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ISRO, Australian Space Agency to Boost Bilateral Collaborations in Space Tech.

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  • Wednesday, 07 Sep, 2022
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ISRO Australian Space Agency to Boost Bilateral Collaborations in Space Tech

At the Bengaluru Space Expo, six memorandums of understanding were signed between Indian and Australian space startups.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Australian Space Agency (ASA), the latter of which is charged with fostering the growth of Australia's commercial space sector, have agreed to step up their cooperation with the goal of expanding and diversifying both countries' space technology markets.

On Monday during the Bengaluru Space Expo (BSX) in Bengaluru, the space organizations facilitated the signing of six memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with space technology entrepreneurs based in Australia and India.

Ananth Technologies, an aerospace and defence firm located in Bengaluru, and Australia's Space Machines Company have partnered to conduct cooperative space flights and work together on product integration, testing, and technology development.

Launch services, spacecraft avionics, and components will be provided to Australian Space Initiatives by HEX20, an Australian firm, in collaboration with Skyroot Aerospace, located in Hyderabad. Skyroot Aerospace and QL Space, headquartered out of Perth, Australia, teamed together to build launch pads in Australia and conduct cooperative mineral exploration flights.

In order to mitigate the destructive effects of vital mineral exploitation in Australia, QL Space has collaborated with GalaxEye of Chennai to create a hybrid optic and radar payload. The Australian company would collaborate with SatSure, located in Bengaluru, to develop a satellite and AI-based solutions to assist the agricultural, mining, and defence sectors in space.

Space travellers might benefit from a collaboration between Australia's SABRN Health, the United States' Altdata, and India's DCube to advance health-related hardware, sensor technologies, and software.

In his opening remarks at the exhibition, ISRO Chairman and Secretary of the Department of Space (DOS) S. Somanath remarked on the positive development of economic relations between space organizations of both nations.

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has acknowledged Australia's capabilities in downstream applications and praised the effort Australia has put into developing its space cooperation with India.

Australia has dispatched a 40-person delegation to the exhibition, led by Enrico Palermo, the chairman of the ASA. The mission is made up of members from federal and state governments, as well as officials from big corporations, startups, and academics.

Mr. Palermo said, "We also recognize the value of India's national space programme and are happy to be supporting the inspiring Gaganyaan human space flight project." The commercial space industries in India and Australia are at comparable stages of growth, making them suitable partners.

Mr. Palermo predicted that the new India International Space Investment project will strengthen ties between the two nations. This would open up great possibilities for cooperation between the two nations in the space industry, he said.

Mr. Palermo said that starting in 2023, Australia will be able to expand its diplomatic presence in Bengaluru by opening a Consulate General there.

An active startup ecosystem focused on space tech

Mr. Somanath, speaking on the startup landscape, said that India already has over a hundred businesses actively investigating a wide range of potential in the space technology area.

He went on to say that the new atmosphere looked "very promising for the nation," especially when taking into account the significance and potential of supporting the manufacturing of satellites while simultaneously increasing the involvement of global consumers.

ISRO's head claims that there are fresh chances to clean up space and make it more habitable for astronauts and satellites. The satellite industry as a whole, which includes ground-based maintenance and construction, also presented further opportunities.

The three-day biannual space exhibition opened on Monday with the participation of over 1,000 participants from 15 nations. This expo has over a hundred different firms presenting their services and wares. Under the banner "Nurturing New Space in India," the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been hosting conferences in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (IN-SPACE), and NewSpace India Limited.

With the goal of expanding and improving space technology markets in both countries, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the Australian Space Agency (ASA), which is responsible for the development of the country's commercial space sector, have chosen to increase their collaboration.

Ananth Technologies, an aerospace and defence company located in Bengaluru, India, has partnered with Australia's Space Machines Company to work on product integration, testing, technology development, and joint-space missions.

According to ISRO's head, new possibilities are emerging for dealing with space junk, keeping space cleaner alongside fuelling satellites in orbit. Ground-based infrastructure maintenance and construction, which is essential to the satellite industry, also presented other opportunities.

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