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Here Are Five Mouth Watering Coconut Recipes For World Coconut Day 2022

  • Friday, 02 Sep, 2022
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Here Are Five Mouthwatering Coconut Recipes For World Coconut Day 2022

Many traditional Indian sweets and savouries rely heavily on coconut. The fruit has been used medicinally and nutritionally for centuries. So, use coconut to make delicious and nutritious meals.

On September 2nd, people all across the world celebrate Coconut Day. The objective is to disseminate the word about the benefits of coconuts and emphasize their significance. Coconuts are wonderful, but they do more than just satisfy our taste senses; they also have many positive effects on our bodies. In addition to its health benefits, coconut water is often recommended by physicians for patients looking to shed unwanted pounds while nursing an illness. 

World Coconut Day 2022: History and theme

The Asia Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) celebrated the first ever "world coconut day" on September 2, 2009, to raise awareness about the value of coconuts. "Growing Coconut for a Better Future and Life" is the theme for World Coconut Day in 2022. Coconut has been extensively utilized in Indian cuisine, particularly in the southern portion of the nation, and coconut oil, which has numerous health advantages, is often used to prepare meals.

World Coconut Day 2022: 5 recipes

Here are five ideas for mouthwatering meals that include coconut.

1.    Coconut Rice:

Freshly grated coconut adds flavour and texture to a basic rice meal.

How to make it:

In a pan, take coconut oil and saute peanuts, mustard and cumin seeds. Add curry leaves, chilli (both green and red), and broken cashew and keep sauteing. Add grated coconut and mix well. Mix it with cooked rice, and keep cooking till done.

2.    Coconut Laddu:

Many people consider this to be the best dessert they've ever had. It's a famous sweet dish during Durga puja in Bengal, where it goes by the name narkolnadu. Additionally, it's a breeze to prepare!

How to make it:

In a pan, add freshly grated coconut. Roast it well, but don't let it turn brown. Use jaggery (or you can also use sugar) and mix well. Let it cool for some time. Grease your palm with ghee and make small balls of coconut laddu. Store them in air-tight jars and enjoy!

3.    Coconut Barfi:

You must love barfis if you have a sweet tooth. That added yumminess is provided by coconut barfis.

How to make it:

Add desiccated coconut to the sugar syrup and mix well. Then add ghee and khoya into it and keep stirring thoroughly. In a ghee-smeared pan, place the mixture and flatten it. Let it cool down. Cut them then in barfi-shaped pieces and enjoy delicious coconut barfi.

4.    Coconut Chutney:

The chutney goes well with a variety of dishes, including idli, dosa, and coconut rice. 

How to make it:

Add freshly grated coconut, 1-2 green chillies, cumin, and fried gram/roasted chana dal in a blender. You may use garlic (optional). Grind well and then add water. Make a smooth paste. In another pan, heat oil, urad dal and red chilli. Add curry leaves and hing. Then add it to the paste. Your coconut chutney is ready. 

5.    Coconut Pudding:

Eggs are optional, so you may make this dish with or without them, depending on your tastes.

How to make:

Mix coconut milk, sugar, egg yolks (optional), cornstarch, butter, and coconut extract and cook till butter melts and the mixture thickens. Pour in bowls and cool them in a refrigerator.

We hope you will have a great time enjoying these fantastic coconut dishes. Check out the Business Touch Magazine for more of such unique food content. 

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