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Integrity is Everything: Advocate AK Tiwari, Matrimonial Lawyer.

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  • Monday, 09 Jan, 2023
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The legal field is dynamic and ever-shifting.A career in the legal profession is actually intellectually challenging, personally fulfilling and financially rewarding.The legal profession in India is highly regarded and well-compensated, making it one of the most desirable careers. In India, lawyers are held to a higher standard than those in most other professions. Legal professionals are considered as problem-solvers and innovators, who are capable to tackle any sort of new challenges and are always willing to assume new disputes.Lawyers need to interpret a variety of legal documents of different legal systems that have been shaped or taken place over hundreds of years or under different legal and factual circumstances. So lawyers may impact the world by convincing influential people to alter their views, including lawmakers, tycoons, businesses, and leaders.This dynamic legal landscape makes each day unique and fosters an enjoyable, fulfilling work experience.This edition of the Business Touch Magazine brings you the story of Mr AK Tiwari, an expert matrimonial lawyer and introduces you to a lawyer's life through his perspective.


Mr Tiwari completed his basic primary schooling from Chandigarh, and then his Matriculation and Intermediate from CBSE Board in Mumbai. Since childhood, he was not an A grader but rather a backbencher who was extraordinarily talented and gifted with analytical skills and excellent communication abilities, which helped in setting up the stage for his career later on. After completing his graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Delhi University and LL.B. from Chaudhary Charan Singh University in Uttar Pradesh, Mr AK Tiwari aimed for LL.M. from Mewar University in Rajasthan. He was one of the fortunate children who received a chance to obtain education from various parts of the country, thanks to the various transfers his father got being a government employee with Ministry of Defence. 

Professional Life

Starting his career, Mr Tiwari got the chance to travel to various parts of the world, bringing him tremendous exposure and experience of various faculties and cultures. In 2006 Mr Tiwari returned back to his home country India and started working with various corporate giants as an associate. However, he did not limit himself there. Mr Tiwari entered into the core business areas like the Real Estate, Telecom, Media and Pharma industries in the top management role handling the Corporate Affairs of the companies. He even got a chance to work in the Aviation industry for quite some time. Mr Tiwari spent an enormous amount of time interacting with their legal and regulatory bodies while working with these top corporates in the country. Meetings with bureaucrats, politicians, judicial officers and other influential people were his everyday job. He used to lead the decision-making department handling the Legal and Compliance requirements owing to his exceptional analytical and logical capabilities, ensuring smooth business operations without any issues from the government or any regulatory bodies. 

Hailing from a family of army men, Mr Tiwari also followed the footsteps of his father and brother, who served in the Indian Air Force and Indian Army respectively. However, due to an unfortunate injury made Mr Tiwari diverted the transverse of his journey from Military to Corporates, handling the legal affairs at present, serving as a full-time Practicing Lawyer.

An Expert Matrimonial Lawyer

Mr AK Tiwari is an Expert Matrimonial Lawyer in Noida and Ghaziabad. He primarily handles cases of Divorce, Domestic Violence, Dowry,  DowryDeath, Child Custody, Maintenance, and Judicial Separation. Mr Tiwari explains that the Noida and Ghaziabad region being close to the Delhi NCR region has an enormous amount of matrimonial cases that need to be resolved through Integrity, Honesty and Justice in the mindset. 

"The modern lifestyle in the culture especially in the region of Delhi NCR involves both the husband and wife to work and earn, making them independent and self-centric. Even if any small dispute arises between the husband and wife, they take it so personally, demanding the other person to accept the fault and give no thought to compromise. Moreover, most families in the area are nuclear families. The absence of parents or anyone elder in the family to help resolve the matters adds to little disputes being taken to the courtroom," adds Mr Tiwari.

Mr Tiwari explains that when the patriarchal mindset of people who have moved from nearby villages or towns to the NCR region collides with the modern mindset developed after staying there, issues arise. No party wants to compromise because of a developed higher ego. Mr Tiwari adds, on the other hand, it is not always a minor dispute that adds up being a significant matter in court. Many times women are beaten ruthlessly and treated mercilessly by their husband or in-laws and such women must be protected legally. Similarly, there are various instances where men are accused of false cases under section 498A, 323, 376, 377, 406, 504, 506 of Indian Penal Code and under section 3 and 4 of Dowry Prohobition Act and are forced to face the trial where an innocent has suffered (be it husband or the wife) in a matrimonial case and needs to be given justice because of humanity. To provide justice to the innocent and fight for their rights is why Mr Tiwari should dress up in that black coat and serve justice in white. 

Life of a Lawyer in Noida 

As per Mr Tiwari, District Court atGautam Budh Nagar as well as at District Court of Ghaziabad has immense scope for matrimonial lawyers, with cases concentrated on a handful of skilled lawyers. This keeps lawyers like Mr Tiwari following through an extremely hectic and busy schedule. The best part about Mr AK Tiwari is that he does not delay or stretch the ongoing cases just to earn dates fees but is always sincelerytrying to finish the case as soon as possible. He has a record-set settlement done within 45 days for a Divorce case, as per the information by him. Having a high case closure rate and the ability to formulate the argument in a precise manner, thus requiring a minimum number of Court dates, sets Mr Tiwari apart from lawyers. His honesty, integrity, boldness and roaring attitude make his client believe he is the best man for the job. Mr AK Tiwari is a trusted name when you are paying a visit to the court for your marital issues. He is also famous among the advocates for refusing a large number of cases on a regular basis, as his integrity and values do not allow him to take up false cases and portray them right just for the money.

Motivation and Inspiration: Integrity, Honesty and Justice

The judicial system runs on the steam of arguments. It's fair to assume that every judge and lawyer in the nation spends at least some of their time perfecting the art of the persuasive argument. Advocacy is one of the few fields where you may respond to a superior in the way you just described and yet maintain your job.

Lawyers are a unique species in that they thrive on the adrenaline of competing with one other intellectually, whether via a series of fiery fights or a series of subtle jabs. Only those who don the black robe and rigid neck band can appreciate the feeling of authority that comes with it.

“My generation has been captivated by television courtroom dramas, and I for one have always admired the lives of the lawyers who appear on these shows. Everyone with a tongue that could outsharpen a shredder should go to law school,” adds Mr Tiwari.

Even being a Divorce Lawyer, whenever Mr Tiwari gets a chance in a matrimonial case, he tries to settle the matter between both parties to make the marriage work by consulting the partners, which is something odd for his profession. He believes helping people is his higher raim rather than separating them. He also acts as a matrimonial counsellor and tries his best to resolve the dispute if it has arrived from minor issues, which is loss bearing for his professional career. However, Mr Tiwari aims to serve humanity first and his personal interests afterward.

Mr Tiwari gets immense satisfaction when he is able to provide justice to girls who are a victim in a matter. All his full-hearted dedication in going through the cases make him one of the "Top Divorce Lawyers in Noida and Ghaziabad". Flooded by clients, Mr AK Tiwari dedicates all his time to supporting his clients daily. He is a man of honour who puts his values above everything and fights for his clients till the last moment.

Advice for Young Generation

To anyone starting out their career in Law or maybe any other profession, Mr AK Tiwari emphasizes staying loyal to the workplace, colleagues and the job. Stepping into the client's shoes and taking every case personally is what has helped Mr Tiwari create a stunning and unbreakable record. Mr Arun Kumar Tiwari adds, "Law is a very tough profession. I sleep about four hours daily, and it is tough to get one hour I spend with my family. New people need to understand that it is essential for a lawyer to stay updated on new judgments. Being a lawyer is not an ordinary job. It is a profession that demands complete dedication and attention." Moreover, the lawyer, Mr Tiwari, says, "One can only build their reputation if one will be faithful to their profession. Honesty, Humbleness and Love for your Work will build your character that will help you achieve anything and everything you could ever dream of.

“Litigation, contrary to common assumption, may be very lucrative. Lack of understanding, either procedural or substantive, is the only obstacle in court cases. You will be asked questions on topics you have just a passing familiarity with, every day. Is there anything you can do about it? In the past, I would have told you to stay put. Dive right in and get wet to learn how to swim. This might be one of two scenarios. You may either adapt to the currents or perish. The sensation of drowning is not pleasant, of course,” added Mr Tiwari 


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