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SKETS Studio - Founder & CEO Nimisha Bansal Constantly Accomplishing New Statures

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  • Saturday, 24 Sep, 2022
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SKETS Studio Private Limited

At its roots, architecture exists to generate the physical environment in which people live, but architecture is more than just the built environment, it’s also a part of our culture. It stands as a representation of how we see ourselves, as well as how we see the world.

While the concept of shelter is a fairly simple thing, the style of buildings was formerly shaped by the climate of a particular location, what materials were readily available, as well as the values of the society building them. As the world became more and more connected, the styles evolved, but even in modern construction, there is still an importance in honouring the cultural nuances in the built environment.

Architectural drawings are an extensive part of the design. It is mainly used for construction purposes. The high accuracy and quality of architectural drawings make them essential for construction. Getting precise drafting services right from the initial phase of a construction project can develop the project more systematically. The importance of architectural drawings can definitely not be ignored. It has several advantages that can help all its stakeholders in some way or another. Today we, with Business Touch Magazine have with us SKETS studio that acts as an extended arm of the client’s studio, providing BIM Consultancy & Documentation Services for Interior Design/ Architectural/ Engineering projects.

About SKETS Studio

SKETS studio was founded with a team of 4 in the year 2005. It has now grown into a multinational of more than 550+ professionals, which makes it one of the largest organizations in this specialized domain. Its resource base consists of a unique blend of highly specialized professionals who have significant experience in architecture, interior designing, BIM, engineering, and related technologies. The organization’s consistent growth has been the result of providing high-value services by operating on a continually improving service model. This has been the driving force behind its long-standing relationships with clients worldwide. 

Specially designed operating models allow SKETS to execute projects with the utmost quality even in the most challenging and dynamic timelines. SKETS’ operating models incorporate the experience and best practices gained from various engagements completed over the past decade. Quality at SKETS is a way of life. SKETS strives toward attaining the highest quality standards in all its work and it has become its distinguishing attribute. For the Team, quality is not just about executing a method or working towards a set standard rather it is an attitude and a part of its culture. SKETS follows a robust and well-defined Quality Management System, to ensure complete client satisfaction.  SKETS is ISO 9001:2015 certified for Quality Management systems.

Services Of SKETS Studio

1.    BIM

SKETS Studio provides fully integrated Virtual Design and Construction multi-disciplinary performance models for construction projects. SKETS enhances the design collaboration and communication between members of the AEC industry.

2.    Interior Design

Over the last decade, SKETS has seen exponential growth in BIM interiors studio and is one of the very few firms across the globe to have executed large-scale Interior projects using BIM.SKETS has documented over 150,000 Guestrooms, 1000 Restaurants, 250+ Residences, and 17,000+ luxury retail outlets. 

3.    Architecture

SKETS Architecture team comprises of  Architects with wide-ranging technical knowledge of various building types including healthcare, educational, institutional, commercial, mixed development, residential, aged-care, and hospitality.

4.    3D Visualization

SKETS has expertise in 3D Visualization & 4D animation. 3D Studio comprises of Architects, Designers & Artists. SKETS decade long experience of working on large-scale architecture and interior projects gives it an edge in conceptualizing spaces.

5.    Engineering

MEPF Engineering team comprises of highly experienced engineers providing HVAC/Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm, Public Address, Security, Telephone/Data and Building Management System services to Consultants, Contractors, and Real-Estate Developers.

Founder & CEO Nimisha Bansal

As a CEO I have the freedom to dream, share the dream with the team and then enjoy pursuing it every single day– Says Nimisha Bansal

Before the idea of starting SKETS Studio came along, Nimisha was heading the Global Solutions Design Group of a leading Information Technology firm. She was involved in setting up the process of work-sharing with multiple clients. She along with Mr Shamit who was a senior manager in an international Design firm and was instrumental in streamlining processes for remote design documentation founded SKETS Studio. They were later joined by Mr Neeraj who was heading the Centre of Competence in Business Intelligence.

Nimisha Bansalalong with Mr Shamit decided to launch a new business by bringing together their vast experience in architecture and information technology. When SKETS was founded, there was a deficit of firms providing cutting-edge design documentation services for Interior projects, hence SKETS focused on creating a niche in this space. From a technology perspective, Revit had just started to make an appearance on the global architectural scene. SKETS took that as a window of opportunity to adapt to the technology and meet the increasing demand for projects to be completed in Revit. This helped it to become a leader in BIM.

“Quality is not an Act but a habit”– by Aristotle

From the inception of SKETS, the primary focus has been on attention to detail and Quality. The fact that SKETSis still working with clients that they started working with more than 15 years ago is a testimony to the quality that SKETS has been able to maintain. Apart from this, their objective of constantly apprising technologies and processes to keep up with the latest industry trends is another reason they stand out.

"We are proud of the fact that we have maintained a near 100% customer retention rate since the inception of SKETS. This is a testimony to the Quality of our services. Our Senior Management strives hard to surpass client expectations and live up to our tagline 'Accelerating Growth Through Delivering Excellence'. Our Senior Management has been able to ensure that Quality is embedded deep in SKETS culture." – Nimisha Bansal

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself" – by Henry Ford

Nimisha Bansalhas believed in the above principle and has thus adopted a collaborative style of leadership. According to her, the culture of the company plays a very distinctive role in any organization. For her SKETS culture is like a North star that guides everyone towards a common vision and values. The bedrock upon which company culture is developed is its employees. Thus, in order to ensure that our core values are ingrained in our culture, mentoring programs are conducted on a regular basis. She also believes that open and honest feedback plays a pivotal role in building a strong company culture.

What Sets SKETS Apart

•    Cost & time. 35-40% more economical than in-house production.

•    SKETS experience. Over 1500+ large-scale projects delivered over the past 17 years.

•    BIM expertise. A global leader in BIM interiors with 400+ large-scale projects.

•    Standards. The global standards and client-specific standards are followed.

•    Infrastructure. State-of-the-art IT infrastructure

•    Process excellence. Unmatched business value ISO 9001:2015 certified

•    Repeat clientele. A near-100% client retention rate since inception

Greatest Achievements

There are numerous achievements in this long journey. SKETS received an Excellence Award from one of the largest architecture firms in the US. Autodesk has featured SKETS on multiple occasions for its technological prowess in executing large-scale projects and Retail Rollouts in BIM. Work done by the SKETS 3D Team has made its way into The New York Times. Along with this, publications like Outlook Magazine and Business Connect have also featured SKETS for delivery excellence and focus on quality.  

Philanthropic arm SKETS Hope Centre

SKETS Hope Centre was established in 2019 to provide educational assistance to children from underprivileged backgrounds and impart self-sufficient vocational skills to youth and women. SKETS Hope Centre is located in a 3500 sq./ft building in East Delhi. The Centre has helped over 2000 students thus far. The objective is simple - to remove financial constraints and empower young boys and girls to become self-sufficient members of society.

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