebrating World Rose Day is to give cancer sufferers hope and strength.

Importance of World’s Rose Day

Those with a terminal illness and their loved ones celebrate World Rose Day as a day of inspiration.

By presenting them with a rose, we want to express our admiration and encouragement for them on their road. People also like to pass along cards, notes, and little presents. It is a day dedicated to raising public awareness about the need of early cancer detection and prevention.

World Rose Day – History 

The Canadian 12-year-old Melinda Rose, who was diagnosed with the very uncommon Askin's Tumour, is being honoured with a day of remembrance. Rose's prognosis from physicians was barely weeks, yet she kept fighting and made it to six months. By penning poetry, letters, and emails, the young woman encouraged cancer sufferers to keep fighting. On this day, people show their support for cancer sufferers by presenting them with roses. Due to the fact that Melinda's selflessness and strength in the face of adversity have served as an example to many, it was decided to commemorate the occasion.

World Rose Day – Significance

Fighting cancer is frustrating and may be taxing on the emotional and physical well-being of patients and their loved ones; as a result, we have a social responsibility to brighten their days with love and acceptance.

Those who celebrate World Rose Day do more than just give roses to cancer patients; they also raise public awareness about the disease, its causes, and the benefits of early diagnosis.

World Rose Day – Theme 

The topic for World Rose Day 2022 has not yet been chosen. The theme for the 2020 celebration was "Framing Cancer in New Ways."

How World Rose Day is Celebrated? 

Melinda Rose's only motivation was to keep the hospitalized cancer warriors around her cheerful, upbeat, and positive via her poems, letters, and emails. After her passing, a day honouring roses and the courageous journey they adorn was designated as "World Rose Day" in her honour.

People donate roses to cancer patients and their loved ones in Melinda's honour as a symbol of their support and an assurance that they are not alone in their fight against the disease. Those who have lost their lives to this cruel illness are remembered on this day as well, as is the struggle they endured before their deaths. Healthcare providers and cancer survivors organize special awareness programs to raise public knowledge of the disease while individuals give one other gifts and cards in honour of the day.

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