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How Your Enneagram Type Determines Your Wealth.

  • Wednesday, 02 Nov, 2022
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How Your Enneagram Type Determines Your Wealth

Knowing your personality type is essential for gaining insight into your interactions with others and figuring out how to make the most of your time in the workplace. So, let's learn about the Enneagram and how it predicts your financial success.

Careers, like life, are fleeting. Unfortunately, we can't afford to dally. Knowing your Enneagram type and how it affects your financial success might help you avoid negative situations and people.

In addition, it will provide you with a guide for achieving the financial success you want.

What is an "Enneagram"?

The nine-pointed diagram or "map" of the Enneagram is a personality typing system. It stands in for the consistent forms of personalities that characterise how each of us perceives the world.

All nine personality types may be traced back to a distinct set of assumptions about the nature of reality. The purpose of the Enneagram is to help you figure out which of the nine possible personality types best represents you, how much of each type you have inside yourself, and how your particular mix of the two influences how you behave.

Those who have never done one should set aside 10 minutes to give it a go.

What your Enneagram type may tell you about your potential for riches is more of a reflection of your present position than a definitive verdict. If you're often feeling frustrated or like you have to push situations, it's possible that your Enneagram type isn't a good fit for the way you've been approaching problems.

For the record, we're not discussing "worth," but "wealth."

The amount of material comforts in your life is the topic at hand. Ask yourself whether you have the freedom to pursue your interests. Have your requirements been met?

Forcing oneself to choose a course that goes against your nature may drain you of valuable time, money, energy, health, etc.

I'm sure there are methods of producing money that seem completely foreign to you. Possible use in futures trading. FOREX. Actual property. Crypto.

A lot of people find the jargon alone completely impenetrable!

Think about how far you'd have to push yourself to become not only good at any of these things, but an absolute master at them.

What I mean by "world-class" is that you have shown to be so skilled at planning that others are willing to pay you to share what you've learned so that they, too, might become wealthy.


Demanding, wouldn't you say?

Take a look at a sample Enneagram result and we'll discuss how it relates to a person's financial situation.

One of my friends' findings is included below. This is what he got on the exam: 8-4-3-1-5-6-7-9.

Consider his top three traits and what they reveal about his wealth-building style.

8 - The Challenger

This character style is fiercely autonomous and loathes authority. Its main concerns are expanding its sphere of influence and discovering the truth. Their flaw is sexual desire, and their snare is the rule of law.

4 - The Individualist

Individualists are sensitive and shy, yet they may also be theatrical and outgoing. They have a tendency to be rude and self-centered.

3 - The Achiever

This personality type is determined to succeed. They're realistic and versatile. It seems to reason that they would be goal-oriented. A lot of them care a lot about how they look.

Now these are only the first three of my friend's Enneagram types. They provide just a partial picture, therefore more investigation is required before we can utilise them to formulate a strategy for helping him.

Based on his top three personality traits, you can reasonably guess what would (and would not) work for him.

What wouldn't work for him?

With his strong sense of self-reliance, aversion to subservience, and drive for achievement, he isn't cut out for the corporate world. He wouldn't accomplish much by spending his time complaining about big businesses.

Since he is an independent thinker, he is unlikely to be excellent at selling his time. He is not qualified for administrative or clerical job.

His ingenuity wouldn't be valued at a position like that. On the contrary, being subjected to such rigid regulations would severely limit his freedom and leave him feeling unfulfilled.

The goal of the Achiever personality type is to excel and stand out from the crowd as someone who is exceptional in some way. So, my buddy has a clear way forward, what with being a challenger and an individualist.

What would work?

My chum would have to develop a technique to generate money that takes into account his special skills and qualities.

He would benefit from anything that gave him schedule flexibility because of his emotional, withdrawn, and irritable personality. His creative output would come in spurts, and he would require some leeway in his personal life to accommodate these creative flurrys.

But whatever he did, he had better be really good at it! For his customers to really value him, he and his expertise would need to become indispensable. My guy has seemingly few options for expanding his fortune, yet he can create as much as he wants if he focuses his skills and energy in the right places.

In order for others to benefit from his special gift, it would have to be "downloaded" from him (for a price).

Now that it's out there, generating him profits that can grow without him doing anything, he can focus on doing useful things without worrying about getting money.

That's where a real life of wealth and abundance lies.

So… Hopefully this makes sense and helps you see how your Enneagram type relates to money. You are not helpless or forced to give in to it.

Absolutely not!

It's the plan for breaking down more harmonious means of making money. A way of "least resistance," if you will, that will alleviate your sense of confinement, anger, and alienation.

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