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Gunjan Choudhary, Founder & Director of Synergeze: Stand-by “We Promise, We Deliver”.

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  • Monday, 03 Oct, 2022
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Gunjan Choudhary Founder and Director Synergeze

Synergeze Consultants Pvt Ltd

Supply chain consulting is an interdisciplinary subject that comprises the logistics of shifting and storing items. Everything in a supply chain, consisting of the adventure from uncooked substances thru manufacturing into completed merchandise and distribution of that completed merchandise to purchasers, is involved. A supply chain consulting professional works keenly with organizations to assist them to build, market, and enforce powerful techniques to make their client’s supply chain extra efficient. 

All even as assemblage new needs for decreased fees and enhanced constructiveness in a fiercely aggressive international situation. The International business at present isn’t less than anarenaan arch exclusive agencies try and contest and advantage the zenith spot. But, several inadequacies withinside the enterprise techniques hold them far from their favoured success. They, consequently, rent specialists to address many sections of their enterprise. Supply Chain Management is an important factor of any enterprise and needs specialized attention. 

Introduction of Synergeze Consultants Pvt Ltd

The only consultants who exist in the industry are those who are there in the pure consulting mode and also there is a specific need for consultants for the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME)section of industries for this domain. Because these MSMEs are in the need of this domain expertise due to the lack of expertise available in the domain and secondly also due to the awareness levels in these MSMEs about how and what can be improved to benefit the business through the enhancements in the supply chain. Today Business Touch Magazine has one such amazing supply chain and process consulting company, Synergeze Consultants Pvt Ltd. which has a range of services to be offered to the industry to get benefited from.

Execution-based consulting- In the domain of Logistics (incl EXIM) and Supply Chain whereby the clients can offload all their day-to-day operations to Synergeze and in that way experience the best of the services that can improve the efficiency of their operations. A true value-for-money scheme.

People and Process Alignment – In the most conservative scenarios “processes” are treated disjointedly in the organisation and “people” separately. Whereas Synergeze strongly believes that people and processes need to be aligned if the processes are to deliver what they are designed for. Nevertheless, the best of the processes also does not perform if the people who execute the processes are not associated with each other. 

Corporate Training with Training Mechanix – Synergeze offers a great solution to industries whereby the end-to-end Learning and Development cycle can be completely accompanied and handled by them. Through their trusted partners who are patented and experts in Vedic-based Psychology and in-house designed training mechanism, they ensure that skill gap assessment is backed up with the actions to fulfilling the gaps and then evaluate the results to confirm whether what was promised is delivered.

About Founder & Director of Synergeze Gunjan Choudhary (GC)

A very strong passion to plug the gaps in the industry and provide an execution-based consulting model in the domain of Supply Chain and Logistics led GC to the start of his entrepreneurial journey. According to GC if challenges are to be counted then the biggest challenge for them is the awareness among the industry to consider the supply chain as the enabler in the overall growth of the organisation and also that people are the real enablers for any process or strategy to deliver what was promised. 

GC says, 

“My basic philosophy of life has been - Love what you do and do what you love. Having said that the satisfaction which I get after addressing the pain areas of our clients and seeing them relieved and experiencing the best of the services is something that pushes all of us at Synergeze to keep improving and delivering on all that we promise.”

The investment done on people should not only be counted as training man-days but as really empowering them to perform beyond anticipation. Fashioning and enhancing that awareness and making that realization worthwhile has remained and will remain to be the major challenge.GC is an accomplished serial entrepreneur, consultant, networker, advisor and speaker. After having spent 2 decades in the industry across the hierarchy in the domain of Supply Chain and Logistics (from leading the corporate logistics vertical of Ashok Leyland to being the head of logistics and strategy for Tata Motors), started his entrepreneurial journey with Synergeze Consultants Pvt Ltd. 

This was followed by founding some more companies like Impower Virtual Knowledge Hub LLP, Classicus Décor Pvt Ltd, and Perspicere - The Revolving Perspective Foundation (section 8 company). Apart from these businesses he is on the Advisory Board of SSK Emart Pvt Ltd and Transcento Décor and is associated with many educational institutes for grooming the next generation for transformation from Campus to Corporate.

“Brand for me is one more individual that lives with us. I strongly believe that our Brand actually follows us like a shadow. Hence for me, branding means maintaining our values in all that we do in business and outside. A single-line answer is: Live your Brand.” 

When asked about the brand GC said,

What sets Synergeze apart in the marketplace, One line answer to this – We Promise, We Deliver.

Synergeze unique offerings clubbed with theirtaglinemakethem a unique proposition for the world to reach out to them in pursuit of finding end-to-end solutions to their prolonged issues.

Challenges Synergeze Faced and Overcame

During COVID and after that also, the company witnessed an increased demand for Indian-origin goods across the globe. That was a time when Indian Manufacturers delve deeper into international markets provided, we concentrated focus on the Quality and Delivery of the products. With more Exports and Imports and Foreign companies increasing their base in India, the demand for consulting services is set for an upward trend. 

However, when Synergeze looks at the current scenario of EXIM, warehousing and overall supply chain consulting the country was lacking in terms of enough skill-set in the sector. Further to complicate the issue huge MSME bases were hesitant to enter into international markets due to unawareness of the compliances, and credit checks of the foreign partners. Lastly, the best policies rolled out by the government not penetrating deep into the manufacturing base. Added to these challenges is the fact that the service providers in this domain are still highly unstructured and possess very low customer focus.

With the above challenges in mind - Synergeze Consultants has come up with a set of unique execution-based solutions wherein they provide end-to-end solutions mostly to manufacturers and trading companies.  They bridge the gap by taking care of both aspects in terms of ensuring delivery and compliance from the client’s side and assured service levels and customer focus from the service provider’s perspective.

Leadership Style and Company Culture at Synergeze

Inclusive leadership ensuring participation at all levels of the organisation and yet ensuring that the culture and soul of the organisation remain intact through authority is not only the need but is inseparable in today’s terms. Any one aspect missing would mean either a dictatorship model or a model which dilutes itself with every passing day. 

The best culture is remaining true to one’s self and the purpose, and at Synergeze the realization of the purpose and its reflection in all that they do is the key. After that realization, there actually is no need to focus on any other aspect of developing the culture knowingly. Rather once this is done the rest starts falling in place automatically.

Future Plans

Crossing boundaries and being global is the focus that Synergeze has taken up for the medium-term goal. Synergeze is already consulting for companies in their establishments in South Asia and is in advanced talks with companies from Africa. Now they are looking forward to increasing their presence in other continents and thus moving towards converting themselves into a Global Brand.

A message by GC,

“Remain true to yourself and do what you love and don’t worry about the risk and consequences as nothing and nobody is indispensable and nothing can wipe you out till it’s the time for your exit. Always remember that!”

Awards and Recognition for Synergeze 

• Entrepreneur of the Year - Indian Achievers Award 2021
• CEO of the Year 2021 - Business Connect
• Business Leader of the Year 2021 - Prime Insights
• Top 10 Import Export Consultants 2021 - Industry Outlook
• Top 25 companies to watch for 2021 - Prime Insights
• Top 10 Women Consultants 2022 – Ms Vinda (Director – Synergeze)

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