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Everything we know about Deepika Padukone’s new self-care brand: 82°E.

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  • Saturday, 12 Nov, 2022
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Everything we know about Deepika Padukone new self care brand

With the launch of her own self-care company, Deepika Padukone made headlines last year for something even greater than her wedding: the introduction of a skincare line. The global celebrity tempted her legion of fans, followers, skincare, and wellness fanatics with a bare minimum of information about her east-meets-west, holistic approach to beauty and self-care. Finally, the end! The pilot teaser left us on a cliffhanger, and although there are many mysteries still to unravel, one stands out: what is the title of Deepika Padukone's next project? We coaxed DP into spilling the beans on her year-long secret, giving you a look inside the actor-turned-latest entrepreneur's venture.

What’s in a name…

...obviously a lot, seeing as how that's one of the primary questions on everyone's mind; and now let's put it to rest. Let me introduce you to 82°E. Padukone says that the name, which is pronounced "eighty-two east," is based on the meridian that runs across India and establishes the country's official time. "The company was founded in India, but its popularity has spread throughout the world. Everything about 82°E, from the name to the way our goods are made to the ceremonies we hold, is imbued with this guiding philosophy.

The Inspiration

Self-care for Deepika Padukone has always been on long-term nourishment rather than fast solutions. The key, she explains, is to keep things basic, reliable, and patient. My self-care habits have served me well throughout the years, no matter where in the globe I may be.

The Brand and its Philosophy

The actor claims that this cutting-edge self-care line provides effective, high-quality items that may be used in short, pleasant routines that provide noticeable effects. She elaborates, "We believe in the potential of tiny, consistent measures to generate enduring changes. Our goal is to get people to practise self-care habits that are good for them on all levels. Deepika Padukone calls 82°E an extension of her fundamental set of principles and beliefs, and she believes it encourages others to find their true selves through little acts of self-care.

What to expect

In order to provide you better skin, 82°E mixes time-tested, traditional Indian herbs with potent scientific chemicals. Products including face wash, toner, moisturiser, eye cream, and sunscreen will be made accessible on the company's website beginning in the middle of November.

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