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Best Indian Food Dishes to Try On Your India Tour.

  • Saturday, 26 Nov, 2022
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Best Indian Food Dishes to Try On Your India Tour

Visiting India? Seeing the Taj Mahal and then avoiding India's delectable culinary offerings seems like a mad idea. Alternatively, maybe you are not sure what to eat in India because you are not sure what the best Indian dishes are. Imagine if someone could recommend the most fantastic meals in India, and here is my sincere endeavour to do just that.

The diversity of India's culture, history, customs, and cuisine never ceases to wow you. You will notice a cultural and gastronomic shift every 100 miles, whether you are hiking in the northern mountains or lounging on the southern beaches. Samosas with heat, Lassi with coolness, Butter Chicken with titillation, Biryani with ecstasy... India is a diverse and fascinating country. Do not worry about getting Delhi Belly or any other kind of belly sickness while you are here; instead, indulge your taste senses and travel around India.

Paav Bhaaji

Despite being a hot fast dish with roots in Maharashtra, paav bhaji may be found in any part of India. It comprises of buttered bread (Paav) and a thick vegetable curry (Bhaji), topped with chopped onion and a slice of lemon. Good for starting the day out well.

Idly Sambar

South Indians commonly eat white coconut chutney with their breakfast of steamed fermented rice cake (Idli) and sour vegetable stew (Sambar). It is available across the country, although the southern parts of India have the greatest flavour. A simple light breakfast at a low price.

Chole Bhature

This is a famous street cuisine across India, particularly in the northern regions, and is a staple of the Punjabi breakfast menu: fluffy fried bread (Bhature) and a thick curry of chickpeas (Chole).


Traditional Indian appetisers that go well with tea. Triangular potato snacks stuffed with onions and peas and fried or baked, served with mint or tomato chutney.

Panipuri / Puchka / Gol Gappe

Thin, crisp bread rounds stuffed with a savoury mixture of chickpeas, potatoes, onions, tamarind sauce, and spices. It is found all throughout India under many names, such as Puchka in West Bengal, and it is tiny enough to fit entirely in your mouth. Most people like to swap out the spiced water for a small quantity of whiskey or rum, which elevates the flavour to new heights.


Vegetables and puffed rice stir-fried in a spicy and sour tamarind sauce with chopped onion and green chillies. It is a typical snack in India to have with tea.

Vada Pav

A popular South Indian food, these doughnuts are formed by frying a batter of lentils or wheat into a doughnut shape. A popular dish in Mumbai, it is often served with chutney.


Gujrat's signature fermented rice and chickpea batter snack or breakfast item. You can find it all throughout India, but if you want the finest, go to Gujrat.


Kebabs are just threaded meat that has been grilled, but there are many other kinds that you may choose from. Any form of meat may be utilised together with cubes of veggies or cheese. Typical veggies include tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and mushrooms.

Kati Roll

A traditional Paratha rolled up with kebabs, eggs, vegetables, and spices. One is usually sufficient to avoid eating.

Papri Chaat

Fried dough wafers that are crisp on the outside and soft on the inside, are eaten with various condiments and spices, such as boiled potatoes and chickpeas, chiles, yoghurt, and tamarind chutney.

 Pyaar Ki Kachori

Deep-fried and stuffed with onions and potato, it is a typical breakfast or evening snack in Northern India. It goes well with mint chutney.

Mawa Kachori

Kachoris stuffed with dry fruits and deep fried, then dusted with confectioners' sugar. The only place you can get your hands on these delicious treats is in Rajasthan. In Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur, they are not to be missed.

Mirchi Vada

In Rajasthan, a large green chilli is filled with masala potato stuffing before being deep-fried and sold as a popular spicy street food. Mirchi Vada is at its finest in Jodhpur.

Kachori / Bedai

Especially popular in the Delhi and Agra areas, this is what the locals eat first thing in the morning. Kachori always has filling—typically mashed potatoes—while Bedai has nothing within. Served with potato vegetable curry.

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