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On this International Day of Yoga take time to Commune with your Inner Self

  • Tuesday, 21 Jun, 2022
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On this International Day of Yoga take time to Commune with your Inner Self

A variety of events are held globally to celebrate World Yoga Day, also known as International Yoga Day or World-Yoga Day, which includes a variety of yoga-related events. International Yoga Day, or World Yoga Day, is celebrated on the 21st of June annually by the general public.

Thousands of people from all over the world participate in a broad range of cultural and spiritual activities to commemorate this historic Yoga Day. Every year, tens of millions of people gather to celebrate World Yoga Day, which is dedicated to formalizing the practice of yoga. On International Yoga Day, there are a variety of other spiritual and meditation organizations that run and administer various levels of Yoga-performances. Many venues, including workplaces, MNCs, jail cells, temples, corporations, and schools & universities, have spiritual Yoga centers that follow a standard set of protocols and customs.

Importance of International Yoga Day

Since the 5th century, Indians have been practicing yoga. Western nations, on the other hand, have just lately begun implementing it. Yoga became an antidote to viral infections during the epidemic. It not only aids in coping with stress, but it also strengthens one's immune system and enables them to move more easily. Yoga helps to maintain a healthy equilibrium between the mind and the body.

The International Day of Yoga is primarily intended to raise awareness of the many health advantages of yoga. People all throughout the country get together to practice yoga and commemorate International Yoga Day at parks, community halls, schools, universities, and workplaces. During the International Day of Yoga in Mysore, Karnataka, our Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, will head the major event.

History of International Yoga Day 

PM Narendra Modi received a message from well-known yoga master Shri Shri Ravi Shankar proposing a global day of yoga celebration. As a result, our PM made a presentation to the UN committee outlining how this day would be great for disseminating yoga's health advantages over the globe.

UN committee members from over 175 countries, including the United States and Canada, supported the move. Promoters of the International Yoga Day resolution were more numerous than those of any other. That's why the United Nations proclaimed June 21, 2014, as the International Day of Yoga in 2014. This day is organized by the Ministry of AYUSH and a variety of events are held to commemorate it.

Some Fascinating Facts about Yoga:

To mark major occasions, the Art of Living organizes unique Yoga sessions and workshops that explain the origins of Yoga and its benefits to the public.

On the 11th of December of 2014, the UN General Assembly declared the 21st of June to be a World's Yoga Day (International Yoga Day).

Officially, this day has been dubbed the "International Day of Yoga," but it's also known by many other titles such as Yoga Day and the United Nations' "UN International Yoga Day," among others.

5,000 years ago, it was used for both physical and spiritual pursuits, making it one of the most recent trends.

According to tradition, it is celebrated all over the globe on the 21st of June, the summer solstice, because of its unique significance and consequences.

Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy (AYUSH), Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic (AYUSH) Ministry, Government of India is scheduled to organize several celebrations and events on World Yoga Day, according to the study.

International Day of Yoga – Benefits of Yoga:

Yoga has risen to the status of one of the most popular, up-to-date, and cutting-edge religious practices in the world due to its many advantages. Numerous advantages are associated with the practice of Yoga:

•    Meditation's primary goal is to help people around the world become more aware of their own thoughts and feelings.

•    You can transform your body, soul, and mind by meditating or practicing yoga.

•    For anybody suffering from exhaustion, anxiety, tension, or unconsciousness, this is a must-have.

•    No drugs and specific therapies are necessary, if you are doing Yoga from ages.

•    Beneficial to one and all and most importantly to those who lacks in concentration and confidence.

•    Your inner wounds are healed and a sense of self-confidence is restored as a result.

•    If it is done on a regular basis (in the early morning) may cure all forms of ailments and health-issues.

There is no such thing as a religion in the context of yoga. Rather, it is a science of well-being, a science of youth, a science of integrating body, mind and spirit.

Yog means "to connect or combine" in Sanskrit, which represents the unity of body and mind and a positive attitude.

Breath control, quiet meditation, and acceptance of particular physical postures are all part of the Hindu spiritual and ascetic practice of yoga. Yoga is a popular kind of exercise for both physical and mental well-being.

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