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GreenTree Immigration, CEO- Rupan Raj: Steadily Progressing, Upholding Values And Principles.

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  • Friday, 18 Nov, 2022
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GreenTree Immigration

GreenTree Immigration

Moving permanent residency from one country to another and getting a work, study, or visitor visa can be daunting and confusing. With many documentations and lots of legal information, the process can be a bit intimidating. Immigration Consultants come into play—having the proper knowledge can help you change your citizenship or inquire about other immigration services.

An immigration consulting service provider's dedicated consultant is the chief contact point for people who emigrate from one country to another. The consultant provides the required legal information and assists with the documentation and immigration procedure to get the candidate into the country without any problem. They can also assist in setting up jobs, work studies, and travel visas for people probing to live in a new place for an extended time for academic and business purposes. 

Immigration consultants are usually well-versed in the immigration rules and procedures required when entering and staying in a particular country. We, Business Touch Magazine, have with us one such company, which is relentlessly working for the immigration of people to various countries, GreenTree Immigration (GTI). 

Brief Introduction of GreenTree Immigration

GreenTree Immigration is the finest and legit immigration service provider based out of India in major cities Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, and Kerela. GreenTree Immigration is ICCRC Registered & Authorized immigration consultant to provide immigration solutions. They evaluate candidates' profiles to find shortcomings and customized immigration solutions under IRCC guidelines ensuring future rejections.

The whole team of GTI is committed to delivering top-notch, quality Immigration Services through well-trained, expert, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals backed by the latest technology. It will maintain its reputation for upholding the highest standards of decency and maintain its reputation for upholding the highest standards of decency and quality of service. GTI serves candidates who need immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Germany, to name a few. You may be planning to migrate to these countries or go for your higher studies; you may be planning to invest abroad or want to work there. GTI takes care of all your needs with years of experience and skilled professionals.
Since GTI focuses on immigration law, they can assist you with relocating to other countries permanently or temporarily as per your requirement. They can assist applicants with Permanent Residency applications, study, work, travel, or business applications. To be an Immigration Consultant, the Immigration Consultants of Canada means government agencies regulate it. GTI intends to protect clients' interests and needs and ensure that everything is legal. 

About Rupan Raj, CEO of GreenTree Immigration

GreenTree Immigration provides excellent and complete solutions for hassle-free international immigration services. GreenTree was founded, fostered, and sustained by Rupan Raj, CEO, with a vision of providing honest and reliable immigration services to all who seek help for work, education, or travel purpose. Rupan Raj with tremendous experience in the immigration field. He started his journey with an immigration company, where he worked as a best-performing employee and was determined to reach greater heights in this area with his expertise. 

After getting rejected by many other firms, he returned with outstanding efficiency and zeal. Driven by a passion for serving clients better, GreenTree Immigration Consultants finally incepted. He is an immigration expert. He is an engineer and has significantly transformed GreenTree Immigration with all his skills into a successful organization.

Rupan Raj's Words of Experience For Entrepreneurs
Rupan quotes, "Be the change you want to see in the industry."
Rupan has expressed his belief in running a business driven by values and principles. According to him, an entrepreneur should never do business for self-benefits or to make money. The company should focus on providing customer satisfaction. 

He has advised young entrepreneurs to develop a burning desire to embrace change. He envisions a growing and challenging future. The company focuses on catering to its current clients to process their cases successfully. They have limited the intake of applications to enhance service quality. GreenTree management plans to increase its operations to other major cities in India without impacting its current reputation.

Services offered by GreenTree Immigration

1. Immigration Advisers

Fulfill your dream to make your new home in your dream country. Rewarding this dream, nevertheless, is a challenging task. You will have to show that you are knowledgeable enough to be able to enter a country like Canada, the UK, New Zealand, or Europe in a legal manner and be able to settle down comfortably. GTI is there with every step of the candidate to move towards fulfilling a long-cherished dream. Starting from the initial evaluation of your profile to preparing and submitting your file and finally assisting you in meeting all the mandatory requirements after you land in the country, you get a one-stop solution to all your immigration needs at GTI professionals.

2. Leading Overseas Education Consultant

At GTI, education is an indispensable aspect of forming a bright career for every student. Allowing the student to get exposure at the global level, which is considered vital in this globalization, no one can expect to get a degree from any college or university and get a satisfying job. The recruiters seek highly qualified candidates who are well acquainted with the global world. GTI promotes foreign education because a candidate gets the chance to interact on a worldwide level and understand global changes.

3. Dependent Visa Service

With a dependent visa, the dependents of a lawful migrant to a country, such as a spouse, dependent children, or parents, can arrive and stay in the country. Such dependents can apply for a visa to join the migrant in the country. To apply for the permit on behalf of the dependents, the applicant has to prove that he has enough funds to support the family members and will not rely on state or public funds. Dependents, on their part, will have to prove that they intend to live with the primary applicant during their stay and that their relationship is genuine. 

There is a long, intricate process involved, and documents are required. The dependent visa allows professionals, students, permanent residents, and others to bring their families from a different country to their new home country. GTI can help you understand the intricacies of the dependent visa process to reunite your family and build a happy life abroad.

GTI makes the Process of Immigration Seamless 

Submitting an immigration application can be long and complex, especially for those applying themselves. Ultimately, there is much information an applicant would need to understand before submitting a successful application. GTI assists you in speeding up immigration processing time and avoiding potential delays!

If you decide to process your immigration application independently, there is much room for error, as immigration can be a complex process. If you lack support within documents or have an error in your application, the process gets extended due to rejections. If you find yourself in a situation where expedited processing is vital, you can request consultants to expedite processing.

Immigration is not always straightforward, so GTI often provides a dedicated person to look after the process. Speaking and hiring an immigration professional with GTI assist you with your application processing. Not only do immigration professionals know the rules and regulations, which often change, and we also get frequent updates that could affect your specific case. 

Tailored Service with Extensive Knowledge & Experience

GTI specializes in immigration laws and has extensive experience in visa application. Remain updated with the changes in Immigration rules and often helps clients with a successful visa process. GTI offers customized services to meet visa requirements most cost-effectively. 

Tailor-made service suits the candidate's specific needs. A dedicated consultant will deal with an applicant from start to end and oversee the entire process.

GTI is a Regulated Immigration Consultants registered with CICC

GreenTree Immigration registered under a CICC representative (ICCRC recently changed to CICC), safeguards your Immigration dreams and case from unauthorized or Ghost Immigration consultants. Protecting inventions and avoiding rejections has earned us the title of Best Immigration consultant in Chennai, India. Under the CICC, members ensure that the consumers' interests are protected by a strict code of professional conduct and rigorous section procedures and training. Under Canadian immigration law, only Canadian lawyers and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (ICCRC members) now CICC can give immigration advice and represent you in your Canadian Immigration matters.

Concluding Part

Being a customer-centric organization, GreenTree Immigration has harvested many loyal customers. All the company operations are prioritized based on customer requirements, earning them a reliable and trustworthy name in the immigration industry. Maintaining a solid foundation of values and principles, GreenTree Immigration represents itself for steady, controlled, and scalable growth.



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