International World Olympics Day 2022
Wednesday, 22 Jun 2022 14:00 pm

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 On the 23rd of June, people all across the globe will commemorate World Olympics Day. World Olympic Day was first proposed in 1947 by Dr. Gruss, a member of the Czech International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The foundation of the International Olympic Committee in Sorbonne (Paris) in 1948 was commemorated by Venezuela, Canada, Switzerland, and Portugal. International Olympics Day is also celebrated on this day. Its mission is to provide financial assistance to athletes and to improve the world via the promotion of athletics.

What’s the significance of World Olympics Day 2022

"World Olympics Day 2022: What's the significance?" Participation in all Olympic sports, regardless of gender, age, sex or ethnicity, is the goal of this day's celebrations. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness via the holding of various Olympic activities, educational seminars, and symposiums.

The 23rd of June is designated each year as International Olympic Day (or World Olympic Day in 2022). Celebrations of sport, health, and community are all a part of it. All of us have the opportunity to get together and do something meaningful on this day.

Every year for the last two decades, people all around the world celebrate Olympic Day by participating in special races. In order to promote popular participation in sports, these races are staged across the globe.

The history behind the International Olympic Day 2022

International Olympic Day commemoration began with a study delivered in 1947 by Czechoslovakian physician Dr. Gruss. The International Olympic Committee's 41st meeting in Stockholm was the target of his research. St Moritz, in January 1948, saw the adoption of the proposal by the IOC. To commemorate the event, the NOCs were requested to choose a day between June 17th and June 24th. The appropriate day to mark Olympics Day was thus the establishment date of the IOC Paris, which dates back to June 23, 1894.

The proposal of an Olympic Day was accepted during the 42nd IOC Session in St. Moritz. At the 41st International Olympic Committee (IOC) Session in Stockholm, Sweden in 1948, Czech doctor Gruss proposed the creation of a global Olympic Day. This was done as a way to honour the history of the Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee was founded on June 23, 1894, at the Sorbonne in Paris. The Olympic Games were reintroduced by Pierre de Coubertin. The 23rd of June is a key day in the Olympic Movement's history, and this event was arranged by the National Olympic Committees.

What’s the World Olympics Day Theme 2022?

What will be the theme of World Olympic Day in 2022? International Olympic Day will be held on July 21 with this year's theme, "Together for a Peaceful World," in mind.

With #MoveForPeace and #Olympic Day trending on social media, the theme for this year is "Together, for a Peaceful World." This year's Globe Olympic Day 2022 will be a celebration of the role sport plays in bringing people together and promoting peace and cooperation across the world.

The IOC encourages the National Olympic Committees (NOCs) to take part in Olympic Day runs as well as create their own events. The Olympic and Paralympics Committees (NOCs) on every continent are always looking for innovative methods to link athletes and Olympians.

The number of participating NOCs has grown from 45 in 1987 to more than 100 now. Use the hashtags #MoveForPeace or #Olympic Day to mention @Olympics if you're involved in any peace-promoting sports.