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Go Green Warehouses Pvt Limited: One Stop Agriculture Commodity Management Solutions

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  • Wednesday, 31 Aug, 2022
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Go Green Warehouses Private Limited 

The most potent business trends in 2022 revolve around the food wastage issue and creating solutions. These trends are catalysed by the advancements in technology and innovation that revolutionise how people do business. One of the critical domains influenced by technology and crucial for our survival is agritech. 

The use of AgriTech has the potential to greatly improve agricultural yields, farm productivity, plant and animal health, sustainability, waste reduction, and the capacity to scale up operations. In the realm of agrotechnology, which is now going through a period of fast development, there are constantly emerging fascinating new business opportunities and models.
The agri-tech revolution is being driven by a number of recent breakthroughs, including robotics, big data, artificial intelligence, and others. As a result of addressing the never-ending requirements, concerns, and challenges faced by the agricultural business, Indian agri-tech firms are seeing rapid growth.

Here's where the expertise of Go Green Warehouses, created by Santosh Sahu and Maulik Shah, two industry professionals in the Agri supply chain and storage space, comes in. Go Green Warehouses Pvt. Ltd. is industry-leading post-harvest management and agricultural supply chain management firm established in 2012. The business is focused on lowering greenhouse gas emissions, raising farmer income, and moving the economy forward, decreasing food loss and waste to combat food and nutrition poverty, as these issues have become a key priority at the national level.

Green Solutions By Go Green
Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Go Green Warehouses offers affordable solutions to businesses throughout the Agri value chain. Logistics, premium leasing, and 3PL for all industries; pest management services; quality analyses and assaying services (operating through partner NABL approved labs); collateral management; audit and inspection services; financial facilitation via banks, NBFCs, repositories, and prominent financiers via both the pledge financing model and the asset-based lending model; and so on. The company's clientele includes Reliance Retail, Olam, Adani, Cargill, Amul, and Suguna Foods, all of which benefit from the company's complete commodities management solutions. Go Green Warehouses engages in all stages of the Agri value chain to accomplish its goals, offering solutions at every step after harvest.

Solutions by Go Green deal in the following domains:

Lending money to businesses that work with processed goods, exported goods, or trade goods against commodities such as cotton bales or grains.
By working with our partners, we are developing state-of-the-art warehouse and inventory management systems for use in the whole country of India.

Provides assistance with receiving, loading, unloading, cleaning, packaging, barcoding, transporting, and private labelling. 
Go Green provides support across the supply chain, from warehouse to truck to package to the delivery person.

The Founders: Mr Maulik Shah, Managing Director & Mr Santosh Sahu, Executive Director and CEO

Mr Maulik Shah, Managing Director

Go Green Warehouses Private Limited, established in 2012 by Maulik Shah, provides comprehensive services throughout the Agri Value Chain. Go Green Warehouses offers services like financial facilitation and collateral management for the harvested stock in order to help the agri-value chain run more smoothly for farmers and FPOs. Under the leadership of the relentless personality of Mr Maulik and his team, Go Green Warehouses has already established a presence in 13 states.

Mr Santosh Sahu, Executive Director and CEO
Santosh Sahu, Director, CEO & Co-Founder at Go Green Warehouses, is a seasoned expert in the field of agriculture who has worked in a variety of industries, including storage, commodity finance, trade facilitation, rural retail, fresh produce, Agri inputs, and cold chain, to name a few, to establish Agri value chains. He was the director and head of business development at Kunvarji Group and the vice president of business development at NBHC before he started Go Green Group. His resume also includes stints with RPG Spencer Retail, Reliance Retail, Godrej Agrovet, NCML, Krishidhan Seeds and Worlds Window. Mr Sahu graduated from OUAT in Bhubaneshwar and has an MBA in agribusiness from DAIICT in Gandhinagar with a focus on agricultural IT.

In addition, the firm offers a commodities finance facility, final-mile delivery options, and quality control at each stage of the supply chain (including primary processing like clearance, sorting, packaging, private labelling, etc.).

The chief executive officer of GO Green Warehouses says that farmers are so clueless about commodity pricing that they are willing to sell their goods at rock-bottom rates. Because of this, when someone delivers the item to the warehouse, they may use this as collateral to get a loan from a variety of financial institutions. It's easy for them to make a 20–25 per cent profit on the same item by storing it till they receive high pricing.  According to Sahu, "In a sense, we sought to decrease this anguish of buying and selling with our Agri solutions" with the intention of assisting farmers, FPOS, and other aggregators at the Village level.

Secondly, the corporation aimed to reduce food waste by investing in adequate storage facilities and distribution networks. Sahu elaborated, saying, "Lastly, we wanted to establish infrastructure at the village level and link them electronically so that food can flow and the traceability can be viewed at both ends."

The Humble Beginnings
Although Go Green Group has been active in the market for agricultural commodities since the company's beginnings, the company has made significant progress since that time. From its modest beginnings in a warehouse in Ahmedabad of 12,000 square feet, the firm has grown to its current position of having more than 1500 warehouses spread across seven different states in India. Sahu said that "we are steadily growing our warehouse capacity." 

He further added, "We are making strides in expanding our presence in the Agri commodities market located across India. We are looking at both non-perishable and perishable items that are not related to agriculture as we prepare the next phase of our business development. At the end of the day, we are contemplating growing our company so that we can provide farmers and FPOs with access to high-quality agricultural supplies, storage facilities, and banking services. Electronic receipts make it possible for farmers to acquire post-harvest loans, and certifications and testing facilities are made accessible to them as well."

GoGreen Warehouse Pvt. Ltd is one of those firms that is involved with the activities crucial for human survival. It thus has tremendous growth opportunities in the near future.

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