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Rishabh Pant injured in road accident near Haridwar.

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  • Saturday, 31 Dec, 2022
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Rishabh Pant injured in road accident

Rishabh Pant injured in road accident near Haridwar, cops say ‘lucky to survive’.

Rishabh Pant was involved in a tragic vehicle accident on his way back to Roorkee from Delhi. The tragedy occurred in the Narsan, Haridwar district, which is around 90 kilometres from Dehradun.

It is believed that the best wicketkeeper batsman for the Indian cricket team was the only one in the Mercedes GLE when it collided with the divider rails at 5.30 in the morning on the road between Delhi and Haridwar. Before it burst into flames, the car completed a series of challenging manoeuvres.

After hearing the huge noise it created, people in the area and authorities from the local law enforcement agency raced to the scene of the collision.

They assisted in pulling the driver from the wreckage of the vehicle. The superintendent of police in rural Haridwar, Swapn Kishor Singh, said, "We transferred him to a neighbouring hospital, and from there he was moved to a major hospital in Dehradun." Swapn Kishor Singh works in Haridwar.

According to the senior officer of the police department, Pant sustained injuries to his forehead, right wrist, and right knee. However, he is conscious and able to talk about what happened. His automobile was completely destroyed by the flames that had broken out. This tragic occurrence, from which he fortunately managed to escape, was without a doubt the cause of his untimely death.

Since there was no fog on the road to hinder Pant's eyesight, another law enforcement officer who saw the crash and supplied information to TOI on the condition of anonymity hypothesised that Pant may have dozed off while driving. In addition to the bruises on his back, he also has a cut on the left side of his eyebrow and damage to the ligaments in his right knee.

The car that caught fire has been removed for further inspection. It is uncertain if the airbags deployed as a result of the collision since nothing was left behind after it occurred. The officer replied that an investigation was now being conducted. According to the administration of the Max hospital in Dehradun, which is where he is now receiving treatment, the medical staff is "waiting an assessment for any likely internal injuries."

When the assessment is over, we will be able to offer specifics on the kind and degree of the injuries, as well as the type of treatment that is required.

On the other hand, his condition remains unchanging. After the conclusion of the inquiry, the chief of medical operations at Max Hospital in Dehradun, Doctor Ashish Yagnik, will issue a complete medical bulletin to the hospital's patients.

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