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Bal Method

Dr HyndBouhia

Having a mentor is an excellent way for someone with much expertise in a specific field to provide advice and connections to others just starting. A mentor can do the executive duties in the business world and grasp the project's progress and growth.

Entrepreneurs' chances of success go up when they listen to their mentor because they learn about pitfalls to avoid that might impede their company's growth.

One such versatile mentor and CEO, Dr HyndBouhia, will be profiled in Business Touch Magazine's prodigy section today.She founded the company "BAL Method", which provides Mentor-Consultant for Women Empowerment and Leadership.

Dr HyndBouhia, Founder & CEO, BAL Method

Dr HyndBouhia worked as an environmental economist and a Treasury finance officer at the World Bank in Washington. In 2004, after eight years with the Bank, she returned to Morocco to work as an Economic Adviser in the Prime Minister's Office. 

"Casablanca's FTSE index was launched in 2008, and as managing director, I was tasked with overseeing the exchange's expansion into foreign markets. I was promoted to the position of Director of Strategy for the Investment Arm of Morocco's Sovereign Fund due to my background."

In 2014,Dr Bouhia decided to start her own business and concentrate on sustainable development and impact investing. She created the BAL Method—Believe, Act, and Lead—to assist women in gaining the confidence and financial security they need to become outstanding leaders. A billion girls and women throughout the globe will benefit from her efforts to become confident, resilient, and tech-savvy.

"For more than two decades in high-level and leadership roles, I have accumulated extensive knowledge in investment and strategic project management as well as sustainable development."

Dr HyndBouhia was included in the Forbes list of the world's 100 most powerful women in 2008 and the list of the most influential Arab women in business. She has also been granted an M.A. in International Relations and a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies after graduating from Ecole Centrale Paris with an engineering certificate (2000).  

The BAL Method

"Creating money and making a difference in the world are two of the many things I teach my clients to help them become great leaders."

Dr Bouhia'sgoal while creating The BAL Method was to help women become self-aware, confident, and influential leaders.

"As a finance and strategy professional, I have experienced the agony and hurdles of navigating male-dominated workplaces and leading the way for young women throughout the last 20 years of experience. I have always had a strong belief in helping others and positively impacting their lives."

Two publications, "Africa Girl, Africa Women" and "Filles et Femmes de l'AfriqueModerne," were written after a comprehensive investigation into how empowered, tech-savvy, and agile women can reshape the continent for the better.

Dr Bouhia believes that one can achieve their ambitions if they have the correct attitude, education, and the appropriate ideals.

Because of this, she has devised a unique approach to empowering professional women to become great authorities and launch their careers, allowing them to amass more riches, attract more opportunities, and have a more significant influence.

The three steps of the BAL Method created by her are as follows:

1.    In the initial step, one must believe in themselves and their potential. Everything begins with an understanding of who one is. Then and only then will one be able to see and articulate their long-term career and personal goals clearly. Then will one know precisely where they are supposed to be. This is a must step if one wants to succeed in life and accomplish amazing things.

2.    Actions and a defined strategic strategy are the focus of the second phase. Being an empowered leader requires a lot of discipline and consistency. One will have access to financial knowledge and develop a solid basis for success if they learn business skills, decision-making processes, and branding.

3.    Mastering the art of leading using one's abilities and gifts is the third step of this process. It focuses on developing leadership abilities in this phase. It also incorporates the idea of leaving a lasting impression on the world and creating a legacy.

Over 100 women have mastered this strategy and achieved remarkable success and transformation in their personal and professional life.

"Because these women have seized power back, they can take charge of their own destinies and choose what happens to them."

What makes the BAL Method a unique company?

"BAL Method is a multi-cultural, digital, and worldwide corporation dedicated to enabling women to achieve their full potential as leaders by generating money and positively influencing the world around them. The BAL Method has three steps: Belief, Action, and Leadership (BAL). Reverse engineering is what it takes to be an inspiring leader by being more confident in your judgments, more in touch with your mission, and building a life of financial independence is what this book does."

The three stages of the BAL Method convey that in order to succeed in any endeavour, you must first have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Then take action on that vision using the right strategic tools and financial acumen. Finally, take charge and shine as an expert in your industry, leaving a lasting impression and legacy in your wake of success.

"To better support and teach my proven technique, I have condensed my Harvard PhD, engineering diploma, many years of expertise in finance and strategy, and multiple international medals and recognitions. Our classes are in English and French, so that you may embrace your success and build a life of plenty, pleasure, and tranquillity for yourself."

One may use this strategy to develop a compelling offer based on the value of one's product or service. It is not enough to know the definition of service; one will also become a magnet for incredible victories in life if one knows what it means.

Dr Hynd's motivation 

Dr Hyndbelieves that a billion girls and women throughout the globe need to be empowered to develop strong, resilient, and tech-savvy so that they may become financially independent and self-reliant. Any girl and woman may utilise her desire to assertively "Believe in It. Take action and take the lead."

"In this manner, people may take control of their own fate and that of their community and the world. Using my skills and professional experience, I would want to assist young girls and women realise their hopes and objectives."

"It has been my primary emphasis and passion since graduating from Harvard with a PhD in Sustainable Development. Gender equality, in my opinion, cuts across all of the Sustainable Development Goals. Gender equality is founded on the empowerment of women. My passion has always been to work toward bettering the lives of women all across the globe."

InDr Hynd'sopinion, women's empowerment entails boosting women's self-esteem and financial independence and equipping them with the tools they need to start their own businesses, contribute significantly to the local economy, and become financially independent. Women's empowerment has a ripple effect on the following generation. Preparing girls and boys who are better educated, healthier, ready to embrace the digital revolution, and ready to contribute to the prosperity of our world and our planet is one of her programme's primary goals and motivation.

Business Objectives 

"My company's goal is to enable 10.000 women to develop strong and resilient, access riches, and make a positive difference in the world."

More than 1,000 women are already enrolled in the "Empowered Leaders" Program, which the company wants to expand to include women from around the globe. The "Empowered Leaders" and BAL Method Ambassadors are the primary sources of referrals for the company.

Future Plans

"My goal is to help one billion girls and women throughout the globe develop the self-confidence, resiliency, technological know-how, and financial independence they deserve. So, any girl and woman may assertively "Believe in It. Take action and take the lead with it."

The company aims to positively impact global gender equality by empowering women and ensuring that all girls have equal access to educational opportunities. While it is feasible to get information and skills with the touch of a mouse, statistics reveal that 150 million females worldwide are not in school. Dr Hyndwants to help change this figure and provide every girl with the opportunity to believe in her dreams and achieve a better life for herself.

"African Girl, African Women" Book by Dr HyndBouhia

"In a time of professional turmoil, I returned home one evening and began writing the inspiring book, " African Girl, African Woman," which became the basis for the book. As I looked at my daughters, I realised I had a duty to fight for their futures. In honour of them and all the young girls and women throughout the globe, I created this book based on real-life facts and tales of people I know, know, and adore."

"Having an African woman write the first book on female empowerment on the continent was a logical step in the right direction. It is only possible to provide such a complete study by someone born in a traditional society, who graduated in a scientific subject dominated by males, traversed the globe, and examined other cultures from the viewpoint of a woman who has experienced and overcome gender obstacles."

An in-depth look at her book shows the crucial role played by African women in realising Africa's digital and technological revolution – as well as how to prepare African girls to fill, own, and lead this role in the 21st century – takes the reader from Casablanca to Cape Town to Cairo, and from ancient pyramids to venture capital-financed entrepreneurs and startups.

For anyone who wants to achieve your goals in life, African Girl, African Woman is a must-read book that will teach how to do it with the help of a good education, strong moral principles, and unwavering determination.

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