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Is Your Marketing Boring People to Death? Here Are 5 Ways to Change That.

  • Tuesday, 01 Nov, 2022
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Your Marketing Boring People to Death

Are you frustrated that all your advertising isn't paying off? If that's the case, maybe you should take a breath and rethink what you're doing. While most successful business owners will already have this covered, if your marketing efforts are falling flat, it's always a good idea to double-check the fundamentals.
Nowadays, people are as focused as a gnat. Market to them in a way that keeps them interested and amused, or they won't pay attention. This is unfortunate reality. So that your advertising doesn't bore people to sleep, consider the following:

1. Focus on Their Really Hot Buttons

There might be lots of problems facing your prospective consumers. But which ones cause them the most distress (points of pain) or the most excitement and motivation (strong desires)? These are the things that should be highlighted in all of your promotional materials, not some minor annoyance or intriguing fact. Time is of the essence, and we are all quite busy. What do you like to do with your time? Which article would you rather read: one that advises you how to cut down on HR paperwork, or one that tells you how to avoid hiring a troublemaker?

Also, avoid highlighting the benefits of your product in promotional materials. Think about what's in it for them. Even if you're blown away by the data your CRM system compiles, your audience won't care until you can tie it to something they're going through or something they really want. They know what they want, so don't assume they need your fancy extras to get it. Selling customers what they desire and meeting their needs in tandem is still a winning strategy.

2. Use Sharp Hooks

If your marketing material doesn't catch their attention within the first few seconds, it won't matter how much time and effort you put into it. If you want them to watch your video or read your email, you need a hook that will make them exclaim, "Oh my my, I need to know about that!"

You've got their attention because you're addressing a problem they're having or a goal they have. These two openings are similar: "Would you want to discover three ways that can cut your taxes?" vs "Let's have a conversation on the benefits of financial planning for individuals."

Which prologue excites you the most? (By the way, "Hi, I'm George Smith, and I have been counselling people for 20 years on..." is the worst possible way to begin. Yawn!)

3. Pump up the Personality

When you're running a business, you're frequently the public face of your venture. People are more likely to trust and enjoy your brand if they have a positive impression of you as a person. Connect as a human being, not a machine, and this will occur. This is true not just for moving images, but also for textual works. The tone of a blog or post should be conversational, not academic.

More more than usual, you need to make sure you're heard while recording videos. I have always been a bubbly, outgoing person. I tend to speak quickly and show a lot of enthusiasm. Also, I am far from flawless. However, when I am genuine, people warm up to me (and my brand) and trust me more.
It's okay if you're more analytical or chill. However, you may need to amp it up to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the subject matter and your desire to form meaningful relationships with your target audience. Try throwing in some humorous touches.

4. Watch Your Language

I'm not referring to curse words or sexual references (which, by the way, you should try to avoid). I'm referring to the practise of speaking in terms specific to your field, even if they aren't familiar to the majority of your readers. All of us are responsible for this. Sales terminology such as conversion rates and lead magnets are second nature to me. However, the target demographic of students I am trying to reach may not be familiar with such terms.

Avoid employing jargon that only people in your field would understand. This has nothing to do with insulting their intellect or "dumbing things down." Remember that your potential customers don't have the same level of expertise as you have.

5. Use Stories

Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), scientists have shown that tales stimulate more regions of the brain than do facts. Telling a compelling narrative is an effective way to get your idea across. It makes the listener feel something, and their brain waves "sync" with the storyteller's as they attempt to understand what's going on.

Use a compelling tale in place of dry statistics. (If you're not a natural storyteller, "how to tell a fantastic narrative" will get many results on Google.) It's important to double-check the fundamentals if your marketing efforts aren't producing results. Again, make sure your advertising sticks out by targeting emotional triggers, employing hooks, speaking their language, displaying a lot of character, and telling a nice narrative now and then.

Consider the "5 E's": inform, amuse, thrill, enthral, and inspire. This will help them feel more comfortable moving forward with you.

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