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Hightech Office: The A to Z of Tech at your Events.

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  • Thursday, 10 Nov, 2022
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Hicham Salim Lyoussi

Event management is one of the most significant business sectors on the planet. From 2021–2028, the worldwide events sector is projected to expand at a CAGR of 11.2%. People worldwide attend conferences, exhibitions, company meetings, weddings, and other social events. A stunning event management experience consists of various domains and dimensions, including logistics, entertainment, video, production, food, presentations, break-out sessions, social interaction, and pre-and post-event marketing are all essential skills for event planners. However, the technical aspects of an event are the most important. Successful execution requires the gathering to be uniquely planned to accommodate various backgrounds, lifestyles, and preferences of those attending. Therefore, in this edition of the Business Touch Magazine, we bring you one of the best in the industry, Hightech Office.

With a solid vision to ensure long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering personalised and unique experiences that exceed expectations and consistently providing quality tailored service Hitech Office was born in 2022 when the co-founders who were operating together in the event industry decided to combine their skills and experiences by creating Hitech Office: A dynamic event planning company providing exceptional service to businesses and individuals.

Creative thoughts, innovative approach and attention to design detail sets Hitech Office apart from competitors. The company provides various services, from the creation of event websites, advertising on various platforms, media coverage, online ticketing, and others. In collaboration with the Palais Tazi, the leader in events in Morocco, the Hitech Office team has contributed to countless events, namely weddings, gala evenings, private parties, corporate events and film shoots.

The Founder

Fascinated by maths and puzzles, Mr Hicham Salim Lyoussi Started Hitech Office in 2022. 

He is passionate about creating dynamic solutions that cater to the users' requirements using analytical abilities and critical thinking.
"I get great satisfaction in working in the events industry, particularly in organising and executing events that far outshine the expectations of my patrons. When my customers are happy, I am motivated to keep improving," adds Hicham Salim Lyoussi. 

Starting his professional journey in the hospitality industry as the IT manager for Abu Dhabi's City Seasons Hotels. In late 2019, after two years of study, he began working as a full-stack developer to create digital solutions. With the help of a sales engineer, an infographic designer, an editor, a developer, and a digital marketer, Mr Hicham was able to put together a team that worked on several projects.

"After finishing college, I took over management of the 'Palais Tazi' communications and events department. I was a very active participant in a wide range of activities (weddings, corporate, galas, Hollywood movie shooting, diplomatic, fundraising, charity, and others) which led me to create Hightech Office.

Since innovation is essential in software engineering and event planning, the founder follows a more democratic form of leadership for the firm, inviting and encouraging everyone to share their thoughts and opinions to find the best solutions and boost morale.

Business Involvement 

"Since I like figuring out methods to apply technology to solve problems, I've always been interested in working in the IT sector. I attended one of the best colleges in Morocco and earned a computer science degree focusing on business intelligence and data science.

For as long as I can remember, I've actively participated in the many and varied activities held in our palace, Palais Tazi. Because of my extensive background in the industry and my enthusiasm for planning parties and other celebrations, I decided to strike out on my own and establish my own business," says Mr Hicham while Talking about his involvement with the business world and the beginning of his business journey.

His approach to building a name for his business centres on having a solid digital footprint (particularly in social media) and strategic marketing to the target demographic. He firmly believes that the key to successfully expanding the brand is showcasing the appropriate goods to the relevant audience at the proper time.

Key opportunities 

"My French cousin working in commercials during Covid-19 suggested a project we could work on to help alleviate the healthcare crisis. The focus was on a telemedicine app that would enable people to consult with doctors without leaving their homes or standing in huge queues. I worked alone on the project from its inception until its completion and deployment," says Mr Hicham.

For him, learning about the whole process of creation via this opportunity was quite beneficial. He learnt to handle digital projects (Decomposing a project into tasks, estimating and planning lessons and deadlines, choosing the right tech stack, budgeting, etc). His experience as an IT manager has equipped him with the management skills necessary to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest standards. 

He has to lead many projects, lacking the workforce to fulfil them. As a result, he settled by expanding and by establishing a formal business and developing his staff.

"My father and I have been engaged in event planning for as long as I can remember, so I naturally picked up a great deal of knowledge and experience along the way. Further, I have amassed a sizable network of event service suppliers with whom I often interact. Until recently, our shows were in our own Palais Tazi event centre," Adds Mr Hicham.           

Achieving Greatness

Mr Hichamhas created four mobile applications (A telemedicine app, an e-commerce app for grocery delivery, an ERP system and a wedding planner app). In addition, he has built websites for a wide range of businesses (pharmaceutical, real estate, renewable energy, commerce, education and others). He has been helping his customers by creating practical solutions and expanding his development team since day one, making him feel like achieving greatness.

Roadblocks in the Journey

As impressive as modern computing has become, the technical aspect of software development has never stopped throwing curveballs at developers in the form of rare and sophisticated defects. It took time and effort, but Mr Hicham and his team eventually got beyond those obstacles. 

"Customers who are too picky and demanding were a constant source of frustration for me in both the IT and event planning industries. All the same, I am much better off now because I faced those obstacles and pushed myself to the edge of my abilities," adds Mr Hicham.

"My whole event schedule fell apart because of COVID. It was strictly banned for event spaces to hold any events at all. On the other hand, I invested in expanding my internet following and boosting my profile. In this way, I was able to quickly get new clients after the conclusion of the COVID pandemic," says Mr Hicham.

In terms of information technology, the team quickly adjusted by working remotely, which proved to be a more effective and efficient method of operation. Furthermore, Innovation served as a basis for the growth of Hitech Office. It takes a lot of ingenuity and originality for professionals working in IT and events to set themselves out of the pack. People can learn new things quickly and readily nowadays, so they regularly produce ground-breaking innovations and ideas. Continuing one's education and professional growth is the best way to keep up with the latest breakthroughs in one's field, per Mr Hicham. That's why he provides his staff members access to a wide range of educational resources so that they can stay current.

Focus in Near Future 

"In the next 12 to 18 months, I will concentrate on expanding my business to accommodate the rising number of project requests and the high standards set by my customers.

Our mission is to become the go-to event planning firm in the country by exceeding our customers' expectations with first-rate, cost-effective services tailored to their individual needs," adds Mr Hicham while talking about the prospects of his company.

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