How Networking Can Help Your Startup Reach New Heights

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  • Tuesday, 21 Jun, 2022
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How Networking Can Help Your Startup Reach New Heights

You had a brilliant business idea.You put a lot of effort into creating a business strategy and proving your concept viable. You promoted your company in the most effective manner possible. You may even have made some headway. After that, you were at a loss as to how to proceed.

How do you take your startup to the next level?

I'm going to be honest with you. When you're first starting out, it's really challenging to grow your company. It's why 95% of companies fail to reach their revenue expectations. This is the one characteristic that all successful companies have in common. They were able to achieve rapid and long-term success because they built significant connections. Let's take a look at the benefits of networking for your company now.

1. Networking will give you more leverage with Investors.

This is probably a well-known adage. "Cash is the lifeblood of a company." So, if you don't have enough money to run your firm, you're doomed to fail. A lack of funds is the second most common cause of startup failure among the top 20. Because of this, many businesses rely on the support of investors. 

Investors get a lot of requests for money from businesses. There is a guarantee of a speedy payback for every one of them. How many of these companies really deliver on their promises? Not many, if you consider that 80 percent of new businesses fail to provide the anticipated return on investment.

Poor finance management is a major factor in this inability to perform. As an alternative, what if you had greater power? Networking is the answer. If you have a network of high-quality contacts, it will be simpler for you to get funding from investors.

Networking may be a powerful tool in securing funding for your business. You must:

    •    Make the most of the people you know. If you're looking for investors, don't be reluctant to contact your network for help. Declare to the world that you want to expand your company and are in need of financial support for this expansion.

    •    Refrain from using too much "marketing talk." People dislike being sold to, even if that money is all that matters to you. Investors are also included. Introduce yourself by stating what you have to offer the discussion. That's when mentioning your outstanding network comes in handy.

    •    As a crowdfunding campaign manager, you may use your own network to help you raise money. The popularity of crowdsourcing has skyrocketed recently.

You'd be surprised at how many people you know are prepared to lend you a helping hand financially.

2. Networking will set you apart from your competitors

Entrepreneurship is a very competitive field, and I don't need to tell you that. Because they can't compete with the market leaders, a significant number of enterprises fail. Competition is the fourth most common cause of startup failure in the top 20.

How can you avoid being smothered by the weight of your competitors? In order to succeed, you must be distinctive. Networking is a great way to get the word out about your unique selling points.

These are the "x-factors" that you use to describe yourself.

    •    Your brand story

    •    Your company culture

    •    Your value proposition

    •    Your vision

There is no substitute for these components. They are constantly going to provide you an advantage over your competitors.

As you build your network, you'll be able to take advantage of these "x-factors." Here are some networking ideas to help you stand out from the crowd.

•    Always begin with your unique selling point. The three components of a strong value proposition are:

     o    Are you addressing an issue for your clients? 

     o    Tell your customers what to anticipate once they've used your goods or service. 

     o    What are the benefits of using your product/service to address this issue? 

Tell them how you plan to bring about that shift. Why should I do business with you rather than a competitor? You need to explain to your consumers why they should choose you instead of your rivals.

    •    Get out there and shake things up a little. As a company leader, what does it mean to be a disruptor in your industry? Let's take a look at Amazon as a case study. Electronic book delivery caused havoc in the book retail sector. The one-click buy idea disturbed the shopping cart model. Self-publishing has shattered the book publishing sector. These are just a handful of the many ways in which this may be done.

    •    The customer has always come out on top in these situations. What will happen to Amazon as a company as a result? They are the best in the business. I want to hear a narrative that shakes things up. A novel business strategy that's not typical of your sector may be necessary at times. Don't give up until the job is done.

Your consumer base expands as a result of networking. When it comes to expanding a firm, Jay Abraham believes there are only three methods to do it.

    •    Increase the number of customers.

    •    Increase the average transaction value.

    •    Increase the frequency of purchase.

Ultimately, all marketing activities should fulfill one or more of these three objectives. You'll need early adopters for your company while it's just getting started. Even while networking isn't all about sales, it's a terrific way to get in front of potential clients. People like these are the ones who are going to be the most vocal about your brand.

3. Maintaining momentum and converting more clients gets simpler as your customer base grows.

"The network effect" refers to the ability of a group of people to influence each other. People make purchases based on the opinions of others.

Here are a few pointers on how to use networking to close more sales.

    •    Social media may be used to create close-knit groups of people. Businesses are now able to communicate with their customers in an entirely new manner thanks to social media. You have the ability to establish trusting partnerships. Getting your clients to trust you is the best approach to persuade them to buy from you. I strongly advocate creating social media groups for your target audience for this reason. This is a treasure trove for gaining ardent supporters. ' Keep in mind that your social media sites and groups shouldn't be overtly self-promotional. On social media, unfollowing a brand is the most common reason for doing so.

    •    Use offline channels where your target clients congregate, such as local bars and clubs. Face-to-face interaction with your audience is something I highly recommend. Why? The offline channels are often overlooked by enterprises. Your company will be able to grab more of the market while still being distinct from your competition.

    •    A strategy for capturing leads is essential. The most important part of networking is following up. It takes time to build a strong connection. Networking is pointless unless you have a mechanism to remain in touch with those you've met. Doing this in the most effective manner? An email list should be built. Performing this action is a cinch. Your website and social media sites may easily be updated using email collection forms.

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