Defying all the Odds: Medway Medical Suppliers

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  • Wednesday, 10 Aug, 2022
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Medway Medical Suppliers

Medway Medical Supplies

Located in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Johannesburg, South Africa, Medway Medical Supplies Pvt Ltd is a supplier of medical equipment, accessories, consumables and a wide range of other items. 

With 22 distribution agreements and licences direct from manufacturers and global corporations in China, the United States, Brazil, Singapore, and South Africa, Medway Medical Supplies Pvt Ltd is a well-known name in the medical supply industry and the brand ambassador for every one of its manufacturers.

The company has positioned itself to supply and service its clients without the extra cost of dealing with third parties. The Co-founder and CEO, Rodgers Mudarikwa,is the face of Medway Medical Supplies, ably supported by an extraordinarily talented and dedicated team of 15. 

Business Challenges

Medway has not escaped the influence of international events, with the current conflict between Ukraine and Russia, significantly affecting the company's business logistics.

"The shipping cost has skyrocketed, and delivery times have also lengthened in certain cases. As a result, we have been compelled to get into agreements with third-party distributors, which often cost us more," said Mudarikwa.

Operations are also affected by conditions in Zimbabwe where there is instability in the economy and shortages of foreign currency and limited access to the latest technology.

“But we soldier on, he said, adding that the govt had implemented significant legislative and policy changes to improve the environment, but our“never giving up attitude” and the solid corporate ethics and procedures followed by Medway's team have ensured the company’s continued success”. 

Success Story

Mudarikwaholds a degree in Theology and is studying for a BA (Hons) Business Administration at the University of Cumbria. His vision when he founded Medway in 2019 was to provide breakthrough medical technologies for diagnosis, treatments and procedures like X-rays, ultrasound and to supply surgical equipment. 

With integrity, respect, teamwork, excellent customer service and continuous improvement, Medway now occupies a unique place among its competitors.

"Having begun this firm with just a sliver of an understanding of how the industry operates, I made it my goal to research, learn, connect with the appropriate people, and assemble the ideal team to realize my vision”. 

“Today, I can confidently state that the path has been tremendously challenging, but it is getting better by the day. However, I am grateful to God and my spiritual parents, who pray for me daily for my prosperity."   What makes Medway to success we have key important issues (1) Technical Experts and Engineers who assist our clients with installations (2) We do repairs and after sale Services”.  
Mr Mudarikwacredits his success to believing in his vision and showing up daily regardless of the difficulties and challenges, a learning mindset and personality to connect with others.
The nature of the company necessitates that Mudarikwa and his team start work at 3 a.m. on certain days because of their partners' remote locations, such as China. 

But regardless of how hectic the schedules get, he make sure his family is unaware of my absence, prioritizing his family and spending as much time with them as possible, which he says destresses him from all the challenges at work. 

"Getting engaged in my family's affairs is a priority for me, and with the solid team I have developed, I can walk away from my company with confidence, but as a team, we also ensure that no one misses out on meaningful time with their loved ones."

Medway Medical Supplies has also been recognized at the Bizz Awards, organized by the World Confederation of Business(WORLDCOB), receiving a worldwide business excellence award. 

This organization represents over 3500 businesses across 130 countries. Medway Medical Supplies has been chosen for routinely surpassing the assessment criteria mentioned in its Business Excellence Questionnaires, achieving Corporate Social Responsibility goals, and ensuring creativity and new ideas in creating systems for managing people and resources. 

CEO Mudarikwa, also received a letter of congratulations from Jesus Moran, the CEO of WORLDCOB and was asked to attend the formal festivities in Canada and Kazakhstan, respectively.

Chitungwiza Central Hospital

A2021 tender led to the Medical Centre for the City of Chitungwiza deal which was implemented with partners, SmedcoandZimnat, which supplied the financial muscles for us to be able to acquire the medical equipment that was worth $110,000. 

Medway provided Chitungwiza Central Hospital with medical and laboratory equipment, because it received the latest technologies from China in partnership with Perlove MedicalEquipment Co Ltd.

Providing highly secure and advanced medical machines allows easy mobility and high-quality diagnoses without any risks of damage. As a result of its digital technology, the hospital can analyse and capture data on the spot, resulting in high-quality, comprehensive footage. 

Thus, by delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art medical equipment and resources to physicians and nurses in Zimbabwean institutions, the company is ensuring people haveaccess to the latest medical technology, especially those in disadvantaged areas of Zimbabwe, to confront any future or current epidemic.

Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

"Entrepreneurs and businesspeople who are just starting should have a strong sense of self-determination, enthusiasm, and drive, as well as sound business ethics and procedures, according to my experience. 

“Start-ups and small businesses often fail due to poor resource management. Treat your business or concept as a multimillion-dollar enterprise, and exercise the utmost degree of discipline."

According to Mudarikwa, there is only one recipe to succeed and take your business to the next heights:

“Believing in your vision and consistently doing what is right and trust God. 
There will be tremendous ups and downs that make you feel as if you are not enough, your idea is not great, or things are not working”. 

“However, you have to control your emotions and just not give up. It is also essential for young people starting a business to realize that money is not the most crucial aspect of the business. However, a well-thought-out business strategy and a strong desire to succeed are. So, stay hungry and dedicate yourself to your dream; one day, you will succeed”.

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