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5 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2022.

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  • Wednesday, 23 Nov, 2022
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5 Best Crypto YouTube Channels to Watch in 2022

In the reviews below, we take a closer look at the best influencers in the YouTube crypto space and what crypto tips they offer. 

1.  Jacob Crypto Bury - Overall Best Crypto YouTube Channel in 2022

Aside from being a skilled technical analyst, blockchain investor Jacob Bury is also a seasoned businessman. That is to say, you can trust that he understands how to deconstruct technical details and apply pertinent data in order to identify profitable trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market.

Despite the channel's youth, Jacob Bury does a fantastic job of explaining crypto to the average person.

Lots of videos on the channel show you how to trade cryptocurrencies using well-known websites like TradingView. For this reason, it is the best crypto-related channel on YouTube for newcomers.

n top of that, Jacob Bury consistently uploads forecasts of future prices and market updates. This was one of the few places to report on the rise of Tamadoge and Mithril, two of the most popular cryptocurrencies at the time. With a total of over $19 million, Tamadoge's presale was one of the most successful in the cryptocurrency market in 2022.

Jacob Bury not only maintains a crypto-focused YouTube channel, but also a bustling related Discord server. Everyone, not just his YouTube subscribers, is welcome to join the public Discord channel. On both Discord and YouTube, Jacob Bury keeps his subscribers up to date on the market and informs them of the most promising new ICOs and cryptocurrency investments.

Discord is a great place to interact with Jacob Bury directly because he takes the time to answer questions from his subscribers and provide explanations for the analysis he provides. If you're looking for a crypto TikTok account that might resonate with a younger audience, look no further than Jacob Bury's.

Jacob Crypto Bury has nearly 6,000 subscribers as of this writing. Looking at his videos, however, it's safe to say that he's only just getting started with this channel. 

2. Coin Bureau - YouTube Channel to Follow for Crypto Fundamental Analysis

Coin Bureau is among the most subscribed to channels in the cryptocurrency space, with over 2 million viewers every month. Guy, a crypto enthusiast who narrates the films, simplifies the jargon of the digital asset sector for newcomers.

Daily, high-quality video uploads are made available on the channel. From the most recent events to the rudiments of blockchain technology, these films cover it all.

The channel's content includes analyses, evaluations, and forecasts for various cryptocurrencies, as well as lists of recently released coins.
However, the 'explainer-style' films produced by Coin Bureau are what have made the company famous. Channel content avoids technical analysis in favour of an introduction to concepts related to digital currencies, new blockchain technologies, and the like. And if you're looking for an expert opinion on the best crypto goods and services, Guy has you covered there, too. You may be sure that Coin Bureau has produced an in-depth video about your favourite cryptocurrency.

Videos not only discuss the potential outcomes of a cryptocurrency but also simplify the underlying technology of the digital coin.

Overall, Coin Bureau is an excellent resource for anyone who want to learn more about cryptocurrencies. 

3.  BitBoy Crypto - Popular Cryptocurrency YouTube Channel Offering Investment Tips

With over a million followers, BitBoy Crypto is one of the most popular channels on YouTube. BitBoy's films are presented in a more conversational way than Coin Bureau's, which may appeal to a wider audience.

Ben Armstrong is in charge of the BitBoy Crypto channel on YouTube. He uploads new movies often, sometimes as much as thrice a week.

The films discuss a wide range of topics, including Armstrong's personal opinions on various cryptocurrency projects, market comments, and news.

Armstrong's mastery of both the technical and fundamental analyses of the cryptocurrency business is on full display in these videos. Aside from news and analysis, the channel also features interviews with prominent figures in the cryptocurrency industry.

BitBoy's subscriber count has increased because to his interview series, which provides a variety of perspectives on newsworthy crypto subjects. Armstrong has over 888k Twitter followers and runs one of the most popular bitcoin YouTube channels.

Bitboy Crypto tweeted that he had a gloomy short-term outlook on Bitcoin but an optimistic long-term outlook.

4. Benjamin Cowen - Best for Crypto Technical Traders

When it comes to technical analysis, Benjamin Cowen's channel on YouTube is among the finest available. This YouTuber focuses on cryptography and has a Ph.D. in engineering as well as experience in computational mathematics and programming.

And he uses his knowledge in these fields to adopt a scientific approach to cryptocurrency price research.

Also, Cowen presents an objective viewpoint. In addition to this, he sometimes provides lessons on the mathematical principles involved in trading as well as tutorials on technical indicators.

However, it seems that his films are beyond the skill level of newcomers. Cowen, on the other hand, avoids too academic language in favour of a straightforward and basic explanation of his investing thesis.

Therefore, we concluded that this channel is ideal for novices in the field of technical trading. In addition, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano are the primary topics of Benjamin Cowen's videos.

Consequently, this route may not be the greatest choice for those seeking to identify the finest meme coins. Over 760k people have subscribed to Benjamin Cowen's channel on YouTube as of this writing. 

5.  Altcoin Daily - Get Daily Crypto Market Updates

Altcoin Daily, a YouTube channel run by brothers Austin and Aaron Arnold, has over 1.2 million subscribers as of this writing. Videos covering cryptocurrency news, daily market analysis, and the fluctuation of digital token prices are published on Altcoin Daily.

Moreover, the videos frequently feature instructional materials, interviews, and commentary. These two brothers got their start in the cryptocurrency market in its infancy and launched their YouTube channel that same year (2018).

The channel covers not only cryptocurrencies but also mining, blockchain technology, and the metaverse. There's a chance that Altcoin Daily's articles will be of interest to people who are looking for the top NFTs.

This YouTube channel, as stated in its bio, is dedicated to discovering profitable alternative cryptocurrencies. 

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