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How to Style a Blazer- 5 ways to wear fashion's favourite jacket.

  • Thursday, 01 Dec, 2022
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How to style a blazer

Once you master the art of putting together a blazer, you will wonder how you ever got dressed without it. A blazer will quickly become your favourite jacket because of the effortless sophistication it lends to any ensemble.

The greatest blazers were formerly seen exclusively on the most successful women in the business world, but now, this structured jacket is a staple in the wardrobes of many chic ladies. Blazers are a versatile wardrobe staple that can be worn with almost any outfit. Blazers have the uncanny ability to complete any ensemble, from business attire to denim, and can even transform a plain pair of leggings into something chic.

The presenter and stylist Emma Lightbown extols the blazer's adaptability, saying, "Blazers work for everyone regardless of age, size, or style, plus they can be styled in so many ways." She recommends wearing a blazer with heels and tailored trousers for a smart silhouette, or with jeans and sneakers for a more casual look.


The greatest midi dresses are very adaptable, allowing you to wear them anywhere from the office to a night out on the town; when paired with a jacket, this kind of dress may become your go-to staple.

One's interpretation of this style is limitless. Over a slip dress, an oversized blazer is quite sophisticated, while a shorter belted jacket is fantastic with a print midi dress for a vintage feel. Instead of reaching for your go-to black jacket to slip on over your dress, consider wearing a blazer in the same tone as your dress for a more streamlined and purposeful look.

If you're not into wearing skintight party clothes, a jacket and midi dress is a terrific option for more formal occasions. Wearing a jacket over a dress not only adds a more masculine edge to the feminine piece, but also helps to define your figure. This ensemble is perfect for any formal occasion, from a first date to a wedding. 


If you find yourself spending more time in the workplace, a jacket and a pair of tailored pants may be a very professional and chic summertime clothing choice.

While a full suit may seem dated, coordinating your jacket and pants is a fresh take on the classic business look. However, if your profession permits it, you may update the look by switching to a sherbet or pastel shade. Pair solid-coloured pants with a jacket in a contrasting hue. It's better to stick to neutral colours like navy, white, or black if your office is more businesslike or if you need an outfit for a job interview. Pay close attention to tailoring and detail, and use leaner cuts to retain the appearance professional while yet being on trend.

Tailoring is playing an increasingly important part in the world of fashion, and this is reflected in both daytime and evening wear. You may achieve the ideal balance between sophisticated and informal by adding a graphic t-shirt and your favourite white sneakers.


Since denim is so versatile, you may be more daring when deciding how to pair your jacket with jeans. Cropped blazers are great because they draw attention to the waist and look great with looser mom jeans.

When considering how to dress up a pair of straight-leg jeans, an oversized jacket is a great option. Keep the rest of your outfit simple—a vest and chunky sneakers or sliders give an extremely cool, casual look—and take use of the straight leg to counteract the big blazer.

Wearing a tan, blue, or khaki jacket with a pair of white jeans, especially if they are wide-leg, is a certain way to appear stylish. There will be a striking contrast between the neutral colours, especially during the warmer months.


Although pleated midi skirts have always been fashionable, knowing what to pair them with may be a challenge.

Although pleated skirts look excellent on most body types, they might add unnecessary volume if worn without a tucked-in top. Learning how to pair a blazer with a pleated skirt will provide you more options for complementing your body shape if you often choose the trendiest dresses to conceal a belly. Whether you're dressing for business or pleasure, a well-tailored jacket will skim your figure and offer structure to the flowy skirt. The hourglass figure may benefit from more waist emphasis achieved by wearing a belt or belt bag with their jacket.

Choose monochromatic pieces for a polished style, or have some fun by pairing a patterned skirt with a solid-coloured jacket.


Want to know how to best wear leather pants? In the same way that tailored pants are a great foundation for learning how to dress a blazer, leather trousers are the rock and roll equivalent.

When worn with leather, a black blazer will appear stylish and classic, but adding a splash of colour and thinking about textured materials like boucle can truly take your style to the next level.

When worn with a boyfriend jacket, a t-shirt, and sneakers, leather pants take on a more relaxed, smart-casual vibe that's suited for a laid-back office or weekend brunch with friends than their normal form-fitting counterparts. Then switch up your sneakers for heels and accessorise with some bold pieces, and you're ready to hit the dance floor.

If you're on the shorter side, consider a blazer with a more tailored cut so that you don't seem like a marshmallow.

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