Must Read Business Magazines For Every Entrepreneur and Business Professionals

  • Wednesday, 06 Jul, 2022
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Must Read Business Magazines For Every Entrepreneur and Business Professionals

1.    Business Touch Magazine

Publications like Business Touch adhere to the highest standards of comprehensive business knowledge and news coverage, regularly publishing news, events, and success stories. They have the most online subscribers of any of the major business magazines.

In addition to its extensive range of business-related content, Business Touch also touches on a variety of other topics, such as lifestyle and culture, which makes it appealing to a larger audience. Business Touch editors are here to help you succeed, no matter where you are in your career.

Suitable for readers looking for :

A wide range of business-related content.

Entrepreneurs who want to start new enterprises face a number of challenges.

Recommendations to help you grow, succeed, and conquer your everyday challenges.

Success Stories of Business Professionals to fuel you with enthusiasm, experience and essential strategies.

Price: Rs 150/- per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,800/-

2.    Insights Success

With the goal of offering the greatest platform for leading businesses, Insights Success aims to keep up with the most recent developments in every industry while also providing readers with the most up-to-date information and delivering on the promise of brand awareness.

Business difficulties of all kinds are addressed in the magazine's mission statement. Quality and up-to-date material on all aspects of business make it a top choice for a platform.

For the next generation of young and energetic professionals, Insights Success seeks to offer a forum where top executives and leaders can speak about and share their experiences, opinions, and success mantras.

Suitable for leaders looking for:

A look at the most recent market developments.

Business leaders' inspirational anecdotes and essays on the topics of leadership.

Suitable for leaders looking for:

Information about the most recent developments in the market.

Business leaders' success tales and leadership essays that inspire.

Price: Rs 150/- per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,800/-

3.    Business Today

Aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspeople in India turn to Business Today as one of their primary sources of business news and information. Living Media India Ltd. is the company behind the book's publication. Business Today makes it a priority to provide its readers with up-to-date information on both the recent past and the foreseeable future. If you're looking for an online business journal, this is it.

It is well-known for its trustworthy, honest, and impartial thoughts and evaluations of service and product offerings in the market. In order to keep up with the latest items, this app is a must-have. To help readers prepare for unanticipated situations, Business Today magazine subscriptions provide extensive worldwide coverage of the business world and economy. Among Indian business periodicals, Business Today India has the most circulation and readership.

Suitable for readers looking for :

Unbiased evaluations of items introduced in the past and current.

Detailed and Well-informed studies about the Indian economy & business strategies.

Price: Rs 100/- per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200/-

4.    Business India

The finest business magazine in India is Business India. It's the first business magazine in India. It is distributed by Business India Publication ltd. in India. Business India is widely regarded as a trustworthy source of information about the Indian economy.

You may learn about the latest developments in the sector, as well as about government regulations and how they impact business. There was a debut edition of the magazine in February of that year. Business India's current managing editor is Parthasarathi Swami. Did India invent the practice of magazine reading for commercial purposes? Now you can get your hands on the first and greatest business journal in India, Business India Magazine, published biweekly. The journal is widely regarded as the first of its kind in India. Markets, business, news, industry, technology, money, wealth, and politics are all covered in the magazine's pages. Other Indian languages are also supported for Business India Magazine.

Suitable for readers looking for :

Information regarding policy makers. 

Industry updates & government policies. 

Price: Rs 100/- per copy.

Yearly subscription: Rs. 1,200/-

5.    Forbes India

Forbes India is an Indian version of Forbes that is published by Network 18 and is one of the most popular business magazines in India. It's one of the top business publications in India, but it provides the most up-to-date business and financial information and analysis.

The stock market, personal finances, fashion, and technology are among topics covered by Forbes India. The Editor-in-Chief at the moment is R.Jagannathan. When it comes to providing a steady stream of high-quality leads for Forbes, there is no better publication than Forbes India. It also provides insights and information that help the world's most powerful people. The stock market, technology, lifestyle, and personal finance are among topics covered by Forbes India Magazine.

Suitable for readers looking for :

Information on personal finances.

Lifestyle and stock market.

Articles on business & entrepreneurship.

Price: Rs. 250/- per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 3,000/-

5.Outlook Business

Outlook Business is one of India's most popular business publications. This financial journal offers guidance to readers on a variety of financial topics, including investing, borrowing, and outlaying money. Analysis of stock price, market trends, and sales techniques are all covered in great depth in this report.

In addition, the book tells the tales of prominent business leaders and organizations. Outlook Business is well-known for its in-depth studies on the present state of the market. It is also a business magazine that can be accessed online.

Suitable for readers looking for :

Different market trends

Stock prices.

Marketing and Sales strategies.

A thoroughly detailed business strategies.

Stories of leading business tycoons and companies.

Price: Rs. 50 per copy

Yearly subscription: Rs. 600

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