China Preparing For Invasion With Drills.

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  • Tuesday, 09 Aug, 2022
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China Preparing For Invasion With Drills

To prepare for an invasion and alter the status quo in the Asia-Pacific area, Beijing is conducting air and sea manoeuvres that surround Taiwan, according to Taiwan's foreign minister.

After US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the highest-ranking American politician to visit the self-ruled island in decades, paid a surprise visit last week, China conducted its largest-ever war drills surrounding Taiwan.

Chinese exercises and military playbooks have been used to train for an invasion of Taiwan, and Joseph Wu told a Taipei news conference.

The Chinese government is using a wide variety of tactics, including military exercises, missile launches, cyberattacks, disinformation campaigns, and economic pressure, in order to undermine public morale in Taiwan.

Because of the disruption they have caused to one of the busiest maritime and aviation routes in the world, Taiwan has reaffirmed its opposition to the ongoing military exercises being conducted by Beijing. The reason given for this opposition is the fact that the exercises have caused the disruption.

A live-fire simulation was carried out by the military as part of their preparations for an invasion on Taiwan. The exercise was concluded with Wu's press conference.

He referred to Beijing's military operations as a "severe infringement of Taiwan's rights" because he believed that they were an attempt to grab control of the waters surrounding Taiwan and the larger Asia-Pacific region.

Changing the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and the whole area is China's true purpose, he said.

To thank Western friends for standing up to China, Wu said:

According to him, "it sends a strong statement to the world that democracy will not succumb to the intimidation of tyranny."

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